How Much Does Awnings Cost

Today, awning prices can surprise you in some way and somehow since the costs to have your front doors, patios, and windows installed with awnings is a bit pricey for some. Although there are some cases that you can have such shadings and covers in your outdoor areas at a very low cost, it is safe to say that the same principle applies to installing awnings at your home or residential areas as it does to other things in general – you will get what you pay for.

If you desire to have awnings in your certain area or space and you don’t want to spend that much then it is very much advisable for you to regard very well all of the factors affecting the overall and total costs of awnings.

Generally, these things that adequately determine how much do awnings cost in totality include the materials being used, the space or total area of the overall awning to be installed, the design mechanisms, the people who will work for the installation, and there are a lot more.

The Average Cost of Awnings Today

Average Cost of Awnings Today

In actuality, prices really vary depending on different factors so it is very much difficult to state the exact costs. However, expect that you will pay amounts ranging from $300 up to $700 on an average basis and note that this price range is intended only for the awning itself. It does not include the installation costs and other price variables such as whether to have a retractable or non-retractable awning or the choice of having a motorized or nonmotorized type. Accordingly, these things will basically add up to your expected total expenses.

On the other hand, some people actually spend a lot way more than the given average ranges of prices. Usually, high costs of awnings may require you to pay amounts that can actually reach as high as $3,000 up to $5,000 or more today on an average note of spending for high-end types and larger scopes of the area.

Type of Awnings Based on Materials

By and large, the type of awning you desire for your property or residential area indicates very much the costs you are about to face and there are actually 3 main types or materials for awnings that are being widely used in the recent times.

  • Aluminum Awnings

If you intend to lessen your costs and rather buy a cheaper metal type then aluminum awnings are indeed good choice. They are very durable and lightweight apparently. Aluminum awning prices in the recent times may fall between $100 and $600 for a pre-made depending on the size and area. These pre-made metal awnings are pretty much available in different hardware stores and shopping locations globally.

As for a custom made aluminum awning, expect for the prices to be rated based on the size and the area of scope. Usually, prices play around $9.50 up to $10 per square foot. Consequently, note that these costs are inclusive already of the necessary accessories such as poles, joints, and covers.

  • Fabric Awnings

Now, if you want a more accent and fresh looking appearances to add up in front of your doors, windows, or even at patios – you could go for fabric awnings since this kind of material cater more designs and patterns that could brighten up your space. Any pre-made fabric awning can be purchased at amounts ranging from $100 up to $650 in the recent times depending on sizes and dimensions.

You could go for custom made fabrics as well but expect for the expenses to be much higher than the ready-made. Fabric awning prices could actually rise to $11,500 but this kind of fabric awning is very much anticipated for larger spaces and areas.

  • Copper Awnings

On the other hand, the other common type of metal awning is the copper type. In actuality, copper as a material for awnings is considered to be the best material since it caters more convenience, durability, sleek appearance, and efficiency especially when it comes to maintenance. The normal range of price is usually from $300 up to $600 depending on the size, area, and specific design whether modern or old-fashioned.

Retractable Awning

Retractable awnings are actually likened to any other stationary awnings of any material. The only thing that sets this specific kind a different one from the others is that it can be retracted which is very useful and efficient for areas and locations with extreme weather conditions such as hailstorms, snows, and rainstorms.

You could also know how much do awnings cost basing on the mechanisms of a retractable type especially if you are inclining to have such kind. The mechanism of retraction can be done either manually or mechanically (motorized). In the recent times, you could actually purchase a pre-made manual retractable awning in a price range of $250 up to $1,000 depending on the dimensions and sizes, as well as the location of purchase.

On the other hand, expect for the prices to be much expensive if you are to buy motorized retractable awnings since these basically comes with electric motors. Pre-made motorized types can be purchased today at amounts ranging from $1,000 up to $4,000, similarly depending on the same factors as above. As for a custom made motorized retractable type, you may have one yours starting at a price of $2,000 and could reach up to $11,500.

Note that the larger the scope or the wider the area of the awning, the more expensive it will be.

Installation Costs

Installation Costs of awning

Certainly, to identify how much do awnings cost in totality – you have to very well take into account the installation costs as well since these will largely affect your budget especially if you intend to have your awnings installed by contractors and specialists. Although it is not that difficult to install awnings on your own but it is much preferable and recommendable to ask for adequate assistances from the most appropriate persons to do the job.

For a normal labor, expect to pay an hourly rate that may range from $40 up to $60. However, these professionals are usually not equipped enough to do installation works if your purchased awning type is the motorized one. Accordingly, you have to hire electricians and / or people who are capable of doing electrical works. Normally, these people would charge you $70 to $90 per hour.


One important factor to note as well when choosing the type of awning to buy is the maintenance since this will certainly add to your overall costs in the long run. If you are aiming for a very low down to zero costs of maintenance then you must go for copper awning since this type does not largely need maintenance at all.

As for the aluminum type, although this kind of awning is built to last for 20 to 30 years, expect for the material to rust and be worn out due to exposures to different weather conditions. Hence, repainting works may be necessary. On the other hand, fabric types may come in handy because of the designs and appearances but note that since the material is made up of fabric, then expect for costly maintenance.

It is very much important to consider that a very good quality of material means low costs of maintenance. This might be helpful for you in case you are still looking for the perfect type of awnings to be installed on your property or chosen area.

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