How Much Does A Catgenie Cost?

One of the most adorable pets you can have is a cat. They are cute, furry critters that do nothing but to eat, play and sleep. These domestic animals don’t require much of care since cats alone can take care of themselves. Like any other lovable pet, there are still downsides of having a pet like these. One thing that certainly cat lovers would relate is that a cat’s waste smells so bad. Even if you have a litter box for your lovely cat, the odor still spreads around your house.

You have to manually clean their litter box which takes some of your precious time. Luckily, because of the non-stop growing of our technology, people have invented a mini toilet for your furry pet that automatically cleans on its own. It is called as the Catgenie. This automatic toilet lets you relax and do the cleaning of your cat’s waste. If you have a cat that likes to litter all day, then this item is really for you. With all the amazing things that it could do, we all end up asking the question: how much does catgenie cost?

There are a lot of catgenie that are available in the market. All with different specs and some of it have a special function. Listed below is just the average of the catgenie price, whereby the total and actual price may vary depending on many circumstances.

Average Catgenie Cost

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A normal catgenie will cost you around $270 up to  $350, and it depends on what model you are going to buy. Also, a catgenie has a cartridge that you have to replace to continue the machine’s operation. Normally it would cost you around $26 for a piece of a cartridge. It may sound a little bit expensive for a machine for your beloved pet, but the convenience that it will give to you is the important thing to mind. Not anymore cleaning your cat’s feces is probably the best advantage.

With catgenie becoming a trend, a lot of machine models are coming out that will make you get confused on which one you will buy. Each one of these models has their own special features and different advantages. Also, prices might increase every time a special add up feature is added on the machine.

Usually, a catgenie has a dimension of 48.5 centimeters wide, a length of 61 centimeters and a height of 53.5 centimeters. With the catch basin stretching to 43.5 centimeters across the machine, your lovely pet cat will have lots of space inside.

  • A simple catgenie price would typically cost you around $290, where some might include free cartridge. But if you run out of cartridges, then buying a single catgenie cartridge will costs you around $20 up to $25. And if you order online, you might have to pay an extra shipping fee that will typically run around $4.
  • How much does a catgenie cost if you want to spend a little bit higher? The average price of some models of catgenie is around $330. This type of catgenie machine includes a smart cartridge and a maintenance cartridge that would normally last one year.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Catgenie Machine

The factors below may vary from one place to another. Some factors may also include the way you want to buy the machine. These factors are just a preparatory list to make sure you have enough money to buy one.

  • Model of the Catgenie Machine. There are many models of the machine out there, where each one is competing from each other. Some may be the same brand but have improved their version and added many special features. Usually, a standard one would cost you around $244. Models that have a catgenie price of $317 are already in the package. An online Catgenie shop offers this kind of machine.
  • The area where you live. The area where you live also has a factor in cities that have a higher cost of living sells items with higher prices, than the other places that have a lower standard of living.
  • Ways of buying the machine. Either you go to other places just right beside you or go to neighboring cities, this factor can’t be avoided. Some areas also don’t sell this kind of machine, which is why you need to order online. Ordering online will tend to increase the cost you are going to have since you need to pay for the shipping fee of the item you bought.

Extra Costs

Buying some of these products will let you pay for a miscellaneous price for it to maintain a smooth performance. How much do catgenie cost if you avail these extra costs?

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  • Catgenie cartridge is on the top of the list. This one will do the work of removing the grime that your pet left. Usually, these cartridges last one year and are good for four cleanings. You will get to spend an extra cost of around $20 or more.
  • Some domestic cats are the same as of people. Whenever they need to do their business, they demand immediate privacy. That is why some models offer a dome to cover your cat genie machine. This extra equipment also helps prevent granules or sands to scatter around the floor. Usually, these domes would cost you an extra $50.
  • Cats are picky animals; they want to have a natural feeling whenever they litter. That is why sands are put in the litter box. Unfortunately, the sands in the Catgenie machine are not ordinary sand. It is called granules. And it is good to change the granules of your machine from time to time. Usually, a granule would be good to use for 4 to 6 months, and if you want to change it, you can buy one in the market. An extra of $23 will be spent. The granules that they usually sell weigh about 3 pounds.
  • Scented Cartridges are also on the list. If you have a lot of extra money then maybe you can try to avail this one. There are a lot of different scents you could choose from, which have different prices. Normally, it would cost you around $25 up to $35 for a scented cartridge.
  • Shipping fee will also cost you an extra if you buy a catgenie online.

Tips on saving money when buying a Catgenie

  • There are a lot of available catgenie online. You could save a lot of money if you buy a package. There is an item in com, an online shop, that is already a package, and it is only $239.99 and also offers free shipping. The package includes a recyclable SaniSolution cartridge and one box of washable granules.
  • If you want to save money, then try not to buy a catgenie online, it is because of the shipping fee that they add. Try to find one near you.
  • If you really can’t find a nearby shop that sells catgenie, and that opting for an online shop is the only way, then try to find one that has a free shipping fee. This will help you save money. Also, in buying online, you could get a lot of discounts if you buy a lot of items. You could even consider buying an extra cartridge or granules in advance. Some online shops offer a great discount depending on the number of items you buy from them.

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