How Much Does Cambria Quartz Cost?

There is a wide array of countertop materials available for any type of kitchen; So many that choosing among them may be hard, at least for the undecided.

But if you already have a clear image of your dream kitchen, deciding on what you want for your countertop would be a breeze.  For instance, if you want to go for something that is both elegant and low-maintenance, then a quartz countertop is the perfect type for you!

Speaking of quartz surfaces, Cambria is the only American company in the business with 60 years of manufacturing experience under its belt. Undoubtedly reputable.

The company is popular, but how much will you spend for their equally famous product? Well then, without further ado, let’s take a look at the cost of Cambria quartz.

Cost of Cambria Quartz says that Cambria countertops cost about US$50 to US$100 per square foot including installation. On the other hand, Quartz Kitchen Countertops states that the cost will run from US$59 to US$139 per linear foot (12 inches).

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If you have a 30 square feet counter area, then based on the given cost by the square foot, expect to spend around US$1,500 to US$3,000 for the Cambria quartz installation.

The Cambria countertops cost will change dramatically depending on a lot of factors including requests for additional features such as a thicker countertop, decorative edges, and cut-outs for sinks and stoves.

On the other hand, samples of Cambria quartz cost around US$5 to US$20.

Cambria Quartz Installation

The price for installing Cambria quartz countertops may vary depending on the company and your counter area. However, the cost will be the same regardless of what color you choose.

For instance, Marble Granite Slabs Inc., a direct importer of natural stones and quartz slabs, charges US$53.99 for every square foot of Cambria quartz installed. Included in that price is the fabrication, installation and custom edging of the quartz countertop, plus your choice of color.

So, if you want a quartz countertop for an area size of 30 sqft., you’ll pay them US$1,619.70 no matter what color you choose.

Their available Cambria colors include Aberdeen, Hazelford, Bradshaw, Bristol Blue, Cambrian Gold, Waterford, and Victoria, to name a few.

Of course, that price may change depending on the estimate request you will send to the company. Upon filling out your online request form, you will select the type of edging, backsplash, and sink. You will also choose if you want them to install a plywood or sub top. Also, you will indicate if it’s necessary that they remove your old countertop. These factors will affect the total cost you have to pay for the installation.

To come up with a decision on who to hire for the quartz countertop installation, compare prices by getting a quote from different companies. You can get the quotes through requesting online or calling the dealer or installer.

Once you acquired a quotation, check if it shows the necessary expenses including the price of the slab and installation. Typically, the total cost for installing a quartz countertop should include the leveling, seam joining, and fixture and sink cutouts. If the quote you received is incomplete, it would be wise to look for another company.

Computing Costs

Before asking dealers and installers, can you yourself estimate the total expenses for installing a quartz countertop? Apparently, you can.

One thing you need to know if you want to get a rough estimate is to determine how high the quality of the quartz you’re willing to order. According to Home Advisor, the average cost for low-quality quartz, without the installation fee, is US$50 to US$60. Mid-quality quartz, on the other hand, cost about US$60 to US$70, while high-quality quartz cost US$70 to US$100.

Next, you should be aware of the average installation cost. We did some computing earlier, but those are based on the lowest prices of a specific quartz manufacturing company. If we’re to look at the average, though, the price for installation would be US$150 to US$180 per square foot.

The average is higher than the Cambria quartz cost, but that’s because we’re talking about the average price which includes other companies that manufacture and install quartz countertops. Also included in the said cost is the overall installation process from leveling to seam joining and added features like edge treatment. Of course, you should also factor in the measurements of your countertop.

If you compute using the counter area size, quality of quartz, and edge designs, you would come up with something like these cost estimates from Home Advisor:

  • 25 sqft. at a low price level with a bullnose edge: US$1,490
  • 45 sqft. at a low price level with a half-bullnose edge: US$2,490
  • 30 sqft. at a medium price level with an eased edge: US$2,250
  • 35 sqft. at a medium price level with a beveled edge: US$2,865
  • 40 sqft. at a high price level with a bullnose edge: US$4,240
  • 50 sqft. at a high price level with an ogee edge: US$5,840

Why Choose Quartz Countertops

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Despite the high cost of quartz countertop installation, a lot of homeowners still choose the more expensive option. That’s because the dazzling array of colors and patterns of quartz countertops could fit a variety of kitchen designs. Needless to say, this stone is a beautiful addition if you’re reinventing your cooking area.

Another thing that makes the money all worth it is the stone’s timeless elegance. Quartz is resistant to stain, scratches and acid abrasion, does not chip or crack, resistant to bacteria growth, easy to clean, and consistent in color and texture.

However, if you can’t afford quartz countertops but still want to give your kitchen a make-over, you can choose among other natural stones available in the market such as granite, marble, soapstone, and concrete. Each stone has its own redeeming qualities and, depending on your taste, might be even better than quartz.

Regardless of what you end up choosing, keep in mind that your kitchen is where you prepare your food. Thus, a working area that is not only clean but also pleasant to the eye will surely bring inspiration and motivation to whoever is cooking the meal for the day.

Good luck on your kitchen project!

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