How Much Does Balayage Cost?

Good grooming and fashion continue to be a thriving industry in the United States. As the law of supply and demand dictates, staying beautiful remains a huge investment – especially among females whose careers depend on accentuating and fine-tuning charisma (e.g. film, music, modeling, etc). A 2016 study conducted by the Professional Consultants & Resources sees a 3.4 percent growth in the salon services and retails in the United States yielding a $62 billion worth revenue. The steadiest contributor to this growth is hair coloring.

When it comes to hair coloring, balayage remains to be the standard definition of ‘elegance.’ Unlike the traditional tinfoil dyeing technique, this classy European coloring technique pioneered in the early 1970’s is painstakingly done by hand. As the French namesake implies, it literally means ‘sweeping,’ characterized by the strokes applied to produce a natural sun-kissed color.

This technique remains to be a signature hair style for many female celebrities since it hit the American trend in the mid 90’s. The Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker pioneered this looked in the country, earning her the moniker ‘Queen of Balayage.’ Then other icons like the R&B princess Rihanna and Game of Thrones superstar Emilia Clarke keeps the trend alive.

National Projected Cost & Discounts

So, how much does balayage cost? A key to understanding the answer to this question is that balayage is estimated to be a unit more expensive than the tin foil method. Hence, if a salon charges $150 for tin foil coloring, balayage would be anywhere between $180 and $200. However, the earlier mentioned figure only reflects a theoretical understanding of how balayage is priced – not exactly the expected ballpark figure.

eyelashes for beauty purposes

Considering that the integrity and quality of hair styles are often subject to outdoor weather exposure, it is always best to consider noting balayage prices in areas recognized for its favorable climate. Total Beauty identifies the top 12 best cities for hair style based on two major factors – consistent weather and the availability of hairstyle service providers.

In this part of the article, one can observe the standard price charged by one of the top salons in the area. Note: the limited availability discounted fee in the Groupon Option specifically reflects a price offered by a different salon.

Santa Barbara, California

  • Jardine et Maurice Studio: from $155
  • Groupon Option (52% off): $72

Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Total Look Makeover: $299
  • Groupon Option (66% off): $51

San Diego, California

  • Kristine Lumiere: $180 to $300 plus
  • Groupon Option (51% off): $89

Anchorage, Alaska

  • Koala Hair Company: from $225
  • Groupon Option (51% off): $85

San Francisco, California

  • James Colgan Union Square: $155 to $235
  • Groupon Option (62% off): $100

New York City, New York

  • Albert Amin Salon: $250
  • Groupon Option (50% off): $109

Miami, Florida

  • Avant-Garde Salon: $175 to $225 plus
  • Groupon Option (50% off): $100

Los Angeles, California

  • The Hive LA: $160 to $200 plus
  • Groupon Option (66% off): $155

Denver, Colorado

  • Hair By Natalia: $230 to $350
  • Groupon Option (53% off): $75

Boston, Massachusetts

  • Patrice Vinci Salon: $130 to $320
  • Groupon Option (51% off): $95

Chicago, Illinois

  • Sine Qua Non Salon: $140 to $240
  • Groupon Option (58% off):

Best Coloring Salons Abroad

No doubt this hairstyle is relatively expensive in the United States. But how much does balayage cost? For some female travelers planning a vacation overseas, pampering is never far from their itinerary. Hitting the salons in foreign countries can be a good idea for some who wish to bring something impressive and lasting back home. In this part of the article, one can explore the cost of balayage abroad by mentioning several fashion capitals and the particular exponents of this hair color technique.

London, United Kingdom

Although balayage hair coloring was pioneered in France, the neighboring country of the United Kingdom is largely responsible for its resurging trend in the recent years. One can pay relatively cheaper balayage prices in some of London’s most popular salons. These are among the top 10 service providers that offer discounted rates during their off-peak seasons:

  • Live True London: £50 to £56
  • Oolong Hair: £60 or £62.50
  • Muse of London: £66.75
  • Salon Zone Boutique: £49.41 to £67.92
  • Primmo Hair Studio: £24 or £47.20
  • Hair Go: £63 or $67.90
  • H&B Salon: £59.50 or $68
  • Armani Hair: £55.25
  • Miyu Beautique Salon: £45.60 to £63
  • Tila Studio Hair & Makeup: £58.50

*As of July 22, 2017: US $1 = £0.77

Paris, France

France may be the earliest proponent for balayage, yet finding a good English-speaking salon is easier said than done. American tourists are particularly keen on finding quality craftsmanship that does not charge a ‘bourgeoisie’ rate. So when it comes to finding a sensible answer to the question ‘how much does balayage cost in France?’, these are some of the few names and prices one can use for basic reference – especially for clients who cannot speak the classy national language:

  • Style Pixie Salon: 120€ to 160€
  • Stephanie Vanderlip: 95€ plus
  • Gregory Malve: 60€ to 80€

*As of July 22, 2017: US $1 = 0.86€

Outside of Europe

The influence of ‘Hollywood culture’ provides an interesting analysis as to how some fashion trends tend to penetrate the market of some developing countries. This is particularly true in terms of hairstyle since many foreign enthusiasts are more often predisposed to adopting some Western elements in their own local style.

Beutiful lady on make ups

Being Asia’s notable fashion capitals, Japan and South Korea are some of the first nations that easily catch up with the balayage trend. But even in other ‘culturally-distant’ regions like the Middle East and Africa, balayage easily sweeps several nations amidst the unassailable local customs that dictate fashion. In order to have a clear idea regarding balayage prices outside of Europe, here are some examples of top foreign salons their fees:

  • Assort Hair (Tokyo, Japan): ¥17,000
  • Eclat Daikanyama (Tokyo, Japan): ¥8,000 to ¥15,000
  • Suin Style (Seoul, South Korea): ₩200,000 to ₩250,000
  • Hairport (Ankara, Turkey): ₺270 to ₺300
  • Marisa Bothma (Pretoria, South Africa): R695 to R960

*As of July 22, 2017: US $1 = ¥111.16 / US $1 = ₩1118.68 / US $1 = ₺3.54 / US $1 = R12.92

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