How Much Does Car Alarm Installation Cost?

Ugly as it may be, it is a fact that we are living in a world with places prone to crimes including theft. Robbers have many ways to steal things from you. They may break into your house in the middle of the night, or dig a tunnel leading to the surface of your living room.

Or maybe, they might break your car windows and grab anything that is of value in one full sweep.

Cars are most vulnerable especially when you park it outside your house garage. As it cannot defend itself from robbers, you at least should know that the thieves are already attacking your vehicle. That’s where your car alarm system plays a crucial role.

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The loud, scandalous noise of a car alarm may stop the robbers in their tracks. Better more, they might decide to leave your vehicle alone for fear that a police or you, the owner, would catch them. Not all robbers are as fainthearted, though.

Nevertheless, it is still wise to equip your car an alarm system as a safety measure.

With that said, how much does car alarm installation cost?

Average Car Alarm System Installation Cost

An advanced car alarm system, installation fee included, averages US$400 to US$1,300 and above according to Cost Helper. Breaking down the said cost, the installation averages US$100 to US$450 while the price of the alarm system runs about US$300 to US$850.

The installation cost varies based on factors including the make and model of the vehicle and labor fee. As for the price of the car alarm system itself, the exact cost varied depending on the features loaded in it and the company that sells it.

If you want to save on costs, you could opt for a basic alarm system of which price runs from US$30 to US$300. Installing the said alarm system would cost you another US$50 to US$200, bringing the average car alarm installation cost to US$80 to US$500.

As for the security that car alarm systems offer, an advanced alarm system naturally performs better than a basic car alarm. For instance, the former has an extremely high sensitivity to motion. Unlike a basic car alarm that only reacts when the car receives direct damage, an advanced system may go off at just the sensation of movement around the vehicle. 

An advanced car alarm system also has theft-tracking capabilities that further tightens the security around your auto.

Sample Prices of Car Alarm Systems

Car alarm installation prices are affected mostly by how much you would pay to purchase a car alarm system. Thus, knowing its price would give you a better idea of how much the total installation would cost.

As there are a wide array of car alarm systems available in the market, we would only look at the prices of alarms considered as top-rated by the Best Products website.

One of the car alarms systems listed on the website is from Viper, specifically the Viper 5806V 2-Way Security System which cost starts at US$184. This model, with its two-way security system and remote start set-up, operates within a range of roughly 1 mile.

Another product is the Avital 5103L Car Alarm and Remote Start System which costs US$85. It’s one of the cheapest among the top recommended alarm systems. But, regardless of the price, the Avital 5103L offers conveniences such as remote start, keyless entry, and keyless trunk opening. It also has a dual-zone shock motion sensor.

Other products included in the list are as follows:

  • Pyle PWD-701 Car Alarm and Remote Door Lock Security System

Cost: US$40

Feature/s: Keyless locking and unlocking, starter deactivation, trunk release function

  • Crime Stopper SP-302 Car Alarm System

Cost: US$77

Feature/s: Rechargeable LCD remotes, 25-watt siren

  • Code Alarm CA1053 Alarm System

Cost: US$100

Feature/s: Loud alarm, keyless entry, dual-stage impact sensor

  • Excalibur AL-2050-EDPB 2-Way Car Security and Remote Start System

Cost: US$258

Feature/s: Monitoring of multiple vehicles using a single remote

  • Eclipse 360 Degree Vehicle Surveillance System

Cost: US$395

Feature/s: Comes with a video system

  • Scytek Mobilink 777 2-Way Car Alarm Vehicle Security System With Smart Phone Integration

Cost: US$472

Feature/s: App-based features including locking, unlocking, and real-time GPS tracking

To get the car alarm installation prices for the above products, simply add their prices to the average installation cost we discussed earlier.

For instance, a basic alarm system like the Pyle PWD-701 would cost you US$30 to US$300 for the installation, bringing the total cost to US$70 to US$340.

On the other hand, an advanced alarm system like the Scytek Mobilink 777 would have an installation cost of US$100 to US$450, thus bringing the total cost to US$572 to US$922.

For a better idea of prices, you can visit the Walmart website where there are about 20 different brands of car alarm systems available. You could also check the products sold by retailers such as Best Buy and Sears.

DIY Car Alarm System

How much does car alarm installation cost? If you’re going to do it yourself, then it’s free as far as labor fee are concerned. If you want to save money and you have the technical know-how, installing the car alarm system would be a better option.

Before you start your DIY project, though, make sure to:

  • Read the car owner’s manual to confirm how to disconnect your vehicle’s battery cables.
  • Prepare all the tools you need before you start working including the basics like screwdrivers and wrenches, and others such as a wire cutter and electrical tape.
  • Don’t forget to disconnect your negative battery cable before you start mounting and connecting the components of your alarm system to your car.

You can visit to know more about the step-by-step DIY installation. The website provides detailed instructions starting from how to mount the control module, siren, sensors, and other components, to how to test the car alarm system after you install it.

Your car is a valuable asset, thus the need to protect it from the bad guys. Regular washing, cleaning, and maintenance is part of car protection. However, it is also a kind of protection to deter people who want your vehicle for themselves. To do that, you should equip your car with security measures that would be useful in the environment you are in.

So, before your car ends up a total wreck or the robber runs away with it, equip your vehicle with the best alarm system as soon as you can! 

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