How Much Does A Brake Pad Replacement Cost?

Every part of a car is important and needs to be checked and maintained over a scheduled time or mileage. If one car part gets broken or overused, you might get into big trouble while you are traveling. A car break pad is one of the important parts of your car.  It is a component of your disk brakes which are made of steel backing plates. If you are wondering how much do brake pads cost, we will discuss the cost you need for the replacement and installation.

Price of a Brake Pad Replacement

A brake pad is composed of steel pads with a friction material bound to its surface. The surface that has a friction material faces the disk brakes rotor so that it can help stop the car while in motion. A brake pad is a very important part of your car. If the materials of the pad have already worn out, you may not be able to properly use the brake of your car and it might lead to an accident.

Brake pad replacement cost will vary depending on the brand of your car and the repair shop as well. Here is the average brake pad replacement price that you should be aware of:

ComponentParts and Labor
Brake Pads
$150 to $260
Rotors$230 to $550
Calipers$150 to $200

If you are going to bring your car to an auto shop and request for it to be checked and maintained, have them regularly check your pads for you. When your mechanic will do a brake service, they will check not only your brake pads but also your rotor and caliper. This is because these parts go together with the braking mechanism of your car.

If one of the parts is broken then it is going to jeopardize your daily travel and your car. Since we are on the topic of brake mechanism, we will talk about the price of various parts and labor cost. If you are having a professional mechanic do the changing of the parts for you, they will be the one who will purchase the parts.

The average brake pad replacement price that you are going to pay them will include the labor cost as well as the cost of the parts. Typical brake pad parts and service change will cost you around $150 to $260. This is typically cheap because of the materials which are very affordable.

If you plan to also change the rotors, you would have to spend $230 to $550 for both the parts and the professional fee. While changing the calipers would cost you almost the same as changing the brake pads.

Cost Of Buying Brake Pads And Other Parts Yourself

If you feel like the Brake pad replacement cost might be too much for you or that you just want to know what parts are going to go to your car, then you can definitely buy them yourself. A Typical brake pad will cost around $20 to $150.

An ACDelco Brake Pad Kit, #14D52M will only cost $19.92. It is made of a Semi-Metallic material and comes in a set of four pieces. It is made and designed to the highest quality standard for your safety. But as you always know, cheap brands are always not the best choice in terms of performance.

If you want a durable brake pad, you can try the EBC Brakes DP32047C EBC Redstuff Ceramic Low Dust Brake Pads. It is made up of ceramic material which is a good material for brake pads. This brand is used for an X4 BMW car.

If you also plan to buy a new rotor for your car then the average cost of this part is $200 to $400. A WILWOOD 10.200 in OD Drilled Sprint Car Brake Rotor typically cost $66.95. It is made up of multiple materials made for durability and it is compatible with various types of car.

If you are driving a Crown Victoria Grand Marquis Marauder Town Car then you should get the EBC Brakes GD7251 Rotor. This rotor cost $240.81 and it comes in a set of 2. It has wide slots which help to cool down the pads while braking.

You can also purchase a package kit that includes the brake pad and the rotor. The EBC Brakes S1KF1400 Stage 1 Premium Street Brake Kit already includes the pads and the rotors. It is retailed for $312.42 and it includes an S1 Kits Ultimax 2 and RK Rotors.

If your mechanic suggests that you also change the caliper, then you should be ready with the amount of $50 to $100. You can check the 22 pieces Universal Disc Brake Caliper Piston Pad Car Auto Wind Back Hand Tool Kit. This kit is sold for only $34.69 and can fit various brands of vehicle and make.

You should also buy the A1 Cardone 18-B4919A Disc Brake Caliper for only $99.91. But if you want a cheaper type of caliper then you can buy the remanufactured ones. The Remanufactured ACDelco 18FR1378 Professional Front Disc Brake Caliper Assembly without Pads only cost $73.97. It is pressure tested and meets industry standard for a caliper. You can save as much as $24 on the cost of the caliper if you buy a remanufactured one.

If you know how to install a brake pad and other car parts then you can buy the parts and install it yourself. This way you know what the parts are used for your car and it can save you on labor cost.  It is also important that you check with your car dealer what the best brake pad brands are for your car.

How You Can Save On Your Brake Pad Replacement

brake pedal pads

If you are still wondering how much do brake pads cost and how you can save on the cost then there are some tricks to the trade. One way is to buy a remanufactured version of the product. A remanufactured product still has a 1-year warranty in case you want it replaced.

It is pressure tested to ensure safety as well as optimum brake performance. But since they are not totally new, they come at a cheaper price.

Another way that you can save on cost is to remove and install the parts yourself. But always take caution if you plan to do this yourself. You need to be trained and you should know the correct way in removing and installing the brake pad. As you know, the brake is a very crucial component of your car.

Note that changing the brake pad is very crucial. You should not ignore the noise that you hear when you step on the brakes. If you neglect it may cost you a lot of money and might cost you your life as well. When brake pads have used up its life, it will make a noise. It could be a screeching sound or a squealing sound that will not go away once you let go of the pads.

As soon as you hear a noise when you push the brake you should schedule for a maintenance check or check it yourself. The longer you wait to have the pads changed, the noisier the sound will be and the more expensive the repair and change will cost.

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