How Much Does a Child Support Lawyer Cost?

When relationships of two people turn down south and sour, the usual tendencies are this certain couple tend to separate ways and have divorces. Unfortunately, if there are minor kids or children involved, there are cases that child support lawyers are in dire need in the processes of separations.

If you are experiencing this kind of concern as of the moment, you intend to know for sure how much does a child support lawyer cost nowadays. Apparently, in determining such information, you have to consider several factors since these things will very much influence the needed budget in hiring this kind of lawyer.

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The very first factor you have to consider is the case scenario and condition you are having as of the time being since not all cases of separations and child support concerns are the same or in somewhat similar. The severity and intensity of the situation may as well increase or decrease the costs of hiring a child support lawyer. Another variable to look at is the location of your lawyer and his or her credentials or backgrounds in this specific aspect.

Furthermore, there are actually a lot of reasons why hiring a child support lawyer is necessary which can apparently affect as well the general and overall child support attorney fees since child support laws are very much complicated to handle alone by the unsettled and separated couples.

The Average Cost of Hiring A Child Support Lawyer

Generally, any lawyer may require you to pay fees either basing on hourly rates or flat fees. Accordingly, it is important and essential for you to understand the case and condition that you are having as of the moment since it will help you learn as well the appropriate budget you need to prepare beforehand.

In the recent times, the average cost for a child support lawyer usually falls around $2,000 up to $4,000 for an uncontested type of case. Meaning, there will be no trials and procedures alike are going to happen. On the other hand, it may actually require you to pay amounts ranging from $4,000 up to $25,000 and above for a more complex and contested case which in this specific condition, your case will lead to a court battle.

Note that you can hire a child support lawyer whether you are the custodial or non-custodial parent as long as you have the capability of paying the recurring fees.

Today, each locality and state has its own Child Support Enforment Program or what is usually called as CSE. This program is intended specifically for custodial parents who resolve different concerns and issues regarding child support matters.

There are states actually that doesn’t require fees for the initial application of documents, while other states may require you about $1 up to $25. To know whether your state offices require fees and charges extra payments to acquire services from the CSE program, you have to visit and communicate effectively with the most appropriate persons handling this.

Although there are specific and proper steps or procedures to be followed to be able to obtain the appropriate assistances, your prepared money for the child support attorney fees will certainly be saved and not consumed wholly.

Flat Fees vs Hourly Rates

By and large, lawyers who require child support attorney fees basing on a fixed rate are the ones who handle simpler cases. Moreover, they only work and perform on specific tasks alone such as standard support modification and assessment of several and different legal papers or documents.

These fees from such lawyers usually range from $1,000 and may reach up to $2,000 today depending on the situation you and your family is facing, as well as the child support concern that is apparent in the case.

On the other hand, child support lawyers who tend to charge fees on an hourly basis are most of the time the ones very much strict with time and schedules since fixing and assessing this kind of case is very much time-consuming. Most lawyers charge an average rate of $100 up to $400 per hour and may actually reach $500 per hour.

Retainer and Initial Fees

Now, lawyers in general charge an advanced payment which is by and large known as the retainer fee. The total amounts of retainer fees are actually based on estimates alone of the targeted number of hours in resolving the specific case.

As your case goes on in its process, the fees relating to the work done are being deducted to the paid advanced fee. Consequently, if the case tends to require additional processes and time, and the total retainer fee is already consumed before the case ends, you are likely to be charged for additional advanced payments.

If you are to ask if these retainer fees are reimbursable or refundable if in case that the prepayment was not consumed in totality, the answer is no – actually, these fees are not refundable at all even though the case pushed through successfully on a shorter period of time than the expected duration.

Additional Factors To Consider

In determining how much does a child support lawyer cost in totality, you have to consider as well the additional factors that may increase or decrease the overall necessary costs so that you may budget wisely and efficiently your money at hand.


Primarily, if you are the custodial parent who simply is seeking to obtain a court-ordered child support payments then know that you may no longer need to hire a child support lawyer. Although if you want further assistances on the processes and procedures needed in processing and obtaining the court order, you may apparently do so.

Secondly, another great thing you have to take into considerations is the recurring insignificant expenses such as your different transportation and documentation expenses. These fees and costs are actually unavoidable since you really have to pay for these things for your case to push through successfully. Furthermore, although these are quite small and insignificant in figures if taken and seen one by one, all of these may reach $5 up to $100 if summed up.

These fees vary depending on your location or state, so be ready for much higher costs and fees if you are residing in a place wherein the costs of living is apparently high and expensive.

Legal Companies and Services Today

Knowing how much does a child support lawyer cost in general, you must also know your other possible options which can actually save you time, money, and effort. Generally, another effective and efficient option you have is to acquire services from different legal companies and services made available in different cities and locations.

These legal groups and companies are actually offering different kinds of services and deals which may cater you cheaper prices and costs. Usually, when you hire a legal service from a legal company, they tend to charge you reasonable fees which are all all-inlusive rates since it includes everything you need for the case to be pushed through efficiently and successfully.

Moreover, hiring child support services from legal companies is actually a much more time-efficient and convenient option since these people will do all the necessary actions and procedures for your case. This is very much recommendable for people who are occupied with several responsibilities at home and work who can no longer process the small details and procedures for a child support case.

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