How Much Does EMG Test Cost?

An Electromyography or EMG is a test done to measure the response of your muscle in relevance to the nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. This test is critical in detecting any neuromuscular abnormalities. The test will assess the health of your muscles as well as the nerve cells that will control them. If you are interested in taking this test you might be wondering how much does EMG test cost. We will discuss the various fees that you should be aware of if you want to take the test.

Rates Of An EMG Test

If your doctor suspects that you have a carpal tunnel syndrome then they will ask you to take an EMG exam. If you also have any muscle disorder such as a muscular dystrophy, your doctor will suggest taking the same exam. There are many nerve disorders that EMG can detect and one of them is myasthenia gravis.

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The nerve conduction study price will vary depending on the hospital you are taking the exam or the state that you are in. Aside from that, your insurance policy can also help you lower the cost of your EMG exam.

An EMG exam is usually covered by your health insurance. But if not the cost of EMG test will range from $150 to $1500. The cost will increase depending on the extremity of the exam as well. If you have an insurance policy, they will cover 10% to 50% of the total cost of the exam.

This means that you will be able to lower the price from $135 to $1350 if they cover 10% of the cost. If your insurance policy will cover 50% of the cost the price will lower to as much as $75 to $450 per exam.

If you are living in the Philadelphia area there are clinics that offer an EMG Test for only $250 to $350. Before you can take the exam you would need to get an appointment first. You cannot just drop by the clinic without getting an appointment as they may not be able to entertain you.

To get an appointment, you can always call the clinic’s phone number or leave them a message. This process will be more convenient for you because you do not have to go to the clinic for scheduling.

There are also other clinics that offer a convenient way to take the exam. All you have to do is contact them and make an appointment and they will be the one to come over to your place. This is very suitable for those who cannot go out of the house because of some illness.

The nerve conduction study price done at home will cost you $300 to $350 per test. You will get the result of the exam after 24 hours from when the test was done. The cost will vary though if you are not a local person. This is because the cost of the test will include the transportation fee already.

There are also other states that offer a higher fee with regards to an EMG exam. Some hospital rates can go up to as much as $1425 just on the EMG test alone. If you have an insurance then you can lower the cost to $600. Note that if you are going to undergo a carpal tunnel surgery, your insurance provider will not pay for your surgery of you do not get the EMG test.

You may be wondering why other clinics and hospital have very expensive exam cost. This is because the cost will include the equipment, insurance then rent of the equipment and a lot of other factors.

If you are living in the LA Area, you can also expect a higher rate for an EMG exam. The cost of the exam will likely range from $1000 to $1500 for the test alone. Usually, the cost will be for the test done on your legs and arms.

You can also take a package exam if you need to take both an EMG and an NVC exam. The cost of EMG test including an NVC will be around $500 plus an additional cost of the needle.

Additional Cost Of An EMG Test

After the EMG test, the doctor may suggest that you schedule a follow-up visit to the clinic. The visit may cost an additional doctor’s fee of around $200 depending on the rate of your doctor. But if you have an insurance, you can deduct 10% to 50% of the cost of the doctor’s rate.

If your doctor will find an abnormality with the result they will suggest additional test in order to make sure that their diagnosis is concise. Additional test may cost around $150 to $1000 depending on the test that would need to be taken.

Oftentimes, you are getting the EMG test because you are feeling any discomfort on your muscles. If your doctor informs you that you have a carpal tunnel syndrome you would have to undergo a surgery to cure it. The average cost of the surgery will be around $2,451.

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You would still have to pay for the anesthesia services which is around $400. But this amount will only last for 45 minutes. If the surgery extends you would need to add up to the cost of the additional minute. You would also have to pay for the room in the hospital where you are staying. The cost of a typical room will be $1000 to $1800 per day.

If your doctor request that you take an EMG exam it would be best that you do it right away. This is because the longer you wait the worst is going to happen to your muscles. These type of disorder needs to be corrected immediately so that it will not affect your day to day activity.

But you should remember that an EMG exam will not detect any brain or spinal cord diseases and injury. The exam is to detect any issues and abnormalities in your muscle. So you better ask your doctor what appropriate exam you need to take.

How You Can Save On Your Next EMG Test

Now that you know how much does EMG test cost it is the time that you know how you can save on the cost. An EMG test is quite expensive and you would have to prepare the amount if you want to take it.

One way that you can save on the cost of your test is by using your insurance policy. As you have already known, you can save as much as 10% to 50% of the total cost of the exam. So you better make use of your insurance plan properly.

Another way that you can save on cost is to use your HAS or FAS to save on the cost of the test and the surgery in case you need one. You can check with your company if they offer these service and ask if you can use them for your EMG exams and surgery.

EMG test is very important because it can help find a damage to your nervous system. It can test the large nerves as well as the smaller nerves to ensure that they are working the way they are supposed to be. Do not hesitate in taking the exam as health should be your top priority.

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