How Much Does Car Painting Cost?

Do you love the way your car drives but hate the way it looks? Do you want to make your car look like brand new? Instead of buying yourself a new car then maybe it’s time for you to paint it a new one. There are many reason people choose to have their vehicle painted, ranging from restoration to accidents. Car paint is used decorate and to make your car look like brand new. Also, car paint offers protection to your beloved automobile.

With all these reasons to repaint your vehicle, how much does it cost to paint a car? Before you decide to paint your car, you need to know how much money will you be needing.

Average Car Paint Cost

If your car is due for a new coat to be sure to leave the car paint job to your local professional auto paint shop to ensure it gets done right.

Car painting

  • The quality of the paint will be a great factor on how much does it cost to paint a car. There are types of quality your car paint can have.
  • If you’re on tight budget then an average quality car paint job, a single-coat synthetic enamel, will cost you around $300 up to $900 with an average of $566
  • A mid-level paint job with a higher quality paint and extra work like removing rust and scratches can cost you around$1,000 to $3,500 with an average of $1,316.
  • If you are willing to pay a high amount of money then it would be best for you to try the high-quality car paint job, it would cost you around $2,400 to $7,500, with an average cost of about $5,000.
  • The higher the quality of your paint works means a lot of money to spend. Nevertheless, it is worth it since you will know that your car will be in good shape again.
  • There are also smaller paint jobs, such as bumper to bumper racing stripes which would cost you around $150 up to $200.
  • The price of the complete paint job also depends on the color of the paint you want. A gallon of white paint is the cheapest, and it may cost you up to $100 while the expensive are the reds. A gallon of it may cost you up to $250
  • The size of the car also affects the cost of the paint works. The bigger your car is, the higher the will it cost you.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Paint

Many factors affect how much it does cost to paint a car. These factors must be considered since it plays a vital part in your cars performance and template.

  • Brand of the Car Paint. The brand of the car paint affects the cost of the paint greatly. Expect to have top quality brand paints to be a bit more expensive than generic brands. Although there are still brands that cost less but still is high quality.
  • Type of the Car Paint. There are many types of car paint in the world, which you could choose from, each of these types offers different benefits to your car. Some of these types available are enamel, lacquer, urethane and water-based paints. The cost of each type will also depend on the metallic qualities, finish, pattern and shade.
  • The size of the area to be painted. Some cars do not need to be fully painted. Others just require a small amount of paint, especially cars that just experienced minor accidents. Small scratches can be repainted on the area affected only. Although, it would be a little bit dangerous because the paint of the affected area should have achieved the same color of your car or else it would look bad. Some shops like Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting are excellent in this kind of services.
  • The Quality of the Paint Job. As mentioned above, the quality of the paint job affects the cost. If you are on tight budget, you can always avail the average quality of paint job but do not expect it to be the same quality as of those high-quality paint job that costs extravagantly. There is also a mid-level quality paint job, which costs you between the average and the high-quality one.
  • Name of the Shop or Company. The name of the shop or company also contributes the costs of the paint job. Well known shop or company often costs more since they are branded with their quality of their services. Although there are still shops that offer low price and has still the best quality of service.
  • Vehicle Size. The bigger your car, the more gallons of paint will be used. So expect cars that are huge to costs more than of those small cars.

Always remember that for best car paint results, professionals are the ones you can rely on, especially those who have been in the service for many years and had a lot of experience.

Extra Cost

Image of a Nice Painted Car

  • The distance between you and the shop may cost you a little extra. Some places do not have auto shops in their area. It only means that you have to travel to neighboring places just to avail in a car paint job. Some places have shops but offer bad service.
  • Cars are made of metals and metals’ rusts. Old cars tend to be rusty, and cars with rust cannot be painted since that paint will not stick to the metal. Shops will let you pay another extra for them to remove the rust before painting.
  • Some shops also ask you if you want to have, your car paint finished fast. If you want a fast service with high quality, they will need more people to do the job. It will cost you more.
  • Cars with dents will also cost more since the shop will repair the dents your car have.
  • Paint alone will not do the job. It will not correct flaws in the body of the car, so car shops will add extra’s to make your car good as new.

Ways to Save Money in Car Painting

  • Try to buy brands of car paint that are less cheap than the expensive one. Some of it still gives you the quality of the same paint as the expensive. Try to ask the Car painting shops if they have those brands you are looking for.
  • Do not fully paint your car if it is not necessary. If you only want to remove the scratches, your car has then let the shop paint the area you want to be painted.
  • If you want to save money, then you could paint your car. Although this one might be a little risky, especially if you do not have the right equipment for the work. If you have friends or relatives that own an auto shop, then you can ask a little help to them. Still, it would be advisable to let professionals do the work.
  • Go to shops that offer lesser price but has great service like AFFORDABLE AUTO PAINTING. They offer paint jobs that cost less but with great quality.
  • Car paints usually last five years. If your car does not need painting then if would be better to wait until your car needs to be painted.

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