How Much Does It Cost to Go to Disneyland?

Going on a vacation to Disneyland is included in the bucket list of many families around the world. It’s only natural, as Disneyland is inarguably the most popular theme park on the face of the planet. It’s even considered as one of the happiest places on earth, right?

However, you should plan carefully before deciding to visit the said theme park. Why? Because the cost to go to Disneyland may shock you. That is, to be happy going to the happiest place on earth, you might unhappily spend hundreds of dollars.

So, to make the most of your budget, you should first familiarize yourself with the details concerning Disneyland. Information like the price of Disneyland tickets and the costs for different locations will help you come up with a cost-effective vacation plan.

Average Price of Disneyland Tickets

Common sense dictates that it would be impossible for you to enter Disneyland without a ticket. But how much does a ticket cost, and how do you buy it?

Disneyland hourses

To get a better understanding of how tickets are priced, you should take note of the types of tickets sold by Disneyland parks around the world. Tickets are basically classified in two: the Admission to 1 Park ticket and the Park Hopper ticket. The former gives you access to only one theme park inside Disneyland a day, while the latter allows you to “hop” from park to park on the same day.

Here’s a price list for a one-day to a 5-day regular ticket sold in the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California:

  • 1-Day Regular Ticket: US$110 for 1-Park

US$165 for Park Hopper

  • 2-Day Regular Ticket: US$199 for 1-Park

US$244 Park Hopper

  • 3-Day Regular Ticket: US$270 for 1-Park

US$315 Park Hopper

  • 4-Day Regular Ticket: US$290 for 1-Park

US$335 Park Hopper

  • 5-Day Regular Ticket: US$305 for 1-Park

US$350 Park Hopper

The price for a single-day ticket varies depending on the date. For instance, the said ticket costs US$97 during value season, US$110 during the regular season, and US$124 during the peak season.

You can buy a ticket online or directly from the park gates. However, it is advisable to buy ahead of your trip to reduce hassle. You can also buy discounted Disneyland tickets on Disney-affiliated websites.

Expenses Inside Disneyland

After paying for the tickets, you should also know how much it will cost you once you enter Disneyland. Some of the expenses that will add to your price list are meals, shop items, and accommodations.

Using Disneyland Anaheim as our basis, the average cost of a meal for a family is about US$100. There are 112 restaurants in the area, and the price range per person for each restaurant differs. The three price ranges are US$14.99 and under, US$15 to US$34.99, and US$35 to US$59.99.

For instance, if you have a family of five dining in a restaurant that has a price range of up to US$14.99, you will spend about US$74.95 for a single meal.

Shops are abundant in any Disneyland Park, and the number of them scattered in the park in California totals to 59. Merchandise range from apparel and accessories to toys and plush. Of course, the iconic Mickey Ears is number one on the shop item list.

Costs of shop items will vary depending on what you want to buy. To prevent overspending, you could visit the Disneyland website and browse through the list of shops scattered in the area. From there, note down the items you want to buy, and allocate a budget for them. If the total cost of goods you picked up while in the park exceeds your budget plan, revisit your list. Then, assess which of those you wanted to buy badly and those you can let go.

If you came from a far place and would like to stay for the night or a few days, Disneyland Resort in California has three hotels you could choose from. The cost for staying at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa starts from US$417, Disneyland Hotel starts from US$360, and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel starts from US$269. You could also opt for accommodations from the Disneyland’s Good Neighbor Hotels. The list of the said hotels is posted on their website.

Average Cost to Get Into Disneyland

Disneyland is slowly reaching out to more people from different cultures since it first opened in 1955. The latest addition to Disneyland’s theme parks took place in Shanghai, China last year. With that said, you might get curious on the average cost to get into Disneyland based on its location, right?

Apart from the original Disneyland, take a look at a list of estimated costs of admission in other Disneyland locations. According to Time, the average costs mentioned in the following list is applicable for a family of four.

Disneyland park image

  • Disneyland Paris. The average admission cost is US$153. Paris features the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park that both have French-themed attractions.
  • Disneyland Shanghai. The average admission cost is US$198. Shanghai prices tickets based on height, with guests over 1.4 meters or adults charged about US$56 (370 yuan) and children charged about US$43 (280 yuan).
  • Disneyland Tokyo. The average admission cost is US$245. Japan has the Disneyland Tokyo and the Disney Sea that are both very popular despite the higher cost.
  • Hong Kong Disneyland. The average admission cost is US$260. A single-day ticket costs US$70 (HK $539) regardless of when you choose to visit. Hong Kong features rides such as the Slinky Dog Spin and the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop.
  • Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando. The average admission cost is US$382. Walt Disney World has 27 surrounding resorts and four theme parks, with the admission prices ranging from US$97 to US$114 for each theme park.

Another thing you should consider is the travel cost for each location. The said cost will vary based on several factors such as your location, transportation fares, and accommodation.

Some airlines may offer promos dedicated to providing discounts for Disneyland trips, so watch out for them if you want to save money. Browsing through different airfares that will take you to an airport nearest Disneyland will also help you weigh your options. Also, you should also compare accommodation rates in and out of the theme park and choose one that fits your budget.

The total cost to go to Disneyland will indeed require you to spend more than your regular expenses for an out-of-town or a beach vacation. However, the experience you and your family can get, especially the kids, will be unparalleled. Of course, your experience will only be fun if you plan your trip ahead. Use this article as your guide and aim for that truly magical experience!

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