How Much Does it Cost to Build a Tiny House

Tiny Houses have been making a mark in the country in the recent years. Many people see a great advantage in living at tiny houses as it is a great space saver as well as energy efficient. Imagine yourself living at a 300 square foot house built with basic amenities and some even generating their own energy and water supply. Because of the advantages of tiny homes, many are now asking how much does it cost to build a tiny house for themselves. We will give to you the different cost that you would need to know to build your own tiny house.

Cost Of Building A Tiny House

If you ever want to own a home without paying any monthly mortgage or rent or even utility bills, then having a tiny house is all you need. The world is constantly changing and people are now being advocates in environmental care as well as economic deviations. The cost of building a tiny house is really cheap compared to building a regular home but living in one means a life of simplicity. Here is the tiny house price that you should know of:

Beautiful tiny house

Many companies are now selling out ready to occupy tiny houses depending on the size of your lot or they can even customize it to your liking. Take for example the Minim House which can be built on a 262 square feet lot with an open, multifunctional living area made up of solid walnut floors and steel appliances.

Since the house is small, most of the furniture are movable such as the bed, tables, and chairs. This tiny house only cost $71,000 and you can have it delivered right to your lot.

If your lot area is smaller than 262 square feet then you can choose the Escape Vista tiny house. This type of home is good if you love to travel or you are just starting with your love for small houses. This can be built on a trailer or a lot as small as 110 square feet and its features include a panoramic window so you can see the view from the inside. It also has a queen-size bed with under bed storage facility. Its furniture is collapsible with an under counter fridge as well as a shower and toilet. The starting price of this small house is $29,800 and can reach up to $48,600 if you want to customize or extend it.

Let’s just say that you are lucky that you have a 340 square feet ready for the building of a house but you are still not sure what to build. Then why not build a small house for you to live at. The cost of building a tiny house for a 340 square feet house will be around $65,000.

Take for example the Greenmoxie tiny houses. They build sustainable tiny houses that include electrical systems, water systems, HVAC systems, fixtures, appliances as well as building envelope. See how much your $65,000 will give you if you build a tiny house. Their houses are created with fluid efficiency making sure that the people living inside these small homes will not feel like they are closed off.

Cost Of a DIY Tiny House

There are tiny houses that are made for DIY projects. If you plan to build your own tiny house, all you need is a plan, carpentry skills and a lot of hard work. It is important that you realize that if you have zero backgrounds in carpentry then it is better off that you leave it to the professional. It is because a house needs to be strong and sturdy and you do not want to compromise the safety of the people living in the house.

Garden Tiny House

The Shonsie Cottage Style house has three great options for your $154 square foot lot. You can either have the option to build your own tiny home worth $6,884 or you can purchase the semi-DIY project for $22,884 and lastly, for those who does not have the right skills can purchase the Fully Outfitted and move-in ready house for $59,884.

Since we are interested in DIY projects, we will discuss the tiny house price for a DIY house. Your $6,884 will get you a trailer plus the plans to build your Shonsie cottage house. The package includes the architectural blueprints of the house as well as the list of materials that you need to purchase as well as the trailer that you will use to build your tiny house on.

If you want the semi-DIY project house then your $22,884 will get you Tiny Home Shell plus the Trailer and the Plans. The shell of the house is already built on top of the trailer complete with windows, a door, and a shower. All you have to add are the interior design and exterior finishing touches.

Breakdown Of Cost Of A Tiny House

If you are still asking how much does it cost to build a tiny house then you may be interested in knowing the fine details of building a tiny house. A typical 200 square feet house will likely cost you around $25,000 to $40,000 if you build and purchase the materials yourself.

The first and very important cost that will determine the value of your tiny home will be the local permits. If you build a house, you need to check with your local state as the cost may start from a few hundred dollars to a thousand.

The next item that you need to consider are the materials that you would need to build the house. You can choose new or recycled materials to build your tiny house or you can combine both. If you choose to use both new and old, you can spend around $8,000 for the material but if you choose to get them all new then the price can be twice as much. But you should be careful also if you choose the recycled materials, make sure that you check the materials well if they are reclaimed.

The cost of labor is also something that you should take into consideration. You can either have someone help you in building the house or you can build it yourself. The time it takes to finish the project is relatively important because the longer it takes to finish the more expensive the cost of labor will be. Let us say it will take you around 2 months to build a tiny house with 320 hours of paid work and you are paying your hired labor $15, this would mean that your cost of labor will sum up to $4,800.

Another cost that you have to think of are the cost of insulation as well as the electricity and plumbing.  Insulation for a 200 square feet home may cost $1,500 while the electricity and plumbing can sum up to as much as $1,400.

If you are still not sure about getting a tiny house then ponder the benefits that it may give you. A tiny house is cheap compared to buying a full house. It is also very mobile, you can bring it around wherever you may want to live. Since there is less space, a tiny house is easy to clean. But even if the house is small, you will still not feel like a camper because it has everything that you would basically need in a home.

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