How Much Does Concrete Resurfacing Cost?

Every English-speaking individual understands the basic wisdom behind the ancient quote, “each man’s home is his safest refuge.” Initially forming as the basis of civil law in England in 1628 AD, the idea still holds true to all homeowners around the world who can understand the message. In contemporary times, nothing captures the idea of ‘safest refuge’ better than home improvement. Whether it is to heighten personal security, improve the ambiance or increase real estate value, virtually every adult resident in the United States participate in home improvement as a necessity.

In 2016, it was reported that nearly 2/3 of the American homeowners are likely to spend more on home improvements by the succeeding year. From 2015 to 2016, there was an increase of $1,869 in terms of average home improvement spending for each household of all age groups – from the Greatest Generation (World War II young adults) to the Millennials (Y2K-born children). 

concrete surface floor

Concrete resurfacing is one of the many home improvement endeavors that spruce up the real estate’s interior and exterior appeal. Whether the aim is to impress visitors are luring potential buyers while staging the house, well-groomed driveways and elegant flooring can always exude a positive effect in the eye of the beholder.

National Estimated Cost

So, how much does concrete overlay cost? Considering that the laying of concrete may include the indoor (flooring) and outdoor (driveway pavement) coverage of the residence, the answer to that question can be twofold. Regardless of which two areas in the house require resurfacing, it is important to understand that there are several aspects that determine the overall spending. These are the important factors underscored by Concrete Network:

  • Project size: how big is the area?
  • Surface preparation: how much cracks needed repairs?
  • Decorative scoring/staining: how will the finished overlay look?
  • Location: how expensive is concrete work in my area?

When it comes to adding resurface in the patched concrete driveway, the estimated cost is anywhere around $2.25 per square foot. However, multiples colors and complex patterns can easily hike the ballpark figure around $4 to $8. As for the concrete resurfacing price for indoor flooring, these are the three price ranges solely dependent the complexity of the project:

Basic overlay: $3 to $7 per square foot

Details: 1 color, smooth finish design, no add-ons

Cost-range rival: tiles and high-end carpet 

High-end overlay: $7 to $15 per square foot

Details: 2 to 3 colors, stamped or textured design, with add-ons (saw cuts, divider strips, embeds)

Cost-range rival: high-end tiles or wood flooring

Basic polished overlay: $7 to $10 per square foot

Details: 1 color, no pattern design, no add-ons

Cost-range rival: high-end tiles or high-end engineered wood

High-end polished overlay: $10 to $15 per square foot

Details: Multiple colors, saw cuts and patterned design, with add-ons (stencils, dyes, glass, embeds)

Cost-range rival: high-end tiles or high-end wood

About Professional Contractors 

Home Advisor provides an interesting insight to the specific home improvement trends in the United States. While concrete paving and improvements are prevalent everywhere nationwide, the highest prevalence is found in these following states – Texas, California, and Florida.

It is important to take note that concrete resurfacing will not fix underlying problems of the concrete structure such as the precise evenness of the foundation or the stability of the lower soil/rock bed. When faced with these issues, it is always best to include the $100 per hour service of the structural engineer on top of the overall concrete resurfacing cost.

Fixr underscores the following locations that are comparatively lower or does not exceed the national average labor cost. Each of these areas has their own highly recommendable service providers as listed by Concrete Network: So, how much does concrete overlay cost if one hires professional contractors in these areas?

Denison, Texas: 24% less

  • SolCrete
  • Deck-O-Art
  • Sublime Concrete Solutions, LLC
  • Decorative Crete-Worx
  • Color Cap
  • Metroplex Concrete Masonry
  • Baker’s Decorative Concrete
  • Concrete Studio
  • BNR Concrete Polishing, LLC
  • Concrete Canvas
  • Elite Concrete Décor
  • Garage Flooring Pros
  • Compass Surfacing
  • Earth Turf

San Antonio, Texas: 4% less

  • Custom Concrete Solutions
  • Sundek
  • Ground Effect

Lakeland, Florida: 13% less

  • Elegant Concrete Engraving, Inc.
  • Cavalier Concrete Co.
  • Ideal Concrete Designs
  • Impressions Decorative Concrete, Inc.
  • T&S Concrete Systems, Inc.
  • Creative Resurfacing
  • Creative Concrete Services
  • Miracle Concrete Polishing
  • Florida Decorative Concrete, Inc.
  • R&K Concrete Solutions

Avon Park, Florida: 40% less

  • Ideal Concrete Designs
  • Impressions Decorative Concrete, Inc.

Palmetto, Florida: 12% less

  • Elegant Concrete Engraving, Inc.
  • Cavalier Concrete Co.
  • Ideal Concrete Designs
  • T&S Concrete Systems, Inc.
  • Creative Concrete Services
  • Top That Concrete
  • Cement Scrapes, LLC

Hollywood, California: similar cost

  • LA Concrete Works
  • Demmert & Associates
  • Modern Concrete
  • IKON Concrete Design
  • Magic Concrete Designs
  • Coolstone Concrete Design
  • Prime Decorative Concrete
  • Concrete Specialists, Inc.
  • Ron Odell’s Custom Concrete
  • First Source, Inc.

Important Project Tools

Considering that the Millenials make up the majority of the growing population bracket and one of the two highest spending age groups in the home improvement industry in recent years, they also represent the highest proponents of the DIY section. After all, this age group generally fits the profile of the ingenious and energetic ‘financial novice’ that spends on a tight budget.

Choosing the DIY (do-it-yourself) alternative is one of the smartest ways to reduce the expected concrete resurfacing cost. The spending needed to complete the project is stripped down to the cost of materials. While DIY diminishes the value strictly in terms of the amount of money, it also increases other intrinsic aspects – particularly the demand for time. Consumers would have to rely on their own working knowledge in order to experience the highest value of the DIY concrete resurfacing price.

  • The Spruce underscores seven important tools for DIY to complete a concrete resurfacing project. These are the following shopping list items and their expected costs:3,500 psi pressure washer: $35 per day rent
  • 5-gallon concrete resurfacer: $22.99 (Lowe’s)
  • ½-inch drill with paddle mixer: $169 (Home Depot)
  • Long-handled broom: $7.55 (Walmart)
  • Long-handled squeegee: $13.2 (Walmart)
  • Concrete hand tools: $13.99 (Harbor Freight)
  • Duct tape: $3.97 (Walmart)

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