How Much Does Esthetician School Cost

An Esthetician is someone who has a specialization in the beautification of the skin. They are not skin doctors rather they are skin care professional who has the right skills and learning to perform cosmetic skin treatments such as light chemical peel, facials, body treatment and even waxing. These professionals know the process of how to take care of the skin as well as how to treat cosmetic skin problems.  If you are interested in studying to be one and is wondering how much does esthetician school cost then we will give you a summary of the cost for this course.

Cost of An Esthetician School Course

An Esthetician can tell what your skin type is, the treatment that you need for your skin problem and the product that would best fit for your type of skin. If this type of Esthetician School work interest you then you can study at a beauty school and become a certified Esthetician Schoolesthetician so that you can use what you learned from them. The average cost of esthetician school will vary depending on the state you are at and the school you would like to enroll.

Here is the esthetician school fee that you should be aware of:

If you plan to take up an esthetician course at the Michigan College of Beauty, the amount that you would have to pay for the whole course will be $4,615.00. The fee will include 420 Clock Hour Tuition Charge worth $4,000.00 plus the Student Kit‐Textbook worth $500.00. You would also need to pay an Application Fee worth $100.00 and there is also a State Registration Fee worth $15.00.

If you want to be an Esthetician Instructor right after taking the main course, you can do so for a fee worth $3,215.00. As a breakdown of the cost that you would pay for the instructor course, a $2800.00 fee will be for the 600 Clock Hour Tuition Charge followed by the Student Textbook worth $300.00. There is also the Application Fee worth $100.00 and the State Registration Fee for only $15.00.

If you want to take what you’re learning from school to a higher level, you can take the Intermediate Master’s Course which is a 600-hour program that can be finished via 4 months full time or an 8 months part time course. The course costs $8900.00 which includes the tuition fee worth $7900.00 and a kit worth $1000.00.

But if you want a complete Esthetician course that will prepare you to work in a clinical environment if you have not had any prior industry experience or education then you can take the Full Esthetician Course. The course is a 1200 hour course which can be finished in 8 months if you study full time or 16 months if you are working part time. This course will provide you the highest level of esthetic education. Esthetician school fee for this course will be $16000.00 for the whole course which has a breakdown of the tuition fee worth $14000.00 and the Esthetic kit worth $2000.00.

Cost Of Esthetician Course For Different Schools

If you are wondering how much a Beauty School cost in your state, we will give you a brief overview of the average cost of esthetician school near you:

StateTuition FeeEsthetician KitRegistration FeeTotal Cost
North Carolina$3900.00$500.00$100.00$4500.00

Note that this are estimates and there are some schools in your state that may offer a lesser tuition fee or a higher tuition fee depending on the school that you want to attend.

The state that offers the cheapest and most convenient way of paying is the one in Massachusetts. As you can see on the table, you would only need to pay your tuition fee and the rest of the payments are already covered; from the kit to the registration. The total amount that you would have to pay is only $8750.00.

But if you are living in California then the price you have to pay will be very steep compared to the other states. The average course fee of an Esthetician course in California will range from $9000.00 to $13000.00. A Beauty School in California will charge the student with a tuition fee worth $10000.00 plus the kit worth $1800.00 and the enrollment or registration fee worth $100.00.

It is very likely that when you travel to other states, the cost of an Esthetician School will be different from the previous schools that you have canvassed. For the cost to be lesser it would be best if you try to inquire at Community Colleges as their tuition fee is cheaper ranging from $2000.00 to around $3000.00 for the whole course. You will have to add a minimal amount for the books and kits as well.

Aside from the tuition fee, you would also have to think about the other expenses that you may incur while you are studying your course. Among the additional expenses that you have to think of is your room and board charges as well as your personal expenses and transportation. It would be nice if you are living with a relative or family for free but if not, you would have to spare around $7000.00 to $12000.00 depending on your accommodation or meals that you have accumulated over the whole course. You will also be spending around $3500.00 to $8500.00 for the transportation and personal expenses.

The price of the accommodation and other expenses will greatly vary if you are also working on a part time job because it will take you a longer time to finish the course. It would be best if you rent a small room which is near the school so that you can save on the transportation cost and check if your part time job offers free meal so that you can save on that as well.

Other Cost Saving Tips When Enrolling At An Esthetician School

If you are still wondering how much does esthetician school cost, there are still several ways that you can save on your school cost. One of the ways that you can save on your school cost is by doing your research. Check several schools that offer the same course and ask around if which school is better. You can compare their prices and courses. This way, you will choose the perfect school for you.

The next thing that you need to do is check if the college offers a scholarship or grant. Take the exam for the scholarship and study your way to get one. Getting a grant or a scholarship will greatly help you in paying off your school fees. You can save to as much as 50% or your fees if you get the grant. If your parents are working in the force then many schools will give you a special discount for the service that your parents have rendered to the country.

Do not hesitate to enroll in a state college. You might think that enrolling in a private school is better but usually you will get the same type of service and learning from a state school. It is a lot cheaper but the education and diploma will probably be the same.

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