How Much Does A Tune Up Cost?

A car tune up is a basic periodic maintenance procedure that you need to be aware but the scope of the job changes greatly as time goes by. Your car needs to be on its top form every time you drive them on the road. Many new car owners often ask how much does a tune up cost. This is because many shops offer varied price depending on the services that are needed. We will discuss the various fees that you may need to know for your car tune up.

Average Cost Of A Car Tune Up: 3,000 To 10,000 Miles

There are various fees that you need to be aware of if you own a car. One of them is the average tune up prices. The price will differ depending on the mileage of your car as well as the location on where you are having your car serviced.

Here are the car engine tune up cost that is offered by several shops. If your car mileage is just around 3,000 to 10,000 Miles, this is the average cost:

ServiceSuggested IntervalPrice
Oil and Oil Filter ChangeEvery 3,000 miles
$30 – $75
Air Filter ChangeEvery 10,000 miles$20
Cabin Air Filter ChangeEvery 10,000 miles$30
Wheel AlignmentEvery 10,000 miles$75 – $150
Tire Balance and RotationEvery 7,500 miles$25-75

It is important that you know that a car tune up would depend on how far your car has gone. The cost of each service will increase depending on your car’s usage. Say your car has gone around 3,000 miles, you would have to do an oil and oil filter change which will cost you around $30-$75.

If your car has traveled 7,500 miles already, then you would have to add on the services. You need to have an oil and oil filter change as well as a tire balance and rotation service. This would have to mean that you get to spend around $55 to $150 for both the service.

If your car has gone for 10,000 miles, you would have to add some addition service which is crucial to your car’s great performance. Aside from the oil and oil filter change and tire balance and rotation, you would also have to change the air filter, cabin air filter and align the wheel. The total cost of all these services will be from $180 to $350.

Note that the value will vary depending on the car that you are driving as well as the shop that you are hiring. If you own an expensive car then expect to pay a higher tune-up price. This is because the shop would have to use authentic materials to change.

Price Of A Car Tune Up For A 10,000 To 50,000 Mileage

If your car has a total mileage of 10,000 to 50,000 Miles then the average tune up prices will change. This is because your car would need intensive checks unlike when it was just brand new. Here are the cost of services that you need to know:

ServiceSuggested IntervalPrice
Distributor Cap Replacement
Every 50,000 miles$50 – $150
Fuel Filter Replacement30,000 – 50,000 or 2 years
$50 – $100
PCV Valve ReplacementEvery 30,000 miles or after 1 year$25 – $80
Transmission FlushEvery 50,000 miles or after 2 years$150 – $300
Rotor ReplacementEvery 50,000 miles$250 – $400

There are certain car parts that you need to replace once your car has gone 10,000 to 50,000 Miles. This is because most parts have now been worked up and may have been broken. Other parts also have an expiration so you would have to replace them.

If your car has traveled for $30,000 miles you would have to replace the fuel filter and PCV Valve. The cost for this service is very minimal ranging from $25 to $180. But once your car has reached 50,000 miles, you would have to replace the distributor cap, and rotor. You would also need to flush out the transmission. The total cost for all of the service will be $500 to $950.

The most expensive service if your car has gone 50,000 miles is the rotor change. This is because a rotor is an expensive part and changing this car part needs additional skills. Other parts can be replaced easily while a rotor would need special equipment.

Tune Up Charge For A 50,000 To 100,000 Mileage Car

If you are driving your car regularly, you may soon forget to maintain them. You are so used to driving them that the next time you see the mileage it has gone to more than 50,000. If this is the case, you may be wondering how much does a tune up cost if the car has now traveled a long mileage. Here are the average cost:

ServiceSuggested IntervalPrice
Power Steering Fluid FlushEvery 100,000 miles
$50 – $100
New Spark Plug WiresEvery 60,000 miles$150 – $250
Oxygen and Air Sensor Replacement
Every 100,000 miles$100 – $350
Timing Belt ReplacementEvery 100,000 miles$150 – $1000
Mass Air Flow Sensor ReplacementEvery 100,000 miles$150 – $300

Since your car has gone a long way it would also mean that your car has been through a lot of wear and tear. This is the reason why you need to have your car tuned up regularly. If your car has gone for more than 50,000 miles the car engine tune up cost would average from $600 to as much as $2000.

When your car has reached a mileage of 100,000 you would have to spend a lot for your car tune up. The services that you need to avail would include the flushing of your power steering fluid and the replacement of the oxygen and air sensor. You would also need to replace the Timing Belt which cost $150 to $1000 as well as the Mass Air Flow Sensor for $150 to $300.

If you have not replaced the spark plug of your car ever since it was bought then you should probably do so as well. Changing the spark plug only cost $150 to $250. A spark plug is a very important part of your car that you should not take for granted. Changing it is really cheap so better check it regularly.

How You Can Save On The Price Of Your Next Tune Up

Car repairing garage

You should know that if you regularly tune up your car you can save more on gas. This is the reason why you need to do regular tune up on your vehicle. The best way that you can save on car tune up is to do the work yourself.

If the tune up procedure is just a basic change of oil or changing of filter and change of spark plugs, then you can definitely do it. It does not need any special equipment or tools and skills. All you need is a basic knowledge of your car and should be good to go. You can save several dollars in the payment of a professional mechanic doing the job.

The cost of the materials such as oil and spark plug is very minimal. You can spend around $10 to $30 for these materials and parts. This would also mean that you have the option to choose what is put into your car. The healthier the parts, the better the performance of your car.

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