How Much Does A Biopsy Cost?

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. Despite being a technologically advanced and financially affluent nation, the United States is still constantly locked in a pitched battle to keep it under control. For all 6 out of 13 common cancers in America, each is estimated to claim a total of more than 10,000 casualties by the end of year 2017.

The main culprit of cancer-related deaths predominantly stems from delayed diagnoses. Considering that cancer is a progressive disorder, early detection is crucial to ensuring effective steps for controlling its malignant growth and achieving full recovery with little to zero adverse effects. Biopsies are one of the fool-proof investigative procedures that determine early signs of carcinoma infecting certain vital organs.

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So, how much does a biopsy cost? It is important to remember that different types of biopsies are performed for each suspected cancerous part of the body. The cost of each biopsy is not the same due to the varying complexities of performing the procedure. For a monthly fee of $134, Medicare can cover certain cancer screenings as part of the 2017 Part B plan. In order to understand why medical insurance offers a decisive financial leverage, one should understand how expensive the out-of-pocket cost of a biopsy actually is.

Lung Cancer

As the leading type of deadly carcinoma in the United States, lung cancer is expected to kill around 155,870 people by the end of the year 2017. Within the same period, it is estimated that the number of lung cancer cases will reach a total of 222,500 nationwide. The average biopsy price for lung cancer detection is roughly between $1,523 and $2,226. However, this price range often reflects a more invasive type of procedure. Healthcare Bluebook determines the lowest discounted fair price for needle lung biopsy at around $941.

Globally-accredited health centers abroad offer lung biopsy at a comparatively lower cost than in the United States. Examples of such fiscally-transparent hospitals include the following:

  • Dobro Clinic (Kiev, Ukraine): from $384
  • Sourasky Medical Center (Tel Aviv, Israel): $530 to $650
  • Adventist Hospital (Hong Kong, China): $512 to $768

Colorectal Cancer

As the second deadliest carcinoma in the country, the death toll projection for 2017 caused by colon and rectal cancer is expected to be around 50,260. In the same year, health authorities expect a total of 135,430 colorectal cancer cases. In terms of the estimated cost for colon biopsy, it is important to understand that the price is usually tied up with the average fee for standard colonoscopy procedures. Including pre-op and post-op checkups, this brings the overall ballpark figure somewhere between $1,485 and $4,324.

It is possible to pay a comparatively lower rate abroad for colon biopsy. If such proves to be a viable alternative, these are the foreign health centers worth considering:

  • Adventist Hospital (Hong Kong, China): $512 to $768
  • San Roque Maspalomas Hospital (Las Palmas, Spain): from $708
  • Policlinica Del Rosario (Ibiza, Spain): $1,456

Pancreatic Cancer

Just recently in 2016, pancreatic cancer has surpassed the heinous breast cancer in terms of its mortality rate in the United States. According to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, the estimated annual death toll is expected to climb up to 41,780 among the 53,070 potential cases strictly within the first year after their diagnosis.

The cost of biopsy for this case is relatively higher compared to other conventional means of tissue extraction since it requires laparoscopic surgery to safely bypass the layers of vital organs around the torso. Healthcare Bluebook suggests the acceptable fair price to be around $6,289. But for those who opt for a far cheaper procedure abroad, one should take note of these locations:

  • Helios Hospital (Berlin, Germany): $643
  • Anfa Fertility Center (Casablanca, Morocco): $1,390
  • Zulekha Hospital (Dubai, United Arab Emirates): $1,920

Breast Cancer

Of all the types of cancer that dreaded the female population, nothing can be quite as unnerving as the notorious breast cancer. The most recent US Breast Cancer statistics estimates roughly 1 out of 8 adult females nationwide being diagnosed with this disease within their lifetime. The mortality projection as of 2017 is roughly 40,610.

Fortunately, several procedures designed to address this problem has been developed for decades. But how much does a biopsy cost if one chooses to undergo this procedure instead or along with standard imaging? The national estimate is anywhere between $3,322 and $6,227. For those who wish to experience the best bargain elsewhere, these are the following cheaper candidates abroad:

  • Dobro Clinic (Kiev, Ukraine): $234
  • Al Salama Hospital (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates): $354
  • Hospital Prive (Marrakech, Morocco): $367
  • Mission Hospital (Bangkok, Thailand): $450

Liver Cancer

Being dubbed as the fifth deadliest cancer in America, the prevalence of liver carcinoma has more than tripled since the 1980’s. In over 40,710 potential cases as of 2017, health experts foresee a casualty rate of approximately 28,920 patients. Fortunately, liver cancer patients have at least 5 years of window to successfully combat the malignant tumor before it becomes inevitable deadly.

The national average cost of liver biopsy is roughly around $1,520 to $2,325. However, it is important to understand that this price range most likely reflects a procedure that is assisted by CT scan. Healthcare Bluebook suggests expecting as little as $742 for a more direct needle biopsy. Ridiculously cheaper rates abroad are found in these following locations:

  • Clinique Yasmin (Casablanca, Morocco): $56
  • JSC Medicina Clinic (Moscow, Russia): $199
  • Yeditepe University Hospital (Istanbul, Turkey): $396

Prostate Cancer

If women have breast cancer to scare them, men are also plagued by malignant tumors in their prostate glands. It is estimated that a total of around 161,360 cases of prostate cancer will cause a projected death rate of 26,730 by the end of 2017. While prostate cancer haunts 1 out 7 American men, no one will have to worry about it before the age of 40.

The national average biopsy price for prostate cancer diagnosis is roughly around $846 to $1,414. This ballpark figure already includes the initial visit and follow-up checkup. If one seeks cheaper procedures abroad, these are the well-known health centers one should consider visiting:

  • JSC Medicina Clinic (Moscow, Russia): $117
  • Galenia Hospital (Cancun, Mexico): $150
  • Clinique Gandhi (Casablanca, Morocco): $200
  • BGS Global Hospitals (Bangalore, India): $563

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