How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

One of the things that you can’t neglect providing your pet dog is grooming. Your dog is only an animal, thus, no matter how much it wanted to clean itself, a dog cannot go into the bathroom and take a shower on its own. Apart from licking itself clean, your pet is practically helpless. Thus, it is your responsibility as the dog owner to do the rest of the cleaning and relieve your pet of its itchiness.

You can do the dog grooming yourself if you have the time and if you know how to. But sometimes, grooming can be a hassle, especially if your dog has a thick, hard-to-manage fur. If you feel like you can’t do it yourself, you could go to a grooming salon and let the groomer do the job.

Their services, of course, come with a fee. So the next question is: how much does dog grooming cost?

Average Cost of Dog Grooming

Standard dog grooming prices can range from US$30 to US$90 depending on the size of your dog and the amount of its fur. Grooming usually includes a bath, brushing, and haircut, but services may vary based on your request and the packages offered by the salon. The cost, thus, will also vary based on your package choice.

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Another factor that will affect the average cost of dog grooming, according to Thumbtack, is the number of hours it would have to take to clean your pet. For example, the Bliss Bound Hound, a salon in San Francisco Bay Area, will charge US$40 per hour if the grooming will exceed four hours.

Different Dog Grooming Prices

To let you fully understand how the pricing works, let’s take a look at how much does dog grooming cost in some of the pet stores in the country.

Pet Smart, claiming to be the largest specialty pet retailer with stores in the US and Canada, offers a basic groom package (bath and haircut) which costs US$29. This package can go up to US$131 if the pet owner requests for an upgrade including anti-dog flea and tick shampoos, deodorizers, and aromatherapy.

Another store, Pet Co, offers full groom services with the costs depending on the size of your dog. Grooming of small to medium-sized dogs costs US$45, large-sized dogs US$50, and extra-large ones US$80.

As these sample prices fall within the range of the average cost for dog grooming, you can use these as a reference when you’re allocating a budget for your dog. Better yet, look for a salon near you and ask their prices, taking into consideration the size and fur of your pet.

Stand-Alone Services

Salons also offer stand-alone services to pet owners who just wanted to give their dog a bath or a nail trim. If you only want to pay for a dog’s bath, the usual cost range from US$20 to US$55. The average price for nail trims is US$10, while nail grinds, face trim, ear cleaning and sanitary trim prices range from US$7 to US$15.

Some stand-alone services can be expensive. For instance, Bliss Bound Hound offers a la carte care services like tooth scraping that can cost you from US$400 to US$600.

Grooming Upgraded

If you want to pamper your dog more, stores like Pet Co and Pet Smart offers full-service upgrades. These upgrades are considered a luxury for your pet dog, but you can avail of it once in a while to give your furry friend extra love.

Upgrades can cost you additional fees that range from US$15 to less than US$30. For example, Pet Co offers a flea relief shampoo service to add to your selected groom package for US$13. There is also a rejuvenating service that hydrate and exfoliate your pet’s skin which costs US$25.

Pet Smart also offers similar luxuries including aromatherapy which cost starts at US$19 and deodorization which costs US$21.

Other additional services that may or not be necessary for your pet include de-matting which usually costs US$7 to US$9 and brushing of teeth and anal gland cleaning costing US$10 to US$20.

Mobile Grooming Service

Another option to get your dog groomed is through mobile grooming services. Instead of you going out to visit the salon, the groomer will visit your home and groom your dog there. The price for the grooming itself is similar to regular salons, but mobile services will charge you a convenience fee ranging from US$10 to US$15.

The total cost will also vary depending on the groomer’s fee, your location, and your dog’s size and its hair type.

Cutting Down on Grooming Costs

One way to save money when you’re availing of grooming services is to become a loyal customer. Dog groomers usually reward discounts to regular customers, and may even give them incentives.

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Another way is to do the grooming yourself. Bathe or brush your dog on a regular basis. You can wash your dog every one to three weeks, depending on the weather and your pet’s activities. Also, use a dog shampoo and rinse it well after applying to avoid irritating your pet’s skin.

You also need to trim your dog’s nails and clean its eyes and ears. As you do so, check for signs of infection such as mucus surrounding the eye or excess debris in the ear. If you found any, have your dog checked up by your vet.

Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog will be beneficial to the both of you. Your dog will not only be clean and sweet-smelling, but healthy. Because grooming allows you to have a closer look at your pet, you can easily spot signs of infection and abnormalities and will be able to take prompt action.

Also, if you give your pet the grooming it deserves, it will be comfortable, will not keep scratching itself and will not harm its paws with over-grown nails.

Most importantly, you as the dog owner will get to enjoy the company of your pet. You will not be concerned about getting your blankets crawl with fleas or your clothes smelling like a beast if your dog is well-groomed. Without these worries, playtime with your dog will be double the fun!

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