How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows?

Innovators in the United States have come up with a number of certain counter-measures to prevent deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes, making these efforts one of the most productive technological advancements since the 20th Century. Yet despite the great strides undertaken by those who labor for the benefit of society, traffic accidents remain to be the fourth leading cause of death for many Americans.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates an annual death toll reaching up to 32,000 people. As for serious injuries, the median figure falls at 2 million motorists per year. Curiously, around 9,500 deadly crashes are caused by a mere neglect in checking the speedometer. It is important to take note that this figure is being represented by sober motorists who simply happen to have suffered a momentary lapse in hand-eye coordination.

Speaking of visual performance on the road, tinted car windows have also contributed to its fair share of rescuing. In an article published by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (Australia), four out of five advantages being discussed pertain to the issue of safety and health. Many respondents believed tinted cars provide visual security from the sheer daylight glare and overexposure to ultraviolet rays.

Increasing road safety may be the primary impetus for putting up tinted windshields, but it is also keen to take note that privacy could be the first issue that comes to a person’s mind. Despite the inviolable right of every citizen to enjoy their privacy, it is interesting to consider how tinted windows contribute to a number of serious traffic misdemeanors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Case in point: anonymity allows violating drivers to get away with not buckling seatbelts. Nevertheless, tinted windows serve its purpose regardless of the motorist’s motives. It helps save lives (if not save some faces from public embarrassment).

Average Cost per Vehicle Type

Not every car owner who knows why they need tinted car windows also has the answer to the question ‘how much does it cost to tint car windows.’ In the United States, window tinting prices are largely determined by the following factors: a certain type of car, material (film or coating), and the shade of the tint color.

tinted Labhoghini car

According to Windshield Replacement Cost, darker shades often entail a more expensive fee. In terms of materials, ceramic and metallic varieties are expected to incur an additional 10% to 15% of the average cost. Speaking of which, these are the median expected spending classified according to three generic types of passenger vehicles:

  • Pick-up trucks: $50 to $500
  • Sedan cars: $100 to $600
  • SUV or minivan: $200 to $800

Apart from the average cost of tinting automobile windshields and windows, the price for removing old tints may also add up to the equation. These are the expected costs motorists should take note if they need window tinting replacement:

  • 1 side window: $20
  • 2 door coupe: $90
  • 4 door sedan: $110
  • Rear windshield: at least $60

The Advantages of Professional Job

Frugal homeowners could opt to skip hiring professionals just to save a lot of money. However, it is not surprising how a lot of experts would argue against the DIY alternative. Many believed that the relatively hefty automotive tinting cost is worth every penny. Here are a number of arguments presented by Angie’s List:

Legal nuances

One of the most important things that DIY proponents can easily overlook concerns specific traffic regulations. In other words, motorists should be as updated as professional service providers in terms to the state-wide conventions of window tint shade.

Substandard material

Professionals know their tools better than the average consumer. They have a detailed familiarity with ideal or substandard products. If one has to opt for the DIY method, he or she should have the same degree of in-depth knowledge to pull off such cost-efficient alternative.

Zero margins of error

A professional not only knows his or her tools of the trade, he or she is also highly skilled in using them. Tinting a vehicle window gets complicated the moment anyone makes a mistake. The material adhesive is designed to stick permanently onto the glass, so removing it for correction would be problematic. It may seem logical to pay for the services of a more adept hand.

Refund and discount

Although it is expected that hired auto mechanics know what they are doing, what happens if their knowledge and skill are unsatisfactory? The one thing most of the regular consumers enjoy unlike is the possibility of a full refund. DIY consumers have little to no chance of reimbursing their purchased tool item and could not recoup any loss from a poorly done tinting.

Speaking of markdown window tinting prices, Groupon has featured a limited 61% discount for consumers residing in Texas area. It covers the cost of sedan and SUV tinting plus a lifetime warranty following the rendered service.

So how much does it cost to tint car windows? More or less, it is too steep for a DIY alternative to go wrong. Hiring professionals is a smart choice for those who neither have the skill nor the patience to deal with the negative consequences.

Top 5 Brands for the Year 2017

A working knowledge of applying film or coat shades on car windows can reduce automotive tinting cost but a successful DIY often rides on the quality of material being used by expert hands. Scorpion Window Film underscores the balance of substance and style in choosing the appropriate material quality (among many things).

In the United States, there are around certain notable brands that seemingly capture these two crucial elements – each being rated by Amazon according to the popular view. These are the 5 best window tint films for cars to buy in 2017 according to My Car Needs This:

Image of a car tinted

Black Magic Auto Window Tint

Shade frequency: 5% to 35%

Rating: 4.3 out 5 stars

OxGord Reflective Window Tint Film

Shade frequency: 5% to 50%

Rating: 4.1 out 5 stars

Gila Xtreme Window Tint for Cars

Shade frequency: 2.5% to 35%

Rating: 4.0 out 5 stars

Lexen Car Tint Film

Shade frequency: 5% to 50%

Rating: 4.0 out 5 stars

Portint Windows Automotive Tint Film

Shade frequency: 5% to 50%

Rating: 3.5 out 5 stars

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