How Much Does ASE Certification Cost?

In the recent times, people who work in the industry of automotive services such as automotive technicians and the like, they tend to obtain and receive different types of trainings for them to get different jobs and salaries that are competitive. If you are working as an automotive repair technician or specialist, it is an edge and advantage on your end if you have an Automotive Service Excellence or ASE certificate.

Now, the overall ASE certification price is not that expensive. It may only require you a few bucks to get a certificate. Although there are prices to pay, note that you can only get a certificate if you passed the tests and examinations intended for this certification.

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The costs you are really paying in this case are apparently the registration and examination fees and not literally the certificate. Note that by the time you succeeded and met the required standards of the acquired ASE tests, it is the only time you can actually obtain an ASE certificate.

Many are still thinking why they need it if they are already working in the industry, well, honestly speaking, having an ASE certificate as mentioned above is an advantage especially for long term plans and goals. If you intend to have your own automotive repair shop or any of the like, this kind of certification is needed. Moreover, if you are looking for promotions or salary increases, this is a good option since clients and customers are more relieved if they know that you are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

The Average Cost of Automotive Service Excellence Certification

If you want to really know how much does ASE certification cost today, accordingly you must be aware of the recurring steps and processes to do and to follow strictly. You cannot simply have the required tests by going to the center directly and ask for the test papers.

Before going to the specific processes you need to take and perform, the average cost of ASE certification today usually starts at $36. The cost may actually increase if you intend to take additional exams and tests of other areas of expertise when it comes to automotive services since there are over 50 types of tests and examinations available to be taken today.

Registration and Test Fees

Initially, what you are going to do is to have your name be registered on the list. Registration fees apparently depend on the specific type of test you are to take. If you intend to take a regular automotive service excellence test, then expect to pay $36 upfront. It will be dependent on your preference if you are to take only one test or series and combinations of other available tests which also have respective costs.

As for the Advanced Level Certification tests such as Advanced Engines and the like expect for much higher Automotive Service Excellence test cost since these kinds of tests are more complex and difficult. You will be required to pay $78 per person per test.

Recertification and Fees

Generally, if you ever want to apply for a recertification if in case your primary certificates expired or any of the like unfortunately, then you have to pay again all of the necessary fees for the recertification processes. As for the Automotive Service Excellence test cost, all rates apply the same however note that your expenses may only reach $117 as the maximum amount which actually covers all scopes of exam and test fees you intend to take.

Preparing for the Tests and Exams

Having an Automotive Service Excellence certification is very easy apparently but you have to consider the facts that some also fail to pass the said required tests. It is very much advisable for the takers to review and study in advance since passing the exam is actually a challenge.

  • Official Reviewers and Practice Tests

There are actually a lot of review and preparational materials that you may purchase and use in preparing for the specific exams and tests you registered yourself into. National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence apparently sells materials and study guides for the registered takers of the exams. The official Automotive Service Excellence practice tests are available in their website which you may purchase at an amount of $14.95.

It is very much recommendable for you to purchase and obtain such materials from the said institution since they are the ones producing the examinations. Consequently, having materials offered by them is quite an advantage on your end since you will be inheriting certain ideas and knowledge which are actually helpful on your end by the time you take the exams.

  • Study Guides

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Different organizations and websites in the recent times sell and offer several assistances for the takers of the ASE examinations and one of which is the study guides that are usually printed in books or may purchased online for an electronic and soft copy of the book.

Each study guide book may cost you an amount of $26 and above and note that each type of test has its own study guide, accordingly if you are to take several tests and examinations and you intend to purchase the study guides of these tests respectively, then expect for a payment of $26 for each.

On the other hand, study guides and books for advanced tests such as L1 and L2 type of exams may increase your overall ASE certification price due to the prices of such books. It may require you to pay amounts from $28 and above for a study guide covering an advanced subject.

  • Practice Tests

Aside from the practice tests being offered officially by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, there are other practice tests as well being sold by different organizations and review centers that are actually beneficial as well on your end. The price usually falls at a rate of $10 per copy.

Now, if you are on a tight budget, you could actually download several free materials from official website of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence since they offer limited but free materials and hand outs for you to review and maximize. You may also check other sites and platforms for other available pieces that you can sort out and maximize as well.

Additional Costs

There are only a few factors to consider in identifying how much does ASE certification cost in the recent times. Generally, what you just really need to pay out from your pockets and wallets are the registration fees and certification test fees. The reviewers and study guides may apparently be just an additional cost on your end if you intend to just review from materials that are free.

Basically, these are the main expenses that you must prepare beforehand. However, if you are considering the additional and other expenses that might add up in the end – then it will vary actually on the specific condition you have as of the moment.

If you are wondering if the location will be a variable to add up in your total expenses, well the answer is – it might but not that high and significant since there are over 500+ testing centers available. You may want to check it all out where is the nearest one on your locality which may actually omit your additional expenses due to transportational factors.

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