How Much Does Bosley Cost?

As you grow old you may see some patches on your head receding. A receding hairline usually is due to a family history or stress. When this happen, a lot of time you lose confidence in yourself and you feel uncomfortable thinking people may notice it. That is why many look into the chance to resolve the issue. Bosley is one of the solutions for hair loss. If you are wondering how much does Bosley cost, we will discuss the average cost of the procedure.

Average Bosley Hair Restoration Charges

Bosley believed that hair restoration can be achieved with the use of a surgical hair transplantation. Bosley Company offers several types of procedure such as the Bosley’s LaserComb Elite, Theradome Laser Helmet, and Bosley Professional Strength system. Bosley is a permanent solution to hair loss as they are transplanting surgical hair from a donor to a recipient.

Bosley Hair Restoration Charges

A Bosley hair cost will vary depending on the size of the affected area. If your receding hair area is just small then expect a lower price estimation. But if the area is large then you should be ready to pay a larger amount.

An average Bosley hair restoration cost around $3000 to $12000. Patients would usually invest with this amount in mind. If you need a lower amount of follicle transplant say under 1000 grafts only then expect to pay $8-$9.50 per graft. This means that if you are transplanting a total 1000 grafts, the total cost of the procedure will be $8000 to $9500.

If you’re only transplanting around 400 grafts then expect to pay $3200 to $3800. The amount that you pay will generally depend on the number of grafts you want to be transplanted in your affected area.

But what if your receding hairline needs a lot of follicles to be transplanted. The larger the area to be transplanted the lower the price per graft will be. If you need a sizable number of hairs to be transplanted then the average cost per graft will be lowered to $5.50-$7.

If you need to transplant around 1500 graft, the total amount that you would have to pay will be at $8250 to as much as $10,500. If you are going to have around 2000 grafts installed on your head then the cost of the transplant will be $11,000 to as much as $14,000.

The Bosley hair cost that you would pay will generally differ on the size of the hair loss. There are some companies that offer a lower amount per graft, as low as $4 to $6 per graft. This usually happens when the number of the graft is relatively high.

Say you have a total hair graft of 2500, you can expect to prepare the amount of $10,000 to as much as $15,000. If you are going to have 3000 grafts transplanted to your head then the total price that you would have to pay is $12,000 to $18,000.

You can also have your eyebrow restored. This is much cheaper because it will basically just need around 200 grafts to be transplanted. If this is the case, the total amount for this operation will only cost $1600 to $1900.

For you to get the best quote, you can check your local Bosley clinic to have a consultation done to your hair. The beauty of hair restoration is that you don’t need a regular maintenance of your newly transplanted hair. Once your hair grows it will be like a normal hair because generally, it is the follicle being transplanted and not just the hair itself.

The Bosley hair restoration cost might be expensive but it is a one-time cost with no associated regular maintenance. Unlike when you are using wigs or other hair systems wherein you need to visit your clinic to have it maintained. This is because Bosley is not just a temporary cosmetic solution, this is a permanent hair restoration.

How You Can Pay For Your Bosley Procedure

There are different ways that you can pay for your Bosley procedure. Bosley has around 70 consultation offices around the country. If you live far away and needs to travel to a Bosley consultation office, the company offers various incentives for you.

Say you live 100 miles away from a Bosley office, you are given the chance to avail of their incentives. If you are flying to a Bosley procedure to have a hair transplant of the same day, Bosley will reimburse the total cost of your airfare via an additional hair graft.

If you are traveling within the country that does not have any Bosley office you are entitled to receive 50 additional grafts. But if you are traveling internationally, Bosley will also give you an additional 100 graft as an incentive and patronage.

Note that if you do intend to undergo a Bosley hair transplant you would need to pay an advance fee of $1000 to reserve your room during the transplant. This amount will be deducted to the total cost of the surgery procedure as well.

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Bosley also offers numerous financing plans for their clients who cannot afford to pay the amount one time. There are many financing companies that offer aid to approved credit participants for a minimum of 5.99% interest rate. You can pay the bill in a variation of 6 months, 1 year and 2-year financing service.

Depending on the class of your hair restoration, you can pay your Bosley transplant on a monthly term. Say you are at class II-IV restoration which is around 600 to 1200 grafts. The monthly amortization that you would have to pay will be around $127 to $213 per month.

If you are classified as a class IV to class VI with an average hair transplant of 1500 to 3000 grafts. Your total cost of transplant per month will be $236 to $367. This amount will be lesser on the budget compared to paying in bulk.

Paying your bill via financing is fairly better for those who cannot pay the amount instantly. You can also check your insurance policy if they also offer a discount for these type of surgical services. Aside from that, you can check your company if they do offer a Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for their employees.

If FSA is available at your company, you can check if you can use this option for your Bosley hair surgery. If they do, you can save as much as $2500 on your surgical procedure. If you are still wondering how much does Bosley cost then you better see a professional clinic to check on the correct cost.

Your hair is an important part of your overall look. Hair enhances your beauty and brings you confidence everywhere you go. Your hair can make you look professional and can give you the feeling that you are in control. You won’t feel conscious thinking that people may be looking at the balding part of your hair.

If you have a good set of locks, it will show that you know how to take good care of yourself. This will show that you are disciplined and you know how to manage the way you are also looking for your own physical attributes. An unhealthy set of hair will make you look old and not taken care of.

Always remember that your physical attributes can make or break your personal and professional goals. So always take care of your hair as this is one important part of your whole self.

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