How Much Do Allergy Shots Cost?

An allergy proves to be one of the most vexing conditions affecting every human being on the planet. In theory, an allergy is a natural response to any foreign particle that makes contact with the body – whether it is in the air we breathe, the food and drink we consume or any object that touches the skin. The immune system identifies what exact allergen necessitates either mild or extreme reactions. Hence, the whole idea behind the practice of immunology is to either control allergic extreme reactions or to identify and circumvent the triggers that can cause potentially lethal adverse effects.

According to the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic diseases in the United States – responsible for $18 billion per year of national spending. In 2001 alone, the overall spending on Medicare-funded a total of $130 million for all medical endeavors relating to allergies. 

Allergy Test Average Cost

If there is anything more important than knowing the average allergy shot price, it is to be able to know for certain whether or not allergy shots are truly necessary in the first place. While allergy tests function according to its apparent namesake, it is important to understand that it only comprises a part of the entire array of diagnostic exams to determine a precise conclusion.

In essence, the two basic requirements needed prior to an allergy test include a doctor’s exam and medical history.  The idea is to rule out all other correlated symptoms and zero in on the presence of allergen as the sole culprit to certain adverse reactions. There are two types of allergy tests one may take. These are the following exams and their out-of-pocket costs:

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy Cost

Following confirmation of certain recurring (not to mention debilitating) allergieswoman sneezing due to allergy after testing, the next most logical step is acquiring immune boosters against unavoidable triggers. In medical terminology, the conventional idea of an ‘allergy shot’ is called subcutaneous immunotherapy. This procedure involves injecting a chemical compound that simulates two progressive stages of allergic reactions – the build up phase & maintenance phase

The idea is simply to stimulate the immune system until it completely overcomes the unpleasant adverse effects of allergens. The build-up phase takes around 3 to 6 months to complete and it requires patients to receive shots about once or twice a week. The maintenance phase, on the other hand, requires lesser frequency in terms of the volume and scheduled injection in the clinic/office. However, the latter takes as long as a full year to complete.

So, how much do allergy shots cost? According to Guroo, the estimated average cost of subcutaneous immunotherapy is somewhere between $769 and $1,993. This already includes the consultation fee ($119 to $176) for interpreting the results of the allergy tests

Sublingual Immunotherapy Cost

For people who are naturally evasive of allergy shots in light of its notorious side effects, the sublingual immunotherapy becomes a more viable choice. Unlike the traditional vaccine administered via injection, patients receive these immune boosters orally. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has published a research in 2012 concluding that the overall average cost of ‘allergy shots’ seem more rewarding than what one would pay for the allergy shot price.

It is important to take note that sublingual immunotherapy is not yet as streamlined as its traditional counterpart, which makes it more difficult to acquire via insurance. As of now, the US Food and Drug Administration has certified the mass distribution of three known oral allergy drops. These are the prices and their available Good Rx retail outlets:


  • Target: $415.72
  • Safeway: $417.31
  • Walmart: $420.12
  • Kroger: $423.51
  • Costco: $423. 51


  • Target: $281.80
  • Safeway: $282.66
  • Walmart: $283.00
  • Kroger: $285.27
  • Costco: $285.27


  • Target: $281.80
  • Walmart: $282.66
  • Kroger: $285.27
  • Costco: $285.27
  • RiteAid: $288.17

About Medical Insurance

If covered by medical insurance, how much do allergy shots cost? Obviously, allergy is a relatively complicated issue to sift through since acquiring immune boosters and treatment for allergies do not often fall within one criteria or medical plan.

Plan B: $134 to $428.60 per year

In order to qualify for coverage in the Plan B subscription for allergy shots, a comprehensive investigation must determine that these allergy treatments are deemed “medically necessary.” As vague as it sounds, a specific example to point out pertains to preventing physical and chemical adverse reactions to necessary treatment/procedure. It is important to bear in mind that the core purpose of Plan B is ‘preventive care.’

Plan D: $35.63 per month

In most cases, if certain allergy shots do not qualify under Plan B, one may get a better chance to be indemnified through Plan D subscription. After all, this type of premium specifically deals with ‘prescription drugs.’ One may look at these examples of medically-covered prices for allergy treatment:

Allergy Medications

While immunotherapy provides a long-term solution for people plagued by allergies, not everyone is prepared to shoulder its burdens. Hence, patients may prefer taking allergy medications especially if it only takes an easy lifestyle adjustment to avoid these root causes.

Good Rx identifies both antihistamines and corticosteroids as standard generic medications against a wide array of allergies. But for specific prescription and non-prescription brands, one should take note of the following lists:

Over-the-counter Drugs

Prescription Drugs

Consultation & Allergy Test Abroad

The beauty of medical tourism is that it provides people a viable option for consumers whose immediate locality fails to provide a better bargain. But how much do allergy shots cost abroad? Unbeknownst to many, it is possible to be able to spend less than $200 for both the allergy test and the consultation combined. One should take note of these following destinations:

Consultation: $100 or less

  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Philippines
  • South Korea
  • Turkey

Allergy Test: $100 or less

  • Tunisia
  • Morocco
  • Philippines
  • Turkey
  • Spain

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