How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

Do you want to remove your unwanted hair? Well, there are different methods for that including wax, cream, and laser hair removal. Only, you should know that using wax could be extremely painful and that applying hair removal cream could pose health hazards. As for laser removal, you would have to pay a hefty price.

If you don’t want the pain or the cost, or both, you could consider electrolysis hair removal. The process involves an electrologist who utilizes a device that destroys the growth center of the hair through chemical or heat energy. As it stops growth, electrolysis is an option to consider if you want to permanently say goodbye to your unwanted hair.

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Of course, beautifying yourself comes with a price. So the next question is: how much does electrolysis cost?

Average Cost of Electrolysis

According to CosmetBeauty, a one-hour session of electrolysis typically costs US$50 to US$80. Furthermore, every 100 hair follicles would cost you US$10 to US$15. The said website also included rough estimates for different body parts:

  • Bikini area US$400 to US$500
  • Chin US$350 to US$400
  • Upper lip US$350 to US$400
  • Legs US$1,000+
  • Back US$2,000+
  • Eyebrows US$100 to US$150

Notice that the larger the body area, the more expensive the cost for the hair removal is. After all, removing individual hairs from your chin will take a shorter time than removing ones from your legs.

The exact cost you would have to pay would either fit the above estimates or end up much higher depending on some factors including:

  • The amount of hair. Removing unwanted hair using electrolysis requires treating each hair. So if you have thick hair, your electrologist would have much more to work on, meaning longer treatment time.
  • The area of treatment. Some body parts have more amounts of hair than the rest. The larger the area, the longer the treatment time, and the more expensive the cost is.
  • The number of treatments. A session usually takes up to one hour. Exceeding that would make the treatment painful. Thus, if there’s still hair left on the treated body part, your electrologist would have to ask you to return for more sessions.
  • Your location.  According to the American Electrology Association, you would have to pay a higher fee if you live in a large city than if you’re residing in a small town.

Your total expense could also change depending on the electrolysis expert. Some electrologists may charge higher, while others may offer discounts and packages that would reduce the electrolysis price.

Electrolysis Price by Clinics

Coming up with an informed choice on who you want to treat your unwanted hair requires looking at the treatment rates of different electrologists. Comparing their prices and offers would help you determine whose service is worth your money.

For starters, let’s take a look at the pricing of NamiSkinCare. The clinic charges by time, meaning the longer the treatment, the higher the rate. For instance:

  • 60 minutes US$75 to US$80
  • 45 minutes US$60 to US$65
  • 30 minutes US$45 to US$50
  • 15 minutes US$30 to US$35
  • 10 hours (package) US$675 to US$720
  • 5 hours (package) US$335 to US$380

The said clinic offers a free trial for all areas except the bikini and genital area. Costs would also be 50% higher for the treatment of the excepted body areas.

Another clinic is the Joyce Osborne Electrolysis Clinic. Their rates per session include:

  • 15 minutes US$25 (minimum charge)
  • 30 minutes US$45
  • 45 minutes US$70
  • 60 minutes US$90

The clinic offers electrolysis for athletes, men, transgender, and teenagers. It also has available solutions for hairs on the breasts and sensitive areas, coarse and wavy hair, and clients with darker skin.

Generally, areas with unwanted hair are cleared by electrologists within six months to a year. That is if the client follows her treatment schedule. A typical schedule would be once a week or every other week, meaning you’ll have 12 to 24 sessions in half a year. The accurate number of sessions, however, would depend on the areas that need treatment.

So, with all these prices, how much does electrolysis cost? There’s no definite answer, but we can estimate the cost. For starters, let’s use the rates of Joyce Osborne.

Say you would need to undergo treatment every other week for 7 months at Joyce Osborne. That length of treatment is equivalent to 14 sessions. Within those sessions, you would have to undergo 3 one-hour treatments and 11 15-minute ones. Using the rates above, that would be:

3 (one-hour sessions) X US$90 = US$270

11 (15 min sessions) X US$25 = US$275

TOTAL: US$545 for 14 sessions

Note that we calculated the cost using only the lowest prices and our own treatment conditions. To get an accurate estimate, you could try consulting with your electrologist first.

Expect that your first sessions would be lengthy as it is only the beginning of the hair removal process. In time, your sessions would be shorter until the area is cleared. Remember that the aim of electrolysis is the permanent removal of unwanted hair, so you are supposed to continue with the sessions until there’s no trace left of your old hairy self.

Choosing an Electrologist

Besides knowing the cost of electrolysis, you should know how to choose your electrologist. One way to do that is to visit the American Electrology Association website and search for electrolysis experts using their online finder. The site only shows certified electrologists so you don’t have to worry about qualifications.

You could also ask past clients about the quality of service and rates of electrologists near your area.

Once you’ve chosen your electrolysis expert, make sure that he/she would allow you to consult first and would give you a brief medical history, explain to you the procedure, and provide you an estimate of the length of treatment. Also, ask if you want to verify something.

Remember, you would devote some time and spend money for the electrolysis sessions. With that said, it is important that you find an expert who is qualified to carry on the treatment. If you do that, then expect that your unwanted hair won’t reappear and annoy you anymore. Never again.

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