How Much Does An American Girl Doll Cost?

Every little girl’s dream is to have their very own majestic and ultimately perfect doll. Apparently, the thought remains to be still prominent in the recent times. Although there are a lot of dolls made available in the market, only a few of them have truly captivated the hearts of many young lass.

American Girl dolls are one of the finest and most wanted dolls since then. Its genuine beauty and uniqueness are some of the reasons why. While the American Girl doll prices are very much surprising for most parents, still, a lot have testified that it is all worth it.

Historically, American Girl is founded and established selling only three dolls. But as the time passes by, the collection of dolls gradually increased which only proves the success of the company. Today, there are two general types of dolls that are being offered globally. In each type, there are other classifications as well.

The variations of the dolls are actually related to the variations of the prices. The costs in buying an American Girl doll is actually dependent on the type of the doll. Each doll has their own specific collections and accessories which apparently must be considered as well to know very well how much does an American Girl doll cost in general.

Average Cost of An American Girl Doll

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By and large, the two general types of American Girl dolls are based on its sizes: the 18-inch dolls and the 14.5-inch dolls. What make these dolls unique and attractive are their pleasant appearances and the traditional paperback or book these dolls are accompanied when buying them.

Traditional American Girl dolls represent different significant and important historical events in the United States of America. In addition, there are American Girl dolls which may be customized according to the preferred ethnicities and races. These were actually the main reasons why these dolls are very much unique and promising.

As specified, the prices actually vary on these types and sizes alongside the classifications of dolls for each size. An 18-inch American Girl doll may be purchased at an amount starting from $115. While a 14.5-inch American Girl doll are usually priced at $60 and above.

18” American Girl Dolls

The 18-inch American Girl Dolls are the main traditional dolls of the company. These dolls are intended especially for kids with ages 8 and above. Although the collection and the categories under this size have increased in counts over a period of time, the features and characteristics remain the same. Today, there are now two categories under the said size: Traditional dolls and Truly Me dolls.

Traditional 18” Dolls and Its Collection Sets

American Girl dolls started only with three dolls then became eight as the time passes by. These eight traditional dolls remain to be the highest selling dolls of the company. Each of these eight dolls have their own names, distinct books, features, and appearances.

  • Julie Albright
  • Maryellen Larkin
  • Kit Kittredge
  • Rebecca Rubin
  • Samantha Parkington
  • Addy Walker
  • Josefina Montoya
  • Kaya

The traditional 18” American Girl doll price starts at $115. This specific price includes the doll and their respective signature books or paperbacks. On the other hand, there are collection sets that include their respective accessories and book series altogether. The price for a complete set is $153.98.

You may opt to purchase each of the collection item separately as well. The accessory set of each doll is priced at $24 which contains hats, bags, and other accessories intended for the specific doll since they have their own distinct looks and appearances. The book series set of each doll may be purchased at an amount of $19.98.

Recently, they have released two new dolls for the traditional category: Melody and Gabriela. The price of the dolls and its coordinating collection sets are just the same with the other traditional dolls.

Truly Me Dolls

Similarly to the traditional ones, Truly Me dolls have huggable cloth bodies and eyes that tend to open and close. What makes them different is that all of these dolls have one distinct facial feature and you may actually customize their overall appearances with the help of the Love To Layer Accessories wherein you could mix and match accessories and clothes. The only difference for each Truly Me dolls is the hair style, skin tone, and the color of the eyes.

However, there is one distinct Truly Me doll that has no hair. This doll is made available for customization purposes and are made to order. You are free to choose the skin tones, eye colors, and other additional distinct features.

There are actually over 66 Truly Me dolls in the recent times. The Truly Me American Girl doll price is rated at $115 as well. While the Love To Layer Accessories set can be purchased at $28. If you are to purchase the whole collection set, you may get it at a price of $138 only.

14.5” American Girl Dolls

American Girl dolls under this size are intended for kids of younger ages. It goes to show that the size of the doll is relatively connected with the intended owners. Moreover, 14.5-inch American Girl dolls feature generally more childish vibes, characters, and appearances.

In answering the usual question of “How much does an American Girl Doll Cost?” – dolls under this size may be purchased at an amount starting from $60 since there are as well different collection sets and additional accessories available that may be added to fully complement the dolls.

Similarly, there are two types of dolls under the 14.5-inch category. The traditional 14.5-inch dolls and the Bitty Baby dolls.

Traditional 14.5” Dolls

There are actually five known traditional 14.5-inch American Girl dolls:

  • Emerson
  • Kendall
  • Ashlyn
  • Camille
  • Willa

Traditional 14.5-inch American Girl dolls are specially made for kids with ages 5 and up.

Each of these dolls has its own distinct and unique appearance and facial features. All of which are actually maximized to make a genuine connection with younger girls. There are no available collection set for these dolls but the dolls’ respective brushes that are designed accordingly to their characters and features may be purchased at an amount of  $8.

Bitty Baby Dolls

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As the name states, these dolls are designed to look like a baby. These are made available specially for kids with ages 3 and above. Today, there are actually six available Bitty Baby Dolls to choose from. Each doll have its own unique skin tone and hair color.

All regular Bitty Baby dolls wear a distinct diaper and a pink bodysuit. You may actually change the overall apparel when you prefer to buy the collection sets of each baby doll which costs $140. It includes one set of apparel and extra clothes, hangers for the clothes, milk bottles, and a sleeper carrier.

Ultimately, a lot are actually surprised knowing how much does an American Girl Doll cost since average and specific costs of these dolls are quite more expensive in comparison to the normal and ordinary dolls available today. Nevertheless, all buyers of these dolls are quite happy and in awe when they get to experience having these dolls in their respective homes.

Note that these are just the basic prices that may gradually increase in total when other additional accessories are being purchased as well.

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