How Much Does a Batmobile Cost?

Every person would indeed love to ride a cool car. Who wouldn’t love to have a car? Get to ride it to the place where you always dreamed of, with a special someone, family or even together with the whole squad. But how about you, buying a replica car of one your favorite superhero characters? Isn’t it just too good to be true? You can experience the speed, the excitement, and the real action of your favorite superhero from the comics and the movies.

Maybe you are thinking about how Batman rides his Batmobile. Surprisingly, a Batmobile is not just fiction, because there is already a replica that enables to experience you the action scenes just like in the comics and in the movies. With this, you’ll surely ask the question, how much does a Batmobile cost?

Average Batmobile Cost

An Image of Batmobile Car

  • Batman’s Batmobile price is around $3 million and can go up to $9 million dollars. Batmobile price can even go as much as $9 million, depending on the features added to it such as all the tech that Batman used.
  • Ryan Friedlinghaus, host of “West Coast Customs” and “Pimp My Ride”, said in an interview with CNBC that it cost $1 million to create a Batmobile. It was also emphasized that the Batmobile price in the latest movie is worth about $3 million.
  • A Batmobile cost beyond $9 million if it is fully functional, bulletproof and heavily armed. Take note that a Batmobile is gun-proof and also bomb-proof.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Batmobile

Some factors can affect the total cost of a Batmobile. These things should also be considered before allotting the budget to own this rare, luxurious car.

  • The features that will be added to your Batmobile can affect the cost a lot. The design and the addition of more details will pump up its price.
  • Shipping the can be hard, though this problem is shouldered by the company. It is also your responsibility to pay the fee, and it can add more to your total expenses. It will also depend on your location.
  • Batmobile is an iconic car, but it is rarely available in the market. Its appearance in the movies greatly affects the Batmobile cost. The Batmobile is considered as one of the great possessions Batman had in the movie, so the companies that make these cars would really jack up the price.

Extra Costs

  • Though the Batmobile is an iconic car, it is just like a typical car that needs high-quality maintenance for it to function well. Spare parts can cost you a couple hundred up to a couple of thousand dollars.
  • Its interior design can cost you $230,000. Because you are purchasing a replica, it will cost you a lot to polish its details like what Batman had in the movie.
  • The company might charge you the cost for shipping if you are located in a different country. The shipping fee depends on your location. However, there are also some companies that won’t charge the shipping fee. You should also consider this when choosing a Batmobile maker.

Important Things That You Should Know

Here are some points you should know if you want to get your own Batmobile:

  • The Batmobile is rarely displayed in the market. You cannot find a local company that deals this kind of car. However, it can be purchased through an auction or a company that deals with luxury cars.
  • Before purchasing a Batmobile, be sure to inspect the specifications and descriptions. Getting to know the details will surely help you to get one for yourself. Try to search the internet on how and where you can purchase a Batmobile.
  • Come to an agreement about the price with the seller, and come to an arrangement on a fair asking price. No one wants to purchase a big chunk of money for an unworthy car. You should also purchase it if you trust the seller.

An image of a modern Batmobile car

  • Arrange the financial matters, either ahead of time or at the dealership. Then make all the final arrangements before the day of purchasing.
  • It is good advice to get a driver’s license before having a batmobile. This not only assures that you’re road worthy. It’s also one way of enjoying the whole Batmobile experience. Who would want to have his or her own Batmobile car, if he or she doesn’t know how to drive.
  • James Edition the World’s Luxury Market Place, is an online market place that offers a Batmobiles that are for sale. They are the one who tells you how you can acquire the rare batmobile. They will provide specifications and descriptions.
  • The Batmobile that is offered by the aforementioned, features everything that a caped crusader needs in a vehicle – including n automatic transmission, 44″ super swamper tires with custom rims, five drivers-assist cameras, iPod integration, double den stereo with blue tooth, GPS Navigation worldwide, CD/DVD, a custom interior , and lots more that will surely appeal to avid Batman fans. Take note that this batmobile replica only has two seats.

Ways to Save Money

Getting a Batmobile as a collection or for experiencing what it feels like to be Batman is indeed very costly. It’s a replica car and its appearance in the movies is one of the main factors as to why it has such a very high price. However, some tips may help you to save money if you don’t want to spend a ton of money.

  • Limit the details of the Batmobile. The interior design has a big impact on the total cost. Minimize the design and make sure that the Batmobile still looks a like the one in the movies.
  • Get some research on some dealers and companies to compare the prices and its specifications. You might get a big price variation in the slightest chances in modification. Getting to ask your friends who have experience in buying luxury cars is also a good thing to do. They sure got some advice for you.
  • As you are researching for the comparison of price and specifications, you might also want to consider the maker’s availability in your region or country. It will minimize the overall cost because you won’t have to pay a bigger price for the shipping. The farther the range of the company to your place, the higher the shipping fee and the longer the wait for you.
  • If you are a collector and you have no plans to ride on it, you can just minimize the features. You can ask the company to take off some unnecessary parts and ask them that you’re just purchasing it for display purposes and that you have no plans in driving it.

A second hand Batmobile is not a bad idea. Some sellers post it online or bid it in auctions. Make sure that you check the entirety of the car before paying.

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