How Much Does CV Axle Replacement Cost

If you think you are experiencing a faulty CV joint in the axle shaft of your car, then it is very much recommended for you to replace the whole part since doing a replacement for the entirety of the CV joint is much easier than fixing the faults part per part. In addition, it is much more cost efficient and effective in doing so.

In the recent times, the total CV axle replacement cost mainly depends on the type of car you are driving, the location or shop where to purchase the parts, choice of labor services, and whether it is needed to do a single or double replacement. Although there are only a few factors you have to take into serious accounts, you still have to consider all of these things since these will affect your overall costs and expenses.

Certainly and as much as possible, you want to have a quality purchase of parts and services at a very reasonable price. If that is the case which probably is the one you are looking after, then you better pay attention to the details and recurring factors you may need to pay for the replacement.

The Average Cost of Replacing CV Axle

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As mentioned above, if you are already experiencing a faulty CV axle or joint in the shaft of the specific car you are driving, it is very much recommended for you to call for replacements already. Although the apparent cost to repair CV shaft may appear attracting and enticing especially if you are on a tight budget, consider the fact that it is much safer and efficient if you are to do replacements instead. Accordingly, choosing repairs over replacements will entail you much larger costs in the long run.

Now, the average cost of having your CV joints and axle replaced with new parts may require you to pay amounts ranging from $200 up to $1,600 in the recent times, The specific amounts are largely dependent on the type of car, the location or store where parts alongside the services are being purchased and obtained, and if it is a single or double part replacement.

CV Axle Shafts and Parts

Purchasing alone the parts can apparently either increase or decrease your total CV axle replacement cost in the end. The location of purchase is very much the main thing to consider in matters such as this one. Today, there are a lot of service centers and automotive shops that offer different varieties of axle shafts and its parts including the CV joints which include the specific parts necessary for your car or vehicle.

In purchasing for the needed parts alone excluding the services and installation aspects, it may require you to pay amounts ranging from $96 up to $214 for each part. Obviously, these prices are very much intended for a single part replacement only. If in case you need a double CV and axle shaft replacement, expect for the prices to be twice the costs of a single replacement. Usually, prices can reach $149 to $399 for all the parts needed.

The most common stores where you can purchase these parts are Pep Boys (which actually is a very prominent automotive center and shop today), Walmart, and Amazon (hello online shopping!). Although there are other places and stores that sell the specific part you are likely to seek, these three stores may already have what you exactly need.

In Walmart, your cost to repair CV shaft (or even to replacement) may decrease in entirety since these stores sell the cheapest parts. However, note that parts from such stores are limited only. So if you are in a hurry to replace your CV joints and axle shaft, then better be the first one to reach the nearest Walmart in your location and prepare to pay amounts starting from $80.

Replacement Services and Labor

For a much more cost efficient and effective option, choose to have your CV joints and axle parts replaced by a prominent and well established replacement services and labors. Most of the time, your overall CV axle repair price and replacement cost is much smaller and lesser if you are to obtain such services from a third party since they already have the specific parts needed for your vehicle or car. Apparently, they will be the ones to shoulder the obtaining and purchasing of the parts but more often than not, they already have these parts in store.

On a very practical and convenient note, it is much better to acquire such services since you will pay fees and rates that are already inclusive of packages and deals that will cater efficiency on your end. Generally, the prices may range from $168 up to $799 for both parts and labor averagely. As for a double part replacements and repairs, expect again for the prices to be rated twice the costs of a single replacement that may reach $235 to $1,178 in the recent times.

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There are apparently 3 well established and prominent automotive repair centers that offer CV joint and axle shaft repairs and replacements today. Namely, Your Mechanic, NAPA, and Midas which if prices are being compared all at once, NAPA will be your cheapest option since they offer prices of $168 to $614 for a single replacement work.

Also, note that having a repair and replacement center doing the necessary job for you has its benefits as well. If you are to hire certain mechanic or labor alone, expect that there will be no assurances of efficiency of the job in the long run. Whereas if you hire appropriate replacement services for replacing your CV joints and axle shafts, expect for guarantees and warranties that could range from 12 up to 24 months in figures.

Saving Costs and Expenses

If you are really on a tight budget and your CV joints or axle shafts are in the wrong time to be faulty, one way to save costs and expenses is to do simple repairs only. Most of the time, if you inquire and ask for quotations, most mechanics and specialists will require you to pay a CV axle repair price that is inclusive only for repairing and replacing the half of the shaft. Apparently, doing this process is the standard practice of all mechanics and specialists.

However and as mentioned above, if you are given these kinds of quotations and suggestions, then better to ask for quotes as well for the whole replacement of the axle shaft since it is much more efficient to replace the whole faulty parts than having to experience again and again the symptoms and stresses of faulty CV joints and axle shafts.

Also, another way to save money and expenses, you could actually opt to do the entire replacement job all by yourself (or with friends if you want) since it is very much a straightforward task to do. However, note that CV joints and axle shafts are very essential parts of a vehicle. One simple mistake or miscalculation of the repair and replacement tasks will entail not only much higher costs and expenses but also danger to the engines of your car. So you better have to be very well equipped with knowledge and skills concerning these matters but if not then it is best to call for a professional’s assistances and services to do the job for you.

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