How Much Does it Cost to Attend Harvard University

Getting a higher education from a prestigious school comes with very lucrative benefits. Harvard is one of the bigger and known schools in the country. The school is known for intelligent and successful graduates who made their mark in various fields, from law, engineering and even at business. You will find people who will challenge you to be at your best as well as inspire you to become the best that you can be. You might be asking yourself “how much does it cost to go to Harvard?” Well, we will discuss the estimated cost in studying in this prestigious school.

Cost Of Studying In Harvard College         

Depending on the course in college that you are taking, the cost of enrolling at Harvard may range from a couple of thousand dollars to as much as $90,000.00. That is why is it important that you will have a clear view of the cost to attend Harvard University so that you and your parents can prepare yourselves and the household about any possible budget constraints that will matter once you do decide to enroll.

Here are the estimated Harvard tuition fees that you should be aware of:

Registration Fees$3,794
Room $9,894
Board Rental$6,057
Subtotal - billed costs$63,025
Estimated personal expenses
(including $800-$1,200 for books)
Estimated travel costs$0 - $5,200
Total billed and
unbilled costs
$66,900 - $72,100

There are several factors that you have to consider if you want to enroll at Harvard. Among the factors that would be considered for your overall expenses will be your boarding and room rental as well as your personal expenses such as food and school items.

An estimated cost of Harvard tuition fees will range from $41,000.00 to $43,000.00. If you are not under a grant or a scholarship this amount would be really hard in the pocket. Aside from that, you would still have to pay an additional registration fee worth around $3,700.00 as well as a room fee for the rooms that you will be using as well as the Board fee if you will renting out.

Aside from the school fee, you would also have to think about your personal expenses such as your food and personal belongings, your books and other school materials. This alone will cost you around $3,875.00 and if your place is far from the campus, you would have to shell out an extra amount of money for your transportation allowance that could reach as much as $5,200.00.

If you sum up all the expenses, the cost to attend Harvard University will reach up to $66,900 to as much as $72,100. It would be a great saving if you live near the school so that you can just walk and save on fare or live with a relative or family so that you won’t have to spend money on renting out.

Cost Of Attending Harvard Graduate School

Lerning, university class

If you want to further your education and enroll in graduate studies then Harvard has a line of Graduate School courses that you can take into consideration. The cost of your graduate school studies will differ depending on the course that you are taking as well as the duration it takes to finish the course.

A full-time student will get to spend around $ 45,008 per Academic Year for the tuition fee alone. We have not added the other related fees that you need to pay to enroll which will be discussed later. If you are a part-time student then your tuition fee Per Course/Per Term will be around $ 5,626 and if you are taking up a doctorate, then you would have to pay an additional cost worth $ 2,250 Per Term/Semester for the advanced doctoral fee. The school also requires a health insurance fee of $ 3,718 per academic year for each student.

Aside from the tuition fee, you would also have to pay several other items on the expense list such as the cost of your rent, utilities, and food which will be around $ 17,500. You would also have to spare an amount for your books and other school supplies worth $ 1,004. If you live far then spare around $1000 for your transportation and also $1300 for your personal expenses. If your course involves a lot of research then be ready with the amount of $ 2,592 for these type of expenses.

Cost Of A Harvard Law School

The most popular program offered by Harvard is their Law School. Harvard Law is one of the most selective law school in the country accepting only 11 percent of its applicants in a year. But despite this, they have an incredible 92 percent employment rate after graduation. Many top lawyers, Supreme Court justices, successful businessmen and politicians came and took degrees at the Harvard Law. That is why enrolling at this university is very lucrative, but how much does it cost to go to Harvard Law?

Standard Student Budget (9-Month)
Room/Board/Personal Allowance$22,262
Mandatory HUHS Student Health Fee$1,088
Waivable Harvard University Student Health Insurance Plan (HUSHP) Fee$2,630
Books and Supplies Allowance$1,300
Travel Allowance$1,550
Stafford Loan Fees$220
Total Budget$88,600

If you want to take up Law School then you should be financially ready for it. Harvard Law School is not for the weak of hearts as you need a lot of strength and determination to get through Law School not only mentally but also financially.

The cost of the tuition fee of Harvard Law School will reach as high as $59,550 for a 9-month course. You would also have to spare an amount of money for your Room/Board and personal allowance which will probably cost you $22,262. The price may be steep but this is law school you are talking about. You will have to meet high profile people when you study here.

There is also a mandatory HUHS Student Health Fee worth $1,088 and a Waivable Harvard University Student Health Insurance Plan (HUSHP) Fee worth $2,630. Just like any student, you would have to prepare to pay for school and research materials worth $1,300 and your travel allowance with a minimum budget of $1,550 but note that this may increase depending on where you will be traveling with your classmates.

The estimated total cost if you do decide to take up Law at Harvard will amount to $88,600 and this is just for the first 9 months. Finishing Law will take you three years but this three years will be all worth it if you do focus on your studies. The longer you stay in school the higher the expenses can be so you better be prepared and save up if you want to pursue a career in law.

But even if Harvard is expensive, they can definitely give you the education worth every penny you spend. They have a world-class research institution that is ready to provide their students with the best learning and skills possible that they will need when they venture out to the real world. Harvard has a vast intellectual life with students and faculty both engaged with the world, looking for ways to transform how people view the world.

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