How Much Does Car Battery Cost?

A car battery is as important as any other car or vehicle part. It serves its own functions and roles to run your car efficiently. That is why when you encounter the most common indications of broken batteries and the like, you have to immediately replace and repair them with a new one.

The cost of car battery in totality is not that expensive in comparison with the other parts of a car. However, expect to pay a few tens and hundreds of dollars when you have decided already to replace the existing battery you have. Although the range of prices of batteries increased dramatically in the recent years due to the price hike as well of lead, these are still very much cheaper than repairing and replacing or even the maintenance of other vehicle parts.

There are a few factors to consider when you are about to purchase the necessary parts for replacement. Furthermore, you have to take into account as well all of the factors affecting the overall prices for replacing a car battery.

The Average Cost of Car Batteries

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Generally, there are a lot of car batteries made available in the current times. For over 40 options, all cars and vehicles have their own specific batteries fitting enough for them to run and work efficiently. Accordingly, each battery type has its own cost and price and basically, that is one factor alone affecting the price range of a car battery.

To know how much does car battery cost, you have to know what specific model and type of battery that is very well intended for your car. Normally, the average range of price for a car battery is from $50 to $120 depending on the model and type. Note that the given price is for the battery alone and excluding the installation prices.

Car batteries that fall under the price range given above are usually the most common and typical types. These usually last for 2 to 3 years of constant and regular use. On the other hand, there are types of car batteries that are more suitable for colder temperatures and atmosphere. These car batteries are usually under the premium classes which include a longer warranty period than the typical ones. Prices of such battery may vary according as well to the type needed for your vehicle, thus, these may cost you around $90 to $200.

Note that these premium types of car batteries contain higher cold cranking amps and reserve capacity causing these car batteries to cost more than the typical ones. Moreover, it is much more difficult to replace when time comes it needs to be fixed.

Car Battery Types

As mentioned above, the cost of car battery is dependent largely on the type and model of the car or vehicle.

  • Typical Car Batteries

Typical car batteries are usually the ones needed for small cars. Consequently, they come as well in small sizes that usually fall under the sizes of 24, 65, or 75. Apparently, these common car batteries are the low maintenance types which make it more appealing for users and consumers since the charges needed for maintenance are already omitted in the scene. However, you need to save money though for purchasing a new car battery when it drained or malfunctioned already.

A new maintenance-free car battery may cost you around $45 to $90 for smaller sizes and may reach up to $300 for the larger sizes.

  • Premium Type of Car Batteries

Luxury cars and vehicles are very much apparent as well today. Now, the batteries being used for these types of vehicles are usually the premium ones since these have the needed capabilities and capacities for the luxury car to work and run smoothly.

The premium types of car batteries usually have a higher rate of cold cranking amps and reserve capacity. Cold cranking amps are most of the time the capacity of the battery to work even on colder weather and temperatures. On the other hand, reserve capacity is the main indicator of how long the car could stand on the battery alone if the alternaitor fails.

In addition, premium car batteries have a longer life and longer warranties which apparently cause the sudden increase of price. You may purchase such kind of battery with prices from $90 up to $300 depending on the type and specific kind.

These are basically the two main points you have to really consider in identifying how much does a car battery cost in the recent times.

Repairing and Replacing Car Batteries

Now, the overall range of amounts will significantly increase if you include considerations for hiring mechanics and skilled persons to do the repairing and replacing of car batteries.

You actually have a few options to choose from in doing the fixing and repairing job which actually affect mostly the expected car battery replacement price.

  • Do It Yourself

The first and most basic option you have is to do the repairing and replacing on your own. Apparently, it is the cheapest of all since you only need your own knowledge and skills in finishing such task. You don’t need to spend tens or even hundreds of dollars since you will be working on your own. You may ask a few hands from your friends or relatives who really are knowledgeable with the concerning matters. Or you could just study and research thoroughly so you can do the job effectively and efficiently on your own without spending a dime since replacing a car battery is very straightforward and easy to do.

  • Mechanic’s Garage

Car Battery

Now, if you don’t have the time and means to do the job on your own, you may actually opt to hire a laborer or skilled mechanic to finish the task. On a regular basis, the labor costs are rated on an hourly basis but if not, expect a fixed price after the job is done.

For both cases, expect to pay $10 up to $100 on the labor. The specific price will just vary on the location of the car to be fixed and location of the mechanic’s garage.

  • Car Dealerships and Automotive Repair Shops

Thirdly, the most expensive option in this case is the car dealerships and automotive repair shops. There are a lot of service centers being opened today for the mass for this kind of concerns with your car. Moreover, these centers and locations are also to cater other types of services aside from car battery concerns and issues.

What make them expensive when it comes to car battery replacement prices are the names, brands, and trademarks of these companies who run such service centers in the current market. Moreover, the quality of service is much more of an assurance to every client and customer.

Usually, when you intend to replace your car battery, they will be the ones as well to provide the necessary batteries and parts for doing the task, as well as the overall labors and services needed by your vehicle.

The average price for a normal car battery replacement is around $204 and above. Batteries being installed have specific warranties from these service centers which apparently are more of a convenience on your end when you encounter similar concerns or other kinds of issues again with your battery.

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