How Much Does A 4D Ultrasound Cost?

A trip to the OB-GYN is exciting, especially when ultrasounds are in play. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their little bean moving around on that screen?

A 4D ultrasound is the modern ultrasound technology that enables you to take 3D ultrasound images, with the added element of recording live video of your child. As your little one kicks, frowns, moves, sucks their thumb, moves their lips, and smirks, you can witness these actions on the monitor as they occur.

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As an expectant parent, do you have questions in your mind like, “when is the best time to have a scan? Should I find out the gender of my baby? Are 4D ultrasound scans safe?” These are all popular questions; however, the most common question of all is how much does a 4D ultrasound cost. Let’s see if this scan has a reasonable price.

Average Cost of 4D Ultrasound

4D ultrasounds turn out to be pretty readily obtainable. Various medical facilities claim to produce superior and enhanced photos, and their publications can be quite tempting.

The price of 4D ultrasound ranges from approximately $55-$400 at non-diagnostic facilities, depending upon on what degree of service you require, and their location. You can get pictures printouts and a CD of the photos, and a DVD without or with music. Every medical provider has packages to suit your budget.

Here’s a quick comparison of the 4D packages offered by Unique Ultrasound, with prices.


Gender Check and 3D/4D Peek

Baby Peek Session

Bronze Package

Ultrasound Bundle Package







5 to10 minute ultrasound, 2D, 3D & 4D

Six black and white pictures

Gender determination

Theater viewing for up to 15 guests

Free DVD or CD

10% off on return visit

Free limited Diagnostic Exam

10-15 minute 3D/4D Ultrasound

Theater viewing for up to 15 guests

6 black and white 3D Photos printed

10% off for return visit

Free DVD or CD

Free limited Diagnostic Exam

5-20 minute 3D/4D Ultrasound session on DVD with music

Nine color 3D pictures

Six black and white 3D pictures

Gender determination

A CD with up to 30 JPEG color photos

Free DVD or CD

Free limited Diagnostic Exam

10% off for return

Three ultrasound sessions

A 10-minute ultrasound to determine gender

Six black and white printed pictures or a CD or a DVD

10% off for Military families and Returning families

A CD with 50 JPEG color photos

Theater viewing for up to 15 guests

Free DVD or CD

Free limited Diagnostic Exam

Here are some of the 4D ultrasound packages offered by Stark’s Women Center.


Pink & Blue

Peek-A-Boo (basic)

Celebration Package (ultra)




$ 200.00


15 minutes of Ultrasound session

3D/4D glimpse of Baby

5, 2/D Black & White Images

CD with Images

20 minutes of Ultrasound session

2D, 3D & 4D Images

10 Black & White Images


CD with Images

20 minutes of Ultrasound

2D, 3D & 4D Images

10 to 15 Black & White Images

CD with Images

Baby’s Heart Beat recorded in Build-A-Bear


Check this comparison of 4D packages below offered by Enlightened 4D Imaging and Photography.


Economy Package

Platinum Package

Platinum Plus

Diamond Package







Gender Confirmation

20-minute HD 3D/4D scan with E8 System

3 High-Resolution CD photo prints

Two black and white prints

DVD (optional add $10)

3D/4D imaging over 30 minutes session

High Definition Color 3D Prints

DVD video of your session with music

1 CD with many high-resolution 3D still images for printing

Two 3D/4D imaging over 30 minutes session

DVD of your session with music CD

High-resolution 3D still images

Gender determination if desired

Two 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging Sessions

Newborn Photo Session at our photo studio

High-quality print

At the Nashville 3D 4D facility, their 3D 4D ultrasound cost $89.00, which include a 4D/HD session for 15 minutes, CD of all Images, LIVE online streams for distant family, gender determination, bracelet, and Enfamil gift bag. They also offer a Customized package where you can add features like the following:

  • Extra 15-minute Scan Time: $15.00
  • Session Recording on DVD: $15.00
  • Three Printed Color Images: $5.00
  • 5 Printed Black & White Images: $5.00
  • Baby’s Heartbeat Recording: $10.00
  • Baby’s Heart Beat Recording in Stuffed {?}Animal: $25.00
  • Photo App for Instant Viewing & Sharing on any Mobile Device: $15

As may have you noticed, some medical providers offer a discounted 3D 4D ultrasound cost for parents who make appointments for more than one session of 4D ultrasound. Preferably, these will be several weeks apart.

These 4D ultrasounds sessions can be captivating for couples who are excited about the growth and development of their baby in utero.

Things to Remember

  • Beware of extra charges. Some medical providers do not specify the features included in your chosen package. So, ask when something is not clear, like when they say video do they mean DVD? Would they impose more fees for getting facial images for you, if the baby never looks at the camera?
  • Look for a facility that has certified staffs who know how to work an ultrasound service.
  • While the price of 4D Ultrasound is costly, some 4D ultrasound center offers packages that incorporate several scans at various intervals during the pregnancy.
  • Get a coupon or other money-saving package.
  • Some clinic offers a Hero’s Discount for military and public servants, including law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, teachers, and nurses.

Is 4D Ultrasound covered by Your Insurance Policy?

Most insurance policies do not cover the expenses of an Ultrasounds. It is an optional procedure and is not a replacement for your doctor-ordered Ultrasound. You will be required to pay the cost of this Ultrasound out of pocket. You should check with your plan to verify benefits.


Pregnancy has become to be one of the most rewarding journeys in a woman’s life,  thanks to 3D and 4D ultrasound pregnancy scans. They make it possible for the doctor and the parents to see the baby long before it is ready for delivery.

The package and the state or area where you reside will determine how much does a 4d ultrasound cost. So, make sure to do your research when it comes to finding a provider for your 3 D/4D ultrasounds.

But, remember, getting a 3D/4D ultrasound is a luxury. It’s not something you need to do during pregnancy. It is pricey, but it is a refreshing, memorable experience.

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