How Much Does DeVry University Tuition Fee Cost?

If you want to finish college but are having second thoughts due to other responsibilities, then the flexibility of classes at DeVry University may just clear your hesitations. The university offers degree programs that start every eight weeks all year round, so you can freely choose when to start school. Aside from that, you can opt to take your classes online or in extended classrooms, so you will be able to fit schooling into your schedule.

The convenience the university offers, of course, means expenses. With that said, just how much does studying in DeVry University cost?

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DeVry University Tuition Fee

DeVry University charges US$609 per credit hour to all its new enrollees. Your DeVry tuition rate would not change until graduation provided that you adhere to certain conditions. To keep your rate as it is all throughout the year, you have to stay consistently enrolled to your selected program. Also, you should avoid missing more than five consecutive sessions of your chosen course.

The said DeVry University tuition fee, however, differs for military and alumni students. The DeVry tuition rate for those on active duty in the military is US$250 per credit hour. Alumni students, on the other hand, will have to pay US$518 per credit hour for up to 24 credit hours.

To give you a better idea, here is a sample of undergraduate program costs posted by The prices were based on the US$609 per credit hour fee of DeVry for the school year 2014-2015.

  • On-campus tuition and fees: US$16,156
  • On-campus tuition: US$16,076
  • On-campus flat fee: US$80
  • Out-of-campus tuition and fees: US$16,156
  • Out-of-campus tuition: US$16,076
  • Out-of-campus flat fee: US$80

On the other hand, the typical cost of books at DeVry is about US$1,320 while additional fees may run up to US$310.

Saving Costs Through Grants and Loans

The cost of studying at DeVry University is certainly not a measly one. To address possible financial issues, the university had recommended ways to help you manage your tuition expenses.

One of the methods you can opt for is applying for grants. Students who have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA can avail of federal grant programs. An example is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant that provides aid to undergraduates who demonstrate exceptional financial needs.

Aside from federal programs, you could also apply for scholarships and grants offered by DeVry University itself. One of them is the DeVry University Grant which is offered to all new qualifying students with a GPA of 2.0 to 2.49. The grant award amounts range from US$500 to US$1,000 per qualifying semester depending on your enrollment status.

You could also explore loan options to finance your educational expenses. Some of them are federal direct loans, federal Perkins loans, federal PLUS loans, and private student loans.

Other Saving Options

If you’re a transferee, you could make use of your course credits to save costs. For instance, you could save around US$6,090 if you have 10 transfer credits, US$15,225 if you have 25 credits, US$24,360 if you have 40, and so on.

To avail, you should submit your records to any DeVry Admissions Representative on campus or online. The university assessment team will then evaluate your transcript and inform you of your estimated transfer credit. DeVry lets you apply for up to 80 credit hours.

You could also try DeVry’s Prior Learning Assessment program. This program will allow you to demonstrate your mastery of competencies you learned outside the classroom and turn it into a college-level credit. To avail, you should submit a portfolio that will be assessed by the university.

You may also cut down on expenses if you’re an employee and your employer is a partner of DeVry University. For instance, you would pay a lower per-credit-hour fee if you’re working at one of DeVry’s corporate partners. The exact cost will depend on the agreement of the university and your company.

DeVry also charges a much lower fee for military students. For instance, an active member of the US Air Force may avail of a paid tuition assistance of up to 100%. Also, the university would not charge fees exceeding US$250 per credit hour and US$4,500 per fiscal year to any military personnel who is in active service.

The university offers flexible and affordable education to members of the US Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy. Veterans are also entitled to military programs offered by DeVry.

Estimated DeVry University Cost

The university’s official website features a net price calculator to help you know how much you would pay should you choose to enroll in one of their programs.

Using the calculator, we’ve acquired an estimated cost for an on-campus + online bachelor’s degree in Long Beach, California using the following details:

Program: Business Administration

Starts of classes: September 2017

Credit hours per semester: Half-time (6-8 credit hours)

Housing plan: Off campus

Educational Experience: No college experience, with high school diploma, 2 GPA

Assuming that you provided the information above, you are expected to finish your degree in 15.5 semesters or 5.17 years. Your estimated tuition and educational expenses, on the other hand, would be US$10,124 per academic year for a total of US$78,461.

Note that you could further reduce the estimated total cost depending on the financial aid you choose to avail.    

Spending for Education

We have learned how costly it is to complete a college education, but the benefits that await you if you’re a degree holder may outweigh the expenses. Furthermore, if you’re practical enough, you might not even have to spend a fortune and still earn that coveted degree.

With that said, you should look for a university that would offer you both quality education and methods to save on costs. Do not just go for a campus that offers the lowest rates or is the most popular in your area. Instead, assess each university to see which would help you the most in learning the things you need to be a fully-equipped professional. Anyway, the reason you’re opting for college is that you’re aiming to excel in your chosen career path, right?

Good luck on your choices and may you have a fruitful college life!

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