How Much Does Dog Vaccination Cost?

If you are to have a pet dog on your own, note that vaccination and dog shots are very much important because vaccines protect all dogs in general against diseases and other virus that are life-threatening. Dogs must be shot with vaccines on the first three months, the year after, and the succeeding years after

Consequently, aside from being prepared for these vaccines for your dog, you must also be prepared for the costs out of it. In knowing how much do dog shots cost, you must also know the kinds of shots and vaccines.

The general price of vaccination apparently varies basing on the specific kinds of vaccines to be shot with your dog. Different shots and vaccines may be classified as the essential ones and the common ones. In addition, the location where the vaccines are given and done will somehow affect as well the pricing range.

The Average Cost for Dog Vaccinations

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Normally, the price range for dog vaccinations on the first months and on the first is pretty high and expensive for some reasons. With a rate of $20 to $150, your dog will be safe from the basic diseases and illnesses on the first year.

For the succeeding years, it would only require you to pay $10 up to $120 depending on the type or kind of vaccine to be given to your dog.

Note that vaccines for rabies is quite a different case since it is given separately from other dog shots and must be in line with your local laws and regulations. To know how much does a rabies shot, you must know primarily the details inclined with rabies.

Rabies Vaccines for Dogs

Exposure to rabies is by and large a risk for both you and your dog. Rabies is a usual virus for dogs which are oftenly transmitted due to biting to and from a rabies carrier. It is a virus that actually attacks the grey matter of the brain and central nervous system of a dog. Rabies may be severe but often times fatal. Also, it is usually secreted largely on the saliva.

Now, your dog could easily fight the virus and may not be easily infected if they have rabies vaccines. Rabies vaccine is the most common and one of the most essential vaccines for dogs. Unfortunetly, it is still not a common knowledge to everyone how much does a rabies shot today. There are veterinary clinics that offer a rabies vaccine for as low as $35 on the first three months of a dog’s life.

If dogs are being adopted, there are specific local authorities that give free rabies vaccines for this case. In addition, some public vet clinics offer a much cheaper price than private animal hospitals.

At this point in time, veterinary doctors and several rabies shot administers give a Rabies Certificate to certify that your dog is to receive its next rabies shot after 3 years. Otherwise, your dog must be vaccinated with rabies vaccine the next year.

Note that it is essential for your dog to be shot with rabies vaccine especially on the first three months of its existence whether you know or not how much does a rabies shot.

 Usual and Common Dog Vaccines

Costs of dog vaccines are pretty much dependent on the type of vaccine. Nowadays, the usual and common vaccines are the ones being shot with dogs to fight against the basic and common illnesses and diseases which could be sometimes severe and sometimes life-threatening.

  • Parvovirus Vaccine

Parvovirus is one of the most fatal viral diseases for dogs. It attacks the dividing cells of a dog which severly affect the internal organs including the intestines and heart muscles. It spreads thoroughly in the body because it strikes well particularly the white blood cells.

Apparently, parvovirus may be prevented and avoided if dogs are to be shot with parvovirus vaccine that usually requires you to pay $8 to $10.

  • Distemper Vaccine

Canine Distemper Virus affects the overall respiratory and central nervous system of a dog. It is very much fatal and highly contagious. Typically a dog may be infected with canine distemper virus if it did not receive any vaccines or it received an improper vaccination.

Consequently, it is very much essential to have your dog vaccinated properly even if you primarily hesitate how much do dog shots cost especially with this specific kind. It would only take you $8 to $10 on an average for a distemper vaccine on any vet clinic.

  • Parainfluenza Vaccine

By and large, parainfluenza virus is not actually life-threatening however it is the one responsible for the coughs and usual flu of your dog which actually is quite exhausting for most dogs. The said virus may be thwarted and neutralized with a parainfluenza vaccine.

In any veterinary hospital or clinic, this specific vaccine may be purchased and administered at an amount starting from $5 to $8

  • Hepatitis Vaccine

Hepatitis is very contagious and fatal for dogs once they are being infected with the virus. The virus generall attacks the liver and infects the upper respiratory tract which causes a lot of complication with the health of a dog.

You may proactively prevent this from further occuring to your dogs and other pet by having them shot with hepatitis vaccine at any animal and pet clinic at a price range of $8 to $12.

  • Leptospirosis Vaccine

Leptospirosis is apparently a bacterial infection that largely assails almost all of the internal systems of the dog. If the bacteria are not treated as soon as possible, it could actually result to more damages and complications that may lead to death.

Vaccines for leptospirosis may be administered at an amount starting $8 and above for most clinics and hospitals available.

  • Coronavirus Vaccine

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Generally, coronavirus is the most widespread disease for dogs worldwide. It is very much common for dogs to be infected with coronavirus especially for the young ones or the puppies. Although the diseases caused by the coronavirus is not fatal at all initially, still, if the virus is further strengthened and not treated right away, it could cause severe damages and complications to the health of your dog.

Coronoavirus vaccines are the answer to fighting and preventing the said virus. At a price range of $5 to $10, your dog may already be protected against the coronavirus.

Package Vaccines

Note that having all of the vaccines for your dog is very much dependent on your preferences. It would be largely your option to get them all at once paying separate fees or choose a good package of vaccines which include most of these vaccines.

There are actually veterinary clinics and hospitals that offer different package deals for dog vaccines. The basic package usually includes the vaccines for parvovirus, parainfluenza, distemper which would cots you a rate of $20 to $30. Some packages would range to $30 to $50 if it includes almost all of the basic and common dog vaccines.

Generally, any package vaccine made available to your locality obviously sums up the answer to the most common question of all regarding dog vaccines and administering them, how much do dog shots cost?

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