How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Moon

Most of us are still dreaming that one day the moon will be very much accessible for humans. Although the thought of it is quite impossible in the early decades and centuries of humanity, going to the moon became largely doable and attainable in the recent times. This huge possibility and advancement in sciences and technologies certainly has fees and costs and mind you, it will require you an immense amount of your good fortune.

Accordingly, a certain moon trip cost today may actually reach millions of dollars and the main reason behind is that going out of the Earth and its atmosphere is very much risky and expensive. Furthermore, the things that you are really paying for are the actual transportation vessel and materials to be used in that certain trip.

There are actually two possible ways for you to go to the moon today. One, if you are an official astronaut – well considering and assuming you are chosen to be part of this kind of project. And second, through space tourism which actually is yet to be publicly available in the modern times.

After landing to the moon

As an introduction, going to the moon is only applicable for astronauts before this great space tourism discovery happened. In addition, it became only possible and successful for this people to reach the grounds of the moon in the late 60s.

Now, to learn more how much does it cost to go to the moon, you have to consider largely the facts and situations lying beneath the thought of flying to and reaching the grounds of the moon.

The Average Cost of Going To The Moon

As mentioned, going to the moon is quite impossible in terms of financial matters and concerns especially if you don’t have enough resources and excess fortunes today. It is largely impractical for a commoner or for people who only receive a minimum wage and even for people who have high salaries. However, it may be a kind of hobby or entertainment soon enough for the elite classes of the society if this specific kind of space tourism has been publicly and officially available.

The estimated average trip to the moon cost is likely to be rated at $750 million today assuming you are to travel as a civilian and without sponsorships from governments and other space-related organizations. Certainly, what you are likely to pay in this endeavor of yours are the transportation and materials to be used in making your dreams of going to the moon come true to life.

As for the transportation, you are likely to use a space rocket or anything similar that will allow you to pass through back and forth the Earth’s atmosphere without being shattered into pieces. These space rockets are still in the process of production and inventory since there are a lot of factors and researches yet to be furnished.

On the other hand, materials such as your suit and other things that will keep you secured and safe for your travel are also in the process of being scientifically produced since these suits are not your ordinary apparels. If you know how risky it is to go to the moon or even just in space alone, you will fully realize the dangers and consequently the security precautions to take.

Also, you have to take into full considerations your overall health and wellness since there are qualifying standards to meet in terms of health conditions before you are allowed to leave Earth and travel in space.

Imagining and understanding these facts and processes primarily will quite tell you why space tourism is very much expensive, specifically a certain moon trip cost in this case.

Astronauts and Space Agencies

It is actually a common knowledge already that the first and only people who stepped on the very grounds of the moon are astronauts. In actuality, there are only 12 explorations that or astronauts who successfuly reached the moon. Accordingly, the total exploration costs about billions of dollars.

Well, becoming an astronaut is actually somewhat a good alternative or option if you really want to go to the moon but may be an impossible one as well. Becoming one and having this kind of career today is very much difficult to achieve. You need to get years or even decades of quality education majoring in different sciences such as engineering, space explorations, and the like. But note that having a qualified degree is only a small portion of being accepted as a trainee into becoming an astronaut.

There are a lot of qualifications and standards to be met. These are actually the reasons why becoming an astronaut is very challenging and difficult. Moreover, the costs of studying and trainings are as well high.

Although, this may seem a cheap price to pay from your pockets in comparison to the actual trip to the moon costs since space agencies will sponsor everything related in your explorations, your years of studying and its costs are very much high. Furthermore, note that not all astronauts are being assigned to go to the moon.

Civilians and Space Tourism

Lets fly away

It may actually seem quite impossible to attain the first option given, so you go back again to the thought of reaching the moon as a civilian. Being a civilian today with dreams of going to the moon became possible but not yet fully furnished as of the time being since there are still a lot of factors being considered. However, there are a lot of space-related companies and agencies that publicly announced that space tourism, specifically the trips to go to the moon will be made publicly open soon enough.

These companies gave ideas as well on how much does it cost to go to the moon when everything is already prepared to launch. Price may actually start at $750 million dollars for the whole trip. If the costs in general are very much far from reality, they have proactively offered as well discount options if you prefer to go to the moon in or by groups.

For instance, you and your friends with a head count of 10 are very much looking forward to go for the said trip, your whole group are likely to pay the whole $750 million but since there are other people with you as well, you alone may only pay the 10% or just $75 million for the trip.

Going To The Moon Today

Frankly, it is very much impossible to go to the moon because of its costs in general, not to mention the qualifying standards and conditions before being allowed to travel into space. Conversely, if cases that it’s possible on your end assuming you are the immediate family of the president of the United States or you have all the resources and fortune to pay for the price, it is still very much impractical. Although, going to the moon in general may seem really comely and enticing since it is indeed an experience of a lifetime.

Apparenly, everyone is still waiting what is yet to come when it comes to space exploration and space tourism. Further scientific innovations, technologies, and discoveries are yet to be revealed in future time. You may not know it now but may be in future, the moon will just be another station for a bus stop on your way to work. Who knows what lies ahead, right?

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