How Much Does Cork Flooring Cost

A beautiful and clean home is always something that we all look forward to. You will feel more relax and comfortable if your house looks pleasing to the eye. One of the additional items that you can add to your house to make it more aesthetically pleasing is the flooring. Many houses use marble or tiles to make their floor look nice but many houses are looking into using cork flooring to make their floors look striking and less cold to the feet. Because of this recent trend, many are now asking about how much does cork flooring cost. We will discuss further the cost that may affect the price of your cork flooring.

Cost Of A Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring is made up of the bark of a cork oak tree. The bark of the oak is harvested sustainably which means that they harvest it after 15 to 20 years and eventually it will grow back once more. That is why many environmentalist sees the use of cork flooring as a housing material that can save a lot of trees as trees are not harmed during harvest. The cost to install cork flooring will vary depending on your location as well as the size of the flooring that needs cork flooring.

Cost Of A Cork Flooring

If you are wondering how much does cork flooring cost, here are the basic fees that you will need to know:

If you have a 250 Sq. feet floor and would like to update the floors into cork flooring, you would have to spend around $890.00 to $1200.00 for the work. This will include the installation of interlocking, floating cork in a natural finish. It also includes a 0.4″ thick with a protective finish as well as waste over age, repair, and delivery.

If you are wondering how much is the cost of the labor for the installation of the cork flooring, you would have to pay the laborer the cost to install cork flooring around $290.00 to $470.00 for the work which includes the installation of the cork floor as well as the measuring and layout. Aside from that, the fee will also include the cutting, gluing and seaming of cork flooring. The installation should be on a level and smooth surface and the pay for the planning, the use of the equipment, the buying of the material together with the protection, setup, preparation of the area and cleanup will most likely be included.

Aside from the basic cork floor, there are other materials that you would need to purchase when you want to update your floors to a cork flooring. This includes underlayment recommended by manufacturers’ surface sealant, glue, fasteners and adhesive. These materials will most like cost $86.00 to $100.00 for a 250 Sq. feet floor.

You should also spare an amount for the equipment that will be used for the installation of the cork floor. Among the equipment that you need to buy or rent out are a 100#, 36″ wide floor roller which you can rent daily to make it cheaper comparing to buying a new one. The daily rental will cost you around $15.00 to $30.00 depending on the brand of the equipment that you are renting or the number of days you are renting it.

If your home already has an existing flooring that still needs to be removed, you will have the option to hire a professional to remove the existing flooring at your home. The cost of the removal will be around $200.00 to $1300.00 and the fee will include detaching the existing flooring and the cleanup and disposal of the debris.

After the removal and installation of the new cork floor, you will have a lot of debris left for cleaning and disposal. If you need further assistance to load and haul away the debris then you can hire someone to do that for you for a minimal amount of $60.00 to $70.00.

The cost to install cork flooring will differ depending on your needs. If you do use all of the fees set above, the average cost of a flooring removal and installation of cork floor will cost you around $7.00 to $13.00 per Sq. foot for a 250.00 Sq. flooring. If you have a smaller area, then the cost of the materials will be smaller and the time it takes to finish the project will be faster compared to a bigger area.

Individual Cost Of Materials For A Cork Flooring

If you are still wondering about the individual cost of the materials that you would need to use if you are planning to install a cork flooring at home, then we will discuss the cost of the basic materials that you will be purchasing.

Starting off with the basic and most fundamental material that you will use, the cork flooring. A Natural Floors by USFloors 11.61-in Natural Smooth/Traditional Cork Hardwood Flooring will cost you $2.99 / Sq. Ft. This cork floor is easy to install that you will not need any additional glue, staple or nails. It has a moisture barrier underlayment making it ready for floating installation.

Cost Of A Cork Flooring

The more expensive type of cork floor that you can buy at your local hardware is the Cali Bamboo 7-in Silverwood Smooth/Traditional Cork Hardwood Flooring. It cost $5.79 / Sq. Ft. and it has a natural elastic feature making it soft and comfortable. Since it is naturally hypoallergenic, it is moist, mold and mildew resistant and it is even scratch resistant with a 7-coat ceramic shield.

Your normal underlayment cost starts from $5.00 to $7.00. You can try the FloorComfort Floor Comfort Underlayment Tape for only $5.99 with a wider surface for quick and easy installation. For your adhesive needs, you can purchase the TEC 4-Gallon Pail Trowel Universal Flooring Adhesive. The price of this product cost $25.00 for the 4 gallons of glue. It has a fast grab technology which makes it durable and has a strong bond strength.

How To Save On Cost of Cork Flooring

If you are still asking how much does cork flooring cost, then do not fret as there are still ways that you can save on the cost of your cork flooring installation. The easiest way to save on the installation of cork flooring is to install it yourself.  When you go to your local Home Depot or hardware, you can ask for a discount if you are buying in bulk. This way you can save as much as 10% on the total cost of the materials itself.

Another way that you can save on the cost is by skipping the delivery option and bring the materials to your home yourself. You can save as much as $150.00 for the delivery, hauling and drop off of the said materials. You can fit these materials inside your truck or car so just take your time and you will save much.

Lastly, DIY your cork flooring and make it the first ever home project you have ever done at home. If you have the right equipment, installation of the cork floor will be very easy for you. The first and basic step if you plan to DIY your floor is to prep it first. The beginning is always the hardest but once you got used to the cutting and trimming of the moldings and the planks, the rest is going to be as easy as a cake.

Do not be afraid to fail the first time because this is how you learn. Once you get familiar with the work you would want to start a new project for your home the soonest possible time.

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