How Much Does A Cost Cutters Haircut Cost?

Cost Cutter is a full-service salon that offers various services not only to your hair but also for your face and body as well. They have a well-trained stylist that are not only good with haircut and hair color, they are also good at listening to their clients. This way you can get the best haircut and color that you want at a very affordable price. If you are wondering how much is a haircut at Cost Cutters, you will be glad to know that they are easy in the pocket.

Cost Cutter Fees and Services

Cost Cutter offers a wide range of hair services at a very minimal price. Their professional stylist can definitely help you get the cut that would best suit you either for your day to day look or on a very special occasion. The Cost Cutters haircut price will vary whether you are an adult or a kid as well as the service that you would like to use.

Here are the haircut prices at Cost Cutters that you should be aware of:

Adult Cuts
Kid’s Cuts (10 & Under)$12.95
Shampoo & Style Finish$16.95
Style Finish w/Cut$4.95
Beard/Bang Trim$4.95
UpdoStarts at $29.95
ColorStarts at $54.95
Cap HighlightStarts at $54.95
Full FoilStarts at $64.95
Perm$54.95 and up

Cost Cutter has a different rate for a haircut if you are a kid or an adult. Kids whose age is 10 years and younger gets a cheaper haircut price at around $12.95. The adults, on the other hand, would get to pay the full Cost Cutters haircut price of $16.95.

Aside from the usual trim and haircut, the salon also offers shampoo and style finish. This is really good if you have just trimmed your hair or if you are going out on a date or special occasion. You can ask your stylist to shampoo and style your hair for only $16.95.

But if you opt to cancel the shampoo services, you can just go directly with the styling for only $4.95. The price is also the same for a beard or bang trim.

Cost Cutter also has hair color services if you want to give your hair a styling lift. The cost of a hair color or highlight, as well as perm, will start from $54.95. The price will increase depending on the length of your hair, its texture as well as the number colors you want to use.

If you want a full foil color then expect to pay around $64.95 and up. The price will depend on your hair length as well as the hair color brand that is going to be used on your hair.

The haircut prices at Cost Cutters are very affordable and their staffs are really friendly. You can consult with them on what hair style you would like to achieve or what hair color would best look on you.

Fees Of Other Hair Services

Aside from their usual hair services, Cost Cutter also has other salon amenities that you can take advantage of. They do not only cater to hair beautification but also to the face and body. These special services include facial waxing and tanning services. Other Cost Cutter salon has tanning beds that clients can use.

Here are the additional services that are offered by the Cost Cutter Salon:

Eyebrows & Lip$18.00
Facial Waxing
1 Session$3.95
10 Sessions
1 Month Unlimited$39.95

Most salon already offers various waxing services including body waxes. But Cost Cutter only provide facial waxing services for now. They provide eyebrow, lip, package of eyebrow and lip as well as a full facial waxing.

The price range for the facial waxing services starts from $10.00 to as much as $27.00 for the full facial waxing. If you want an individual waxing of the eyebrow and lip, the cost of the service is $10.00 each. But if you want to package them, you would only get to pay $18.00. You can save as much as $2.00 on the total service.

Aside from the waxing service, Cost Cutter’s tanning service is also available on some branches. Their tanning service cost $3.95 to $39.95. The price will depend on how many times you would like to use their tanning beds.

1 session will only cost a minimal amount of $3.95, a 10 session tanning service will cost you $29.95. But if you want to have an unlimited tanning service then you can avail of the Cost Cutter 1-month unlimited service for only $39.95.

During the summer, people often flock to the Cost Cutter salon not only for their hair service but also because of their tanning beds. It is the quickest way to get a nice tan at a very affordable price. Cost Cutter has many loyal clients not only because of their great amenities but also because of their reasonable fees.

How You Can Save On Your Next Cost Cutter Visit

If you are still curious about how much is a haircut at Cost Cutters, then you would be happy to know that you can still lower the cost of your haircut service. There are many ways that you can save on your next salon treatment at the Cost Cutter.

Salon beauty

One way is by going to the Cost Cutter website and printing out their Cost Cutter Coupon for you to use. There are three coupons available for you to choose from. First is the $2.00 discount for any service with a minimum purchase worth $10.

Aside from the $2.00 off, they also offer a $3.50 discount if you purchase any of their products with a minimum purchase of $15.00. They also offer a special price for a haircut and full color for only $60.00. The retail price for both services will total to $72.00. You can save as much as $12.00 if you take on this promo price.

Aside from the discount that you can get for their hair services, they also have other discounts for their clients. They are offering their wax service for only $7.00 if you avail of any of their other services. You will have an instant savings of $3.00 for their face wax amenity.

Lastly, they have a $5.00 off on any of their tanning services if you have the special coupon. Note that you cannot use more than 1 coupon at a time. The coupons are only available at selected Cost Cutter branches so you better ask your salon first before using it.

There are still other ways that you can save on your salon hair treatment. One way that you can save on cost is to skip any additional service. If your intention is to get a haircut, then just get the haircut. Do not add any shampoo or conditioner services.

Another way that you can save on cost is to do root touch-ups yourself. If the color of your roots is not that visible yet, you can always buy a home touch up kit. You can save on the cost of the services and you can choose the product to use. Home kits are usually cheaper compared to a salon touch-up service.


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