How Much Does Aluminium Fence Cost?

Selecting aluminium for a fence is a popular choice for a majority of homeowners because of its practical qualities. Aluminium fences are lighter and only require little maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about it after installation.

Also, an aluminium fence does not rust so you could use it for a long time without reducing its durability and appearance. Most of all, installing it is less expensive than its wrought iron counterpart. With that said, just how much is the cost of an aluminum fence and its installation?

Aluminum Pricing Per Foot

How much does aluminum fence cost? According to Home Advisor, the cost of aluminium fence per linear foot is US$22 to US$32. A linear foot is equivalent to 12 inches long.

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So, if you are to put up a fence that is 100 linear feet long, you will spend US$2,200 to US$3,200 for the materials alone. The exact cost, of course, varies depending on the aluminium pricing per foot of each supplier.

Installing the aluminium fence means another expense. Home Advisor says that the average reported cost to install it is US$3,371, with most homeowners spending between US$1,938 and US$4,804. The lowest installation cost is US$800 while the costliest is US$7,500.

In computing the total price of aluminium fence installation, you should factor in the cost of securing building permits. The average price to get a permit is about US$800.

Also, you should be aware of the condition of the land where you want to build your fence. If the installation takes place in higher slopes where it is more difficult to put up a fence, it’s possible that your installer will charge a higher fee.

You would also have to consider public utilities in your area. To do that, call 811 to verify if your fence would not hit underground pipes or wires. If you fail to call and your fence installation ends up interfering with services, you would spend much more money for the repairs.

Aluminum Fence Prices by Suppliers

How much do suppliers charge for their aluminum fences?

Online Fence Supply is an online retailer that sells Hudson fences. The company has six different styles of residential aluminum fences named Style A, Style B, and so on. Their products are sold by section, meaning each product is the length of a run between two fence posts.

For a sample pricing, let’s take a look at Style A. The Style A residential aluminum fence costs from US$57.23 to US$177.46 per section. The exact price varies depending on height and configuration. For instance, a style A section with a height of 36″ and has a standard picket for configuration costs US$50.87, while the price for the double and puppy fence picket is US$83.73.

The prices for other height options include:

  • 48” US$52.47 for standard, US$91.15 for double and puppy
  • 54” US$58.40 for standard, US$113.94 for double and puppy
  • 60” US$63.60 for standard, US$116.59 for double and puppy
  • 72” (with 3 rails) US$73.60 for standard, US$133.97 for double and puppy
  • 72” (with 4 rails) US$84.88 for standard, US$141.97 for double and puppy

The Style A fence has a spear picket top and is available in black, bronze and white.

Other styles have the same price range. The description for each style is as follows:

  • Style B- smooth top
  • Style C- smooth top with spear pickets
  • Style D- alternating spear picket top
  • Style E- 2 rail smooth top (available in 36”, 48”, 54”, and 60” heights only)
  • Style F- arched spear picket top (available in 36”, 48”, 54”, and 60” heights only)

Another company, Ultra Aluminum Mfg. Inc., has 6 different styles of aluminum fences for you to choose from. The said styles include spear point, staggered spear, flat top, flat top with spears, concave, and convex. Each style has two types of picket spacing.

For instance, the spear point aluminum fence has the following picket spacing and heights:

Spear point with a picket spacing of 3 13/16”:

  • 3 feet US$55 (with 2 rails), US$64 (with 3 rails)
  • 3 ½ feet US$58 (with 2 rails), US$66 (with 3 rails)
  • 4 feet US$70 (with 3 rails)
  • 4 ½ feet US$74 (with 3 rails)
  • 5 feet US$77 (with 3 rails)
  • 6 feet US$96 (with 4 rails)

Spear point with a picket spacing of 1 5/8”:

  • 3 feet US$93 (with 2 rails), US$101 (with 3 rails)
  • 3 ½ feet US$98 (with 2 rails), US$105 (with 3 rails)
  • 4 feet US$120 (with 3 rails)
  • 4 ½ feet US$129 (with 3 rails)
  • 5 feet US$135 (with 3 rails)
  • 6 feet US$165 (with 4 rails)

wire mesh fence

All fences from the said company are also sold by section, with each section measuring 6” in length.

Note that these prices are only samples based on costs available online. To get a more accurate estimate, you should contact suppliers near your area.

Some suppliers also offer installation services. However, as the cost for installation varies depending on many factors, the best way to get the closest estimate is to request a quote from the installer. Detailing the specifications of the area in your house that you want to surround with a fence will help companies factor in necessary conditions that would then result in a more realistic cost estimate.

Online Calculator for Aluminum Fence Prices

To give you a better idea of how much aluminum materials and installation cost based on quality, let’s compute using the Remodeling Expense online calculator.

Based on the online calculator, an aluminum fencing project for a 100-linear foot area in Kentucky will have a basic cost of US$2,410 to US$2,505. The said price includes the materials which cost US$1,950 to US$2,020 and the installation which costs US$460 to US$485.

A better quality fencing project, on the other hand, would cost about US$2,670 to US$2,870, with the materials costing US$2,140 to US$2,290 and the installation costing US$530 to US$580.

Lastly, a premium quality fencing project would cost US$2,960 to US$3,395, with the materials

Got an idea of how much does aluminum fence cost now? If your answer is yes, use that knowledge to create your own estimate so you could prepare a budget that is just right for your home improvement project.

Good luck!

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