How Much Does It Cost to Rent Scaffolding

When it comes to constructing structures, cleaning, painting or repairing buildings that need high support platform for workers, there’s nothing that can better be used by workers to make them do their jobs up there other than the scaffoldings. These jointed metal structures can carry many workers at a time and are safer, more convenient to use and more stable than the ladders. It can also carry tools, small equipment or anything that workers need to free their hands. But because scaffoldings are typically used for commercial and industrial jobs, most scaffoldings are for rent. In this case, how much does it cost to rent scaffolding?

First, you have to know that there are different types of scaffoldings for various types of work and the following are the most common types:

Steel Scaffolding image

  • Single scaffolding. Also known as bricklayers’ scaffolding, these are used mainly for brick masonry. It is constructed a bit parallel to the wall with a distance of 1.2 meters and composed of standard metal tubes, ledgers, and putlogs.
  • Double scaffolding. Used generally for stone masonry work thus known as mason’s scaffolding. It has two rows of scaffolding for more stable support.
  • Cantilever scaffolding. This scaffolding can be converted from single into double frame scaffolding. It is utilized if the ground below is not compact enough to support the standard scaffoldings or when only the wall above needs to be constructed.
  • Suspended scaffolding. As its name, this type is suspended from the roof and held by chains or wire ropes to enable workers to raise or lower themselves to their chosen height level. It is mainly used during painting, repairing or cleaning buildings.
  • Trestle scaffolding. This type has wheels to move it around inside buildings. With a standard height of five meters, it has a raised, adjustable platform and a ladder and best preferred for painting and repairing jobs.
  • Steel scaffolding. This type is made up of steel tubes joined by steel couplers and fittings. It can be dismantled easily and can be constructed anywhere. It also provides better support for workers and better stability.
  • Patented scaffolding. Already pre-constructed by manufacturers thus branded as patented scaffolding, this type is all solid metal construction including the couplings. The working platform can be adjusted to the desired level.

Average Scaffolding Rental Price

Scaffoldings can be rented for a day/days or week/weeks or even for a month or months. These options provide customers to continue working without disruption. Though most construction companies have their scaffoldings, as a homeowner or a business owner it is practical to rent scaffoldings than to buy it unless you need one for personal use for repair, home painting or for minor home construction.

According to a scaffolding rental cost estimation website, there are various ways on how scaffolding rents are computed. And conversely, there are also factors that could affect the cost of the rent such as the type of scaffolding you want, the height you wanted, the kind of materials and labor you need and also the location where you live.

Here are some baseline estimates to give you some ideas on the average scaffolding rental price that are now prevailing in the market:

  • If you want to rent a standard 6-feet high rolling scaffolding, the cost could range from $15 to $40 a day. For a weekly rent, the company would agree to rent it from $50 to $150 a week. You can also rent by the piece like if you only need a guard rail for your scaffolding, for example.
  • Scaffolding rental cost also depends on the location. For instance, a rental shop in Colorado will charge you $18 per day or $52 a week for a portable and adjustable scaffolding complete with stabilizers. In Georgia, the rent could be from $15 to $22 per week for the same type of scaffolding.
  • For larger size scaffolding, rate could be from $40 to $150 per week, and if you need more height which means an additional part like the workbench, you’ll be asked to pay extra $40 more or less.
  • Depending on the kinds of metal you want to use with the scaffolding like an aluminum folding ladder instead of the heavy iron ladder, you may pay rental cost ranging from $300 to $800/week.
  • In some states, the 4-wheeled scaffolding types are the most rented, and they have rental fee ranging from $80 to $300 per week. If more accessories are needed, around $200 may be charged from you.
  • The large commercial or industrial type scaffolding that can hold up workers, tools and other construction materials totaling to 2,000 pounds can be rented from $1,200 to $1,500/week. But if you want the biggest with lots of accessories, a weekly rent of $2,000 to $2,500 could not be far.

Factors That Can Influence Scaffolding Rental Price

Renting a scaffolding may also involve other costs so as a renter, you have to clear everything out with the company before signing the papers. So here are the possible factors that can add up to your scaffolding rental cost:

Scaffolding construction project

  • Delivery charge. This task could be added to the rental cost since the company would also be paying people to deliver the goods right to your site. In most cases, the delivery charge could range from $50 to $75, and that includes the unloading and loading.
  • Gas charge. If your house or construction site exceeded the distance limit set by the company, you could be charged for every mile with the gas cost.
  • Labor for set-up and for tearing down the structure. Depending on your agreement with the rental company, your rent may not include the set-up and tearing down of the scaffolding. If you don’t have the workforce to do these, better prepare for additional cost for these tasks.

So how much does it cost to rent scaffolding will depend on your needs. Always, the size of the scaffolding you require will dictate the rental cost while the features you want plus the labor included are just part of the added cost. To ensure that your budget for rent will exactly fit with your scaffolding needs, better shop for some registered scaffolding rental companies and compare their quotes. When you have your choices, call them to make sure there are no hidden charges with their quotes.

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