How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Timing Chain?

Having an automobile requires a lot of maintenance on its different parts. The most important part of your car that needs to be maintained quite a lot is the engine. To make your car’s engine run, it is composed of many stirring mechanisms that are moving in harmony. The crankshaft which is found in the lower part of the engine and the camshaft which is found in the upper part are two important parts of the engine. And they are connected with the use of a timing chain.

The purpose of the timing chain is to connect the crankshaft and camshaft of your engine. Connecting them would help the crankshaft drive the camshaft. If your timing chain is a bit weary, you will experience a rattling in your engine, and sometimes you can’t feel that your car is accelerating. Replacing it often is the best way, but how much does it cost to replace a timing chain?

Average Timing Chain Replacement Cost

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To keep your car’s performance well, you need to replace the timing chain often. Usually, you could either choose from a timing chain or a timing belt, but most professionals prefer timing chains because of its durability. Professionals also recommend that every 100,000 miles that your car have traveled, you will have to change your timing chain. They also recommend that you will change it if you feel a lot of vibration in your car.

The timing chain replacement cost will run around $300 up to $1,000 if you hire a professional auto mechanic. The price depends on a lot of factors:

  • Make and model of your car
  • The age of your car
  • The facility that you will avail the service (whether it’s a dealership or an independent shop)

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The price of timing chain alone would run around $50 up to $250 or even more, depending on the brand of your vehicle.

There are times when smaller parts are already included whenever you buy a timing chain that is sold in kits. Usually, kits are sold around $20 up to $1,000, and the price depends on the original equipment manufacturers.

You should not only consider the timing chain cost but the labor rate of the professional as well. Usually, you will have to pay around $75 up to $200 per hour for the labor of service. The price will depend if you avail the service that is done at a dealership or an independent auto shop. The job would take at least three up to 5 hours, depending on the model of your vehicle.

If the timing chain in your car’s engine is broken, you will have to pay around $700 or even more.

Normally, dealerships are the most expensive facilities. But if you avail at a dealership, you will expect that their technicians have a lot of knowledge with all the different brands of cars and all its parts. They also use parts that are made by the car manufacturers itself. Although independent shops are less expensive, the parts that they use in repairing are aftermarket parts. These parts are not made by the original automakers.

Extra Cost

Whenever you replace your timing chain, professionals often recommend that you also replace your water pump. The cost of replacing a water pump would run around $300. Replacing the water pump along with the timing chain will save you from the labor cost.

Ways to Save Money

There are shops that offer 10% discounts on their regular customers, so you may want to choose the shops that you will go to carefully. Replacing your timing chain requires a lot of knowledge since it is a difficult job. It is best that you let professionals do the work. If you somehow have knowledge about your car’s engine, you can just do it yourself. Mobi Motor Oils have the complete instructions on how to replace your timing chain. You will get to spend two up to 6 hours if you do the job by yourself.


Now that you have an idea on how much does it cost to replace a timing chain, you should also know more information other than the price.

If you buy yourself a timing chain with a kit, make sure it includes the kit itself, seals that are needed for the repair, sprockets, and bolts for the engine, and any other accessories that you will need. If you hire a professional auto mechanic, he should remove and replace the timing chain of your car and use all the accessories that you have with your kit.

You can save money if you get an estimated price before you agree on any work. However, if your timing chain is already broken, you will have no other choice but to replace it and spend a larger amount of money.


If it is confirmed that your timing chain needs replacement, your car will be lifted using jack stands. The engine’s oil will then be drained. All accessories like the water pump and the belt will be removed to have access to the timing chain.

The cover is then removed, and the mechanic will align the timing marks. All the gears and chains are then replaced with the new ones.

All the accessories that were removed will be re-installed, and the engine oil will be filled again.  The engine will be started, and the mechanic will check the timing of the ignition. For safety purposes, the car will be road tested first if it is already functioning properly.

When to Change Your Timing Chain

Some car owners, especially the new ones, do not have any idea on when are they going to change their timing chain. If you are one of them, the symptoms listed below are the signs that you should replace your timing chain.

An example of timing chain Gear

  • The first one is whenever the engine light is illuminated.
  • If your car is idle but can still feel a rattle from the engine, you should replace your timing chain
  • You should change your timing chain whenever you feel no response when you accelerate your car.
  • You should also replace your timing chain whenever the engine still turns but does not start.


Why is it important to change your timing chain? Well, one of the major components of your car’s engine is the timing chain. If you do not change your timing chain, it will create additional problems in the future, which may cost you more. Also, if you do not change your timing chain, your car might break in the middle of the road causing trouble for you and other people.


Some cars’ water pump is driven by the timing chain. To save money, remember to replace the water pump whenever you replace the timing chain.

It is also better that when you replace the timing chain, you should also replace the whole timing chain set as well. This means that you will also have to replace all the chains, the set of gears, and tensioners. Professionals recommend that whenever you replace one timing chain, you should also replace all the other chains and their components.

To extend the life of your timing chain, you can use a high quality, synthetic oil for your engine.

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