How Much Does Deck Staining Cost

If you have a deck at home, you would probably use this area most of the time. This is the best place to relax and unwind during the early morning while sipping coffee or during the evening after having dinner and drinking a glass of wine. No matter what the reason may be, everybody loves to lounge on a beautiful deck thus many are asking about the cost to stain a deck. Whether your desk has a small space or a large area, you would want to know the estimates so that you can start on your project.

Estimated Cost Of Deck Staining

Your deck is the most exposed part of your house. It experiences a lot of foot traffic that is why it gets easily worn and the stain and paint get stripped off. That is why many homeowners find it important to maintain the beauty of their deck and wants to keep it protected. In order to keep the original look of your deck, you can always stain them regularly. The deck staining price will differ on the size of your deck as well as the stain that you will be using. Here are the estimated cost to stain a deck that you should be aware of:

Staining some wooden posts

If your desk has a size of 125 Sq. Feet you would have to spend around $40.00 to $170.00 for the deck refinishing. This will include the oil based semi-transparent stain as well as the waste overage.

An example of the stain that you can use is the Olympic Maximum Tintable Neutral Base Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain. A 599-fl oz. of this stain will only cost $166.00 and though the price is steep, this product is already a stain and a sealant in one. It is weather ready which means that even if it rains, it will dry right away.

If you have a smaller deck then you can purchase a smaller size of paint. Try the Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural tone Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain. Its size is only 128-fl oz. and cost only $36.98. It also comes in various tints such as cedar natural tone and redwood natural tone. It is both a stain and a sealant so you won’t have to buy a separate sealant for your deck. It also has an advanced sunblock UV defense to protect your deck from the heat of the sun

If you are not fully staining your deck and just maintaining it by re-staining parts that have been stripped of its color then you can purchase a small size of stain and sealant for only $4.98. The Olympic Elite Tintable Brown Base Semi-Transparent/Semi-Solid Exterior Stain has the best lifetime result and it has dual protection power making it durable and beautiful at the same time.

If you are planning on hiring someone to do the work for you then you should be aware of how much the labor would cost. The deck staining price for a basic labor of a 125 Sq. feet deck will play around $170.00 to $400.00. This will include the staining and sealing of your deck with double coats. It also includes the planning of the project, the purchasing of the materials if you have not done so as well as the equipment. They are also in charge of the preparation of the area, protecting the surrounding floors as well as cleanup.

If you want the finished product of the sealing and staining to look perfect and pristine, you can hire a professional to clean and power wash your deck. The price is really cheap at around $2.00 to $5.00 and the procedure will include the clearing of the debris on your deck as well as the application of the cleaner with a light scrubbing motion. They will also power wash and rinse and dry the surface for the final touch.

If your deck has railings and spindle then you would have to pay an additional cost for the cleaning of this part of the deck. The price of the service will vary depending on the length of the rails. If you have an average 3’-3’5’ railings then the cost of the power washing, staining and sealing will cost $4 per linear foot. If you want to include the sanding as well as change the colors of your railings then that will cost you $6.00 to $12.00 as well.

Other Cost Of Supplies Needed For Deck Staining

Aside from the basic materials, the cost to stain a deck will also include the other supplies needed for the project. Among the supplies that you need is a deck cleaner. Of course, you would need to clean your deck regularly so buying the Olympic Biodegradable Deck Cleaner would be a good choice. A 128 Fl. oz container will only cost $7.98 and it can remove stains caused by dirt, mold, mildew and algae. You do not need to mix this cleaner with any other materials as it is ready to use.

You can also pair your cleaning agent with the Mr. LongArm Woodmates Deck Cleaner. It only cost $24.98 and it has a non-slip rubber grip for easy handling. It also has a Water-fed telescoping extension pole which can extend up to 3 to 5 feet and it can be easily attached to a standard garden hose with an adjustable on/off control valve. Other job supplies such as masking tapes, paper, clear plastic, sandpaper and surface repair materials will have a minimal cost of $12.00 to $14.00.

How You Can Save On Cost Of Your Deck Staining

The deck staining prices are really cheap and affordable and you might be thinking that there would be no way that you can save more on the cost. But there is still a way that you can save more dollars in your deck staining project.

Wooden wall awaiting staining

The first and most important cost saving tip is to DIY the project. If you have the time and you think you have what it takes then by all means, stain your own deck. The process is fairly simple and you can even ask the help of your friends to assist you to do it. It would be a nice bonding moment and all you have to pay them is a bottle of drink and enjoy the deck in the evening after the project is done.

Also, when you buy a stain, look for the stain that has a double purpose; stain and sealant. This way you do not have to buy a separate sealant for your deck. Also look out for the added features of the stain. Many offer 6 to 8 years warranty so better watch out for that as well.

Another tip is to know what materials you would be using before you even purchase it. Do your research well. This way you will have a clear picture of how you would want your deck to look like as well as know their estimated price. This way you won’t get confused when you go to the store and see a lot of other variants of the product.

You should also check your local state if you need to request for a permit to refurbish or repair your deck. Knowing this beforehand will save you a lot of dollars and you don’t want to run into trouble when you are already working on your deck.

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