How Much Does A Face Paint Cost?

For several years, you have been consistent on surprising your child and his guests during his parties. You’ve tried clowns, inflatable houses, trampolines, pool parties, and several more. However, this year you want to try out something far different and unique, something like – face painting.

Certainly, in preparing for a birthday party or any similar event, you estimate the costs. Now, in adding such unique features for the party, you need to verify of course how much does face paint cost in the recent times. Apparently, a face painting feature in a party is not that expensive when factors affecting the prices are considered gravely. However, you can always cut costs depending on your preferences.

The Average Cost of Face Painting

Face make ups paint

In identifying the amounts you need to prepare for a face painting feature in your planned party or event, you have to consider the factors affecting the range of costs. Generally, there are only a few things you have to note carefully in succeeding to obtain the best face painting at a lower price.

Primarily and majorly, the range of face painting prices depends largely on the types of paints to be used. You have the liberty to choose from whether metallic, pastel, neon or bright colors, and other types of paints made available in different markets. Furthermore, the quality and brand of the chosen paints will come into picture in terms of price differences.

Secondly, the additional features and characteristics of face paints such as glitters, extra designs, brushes, and the like since all of these things are very much essential in having a face painting booth or feature in your party.

And thirdly, the one who will do the painting since this will pretty much affect your overall expenses especially when you intend to hire professionals and artists. However, if you are a painter and artistic in your own ways, you could always do the painting by yourself or ask anyone in the family if there is one.

With these factors given at hand, the average cost of having a face painting booth or feature in your party usually starts at $50 for basics and may reach up to $300 or more for a more exquisite approach of face painting.

Do-It-Yourself Face Painting

If you intend to do the painting all by yourself or with the assistance of your artistic friends and families, all you need to purchase are the materials.

Today, you can commonly see 6 colored pallets that may require you to pay amounts of $9 to $17. As for 8 colored palettes, the price would range from $25 to $70. Single palettes with six or eight colors are also available at a price of $12 to $30. Four colored palettes can be bought for a price less than $10. Sometimes available colors in palettes aren’t enough, with this, you can always buy single color paints or in a bundle. This would cost you around $10 for regular single color paints or $12 for the neon or metallic type.

Most of these face paint packages offer additional brush to go along with it so you won’t have to bother buying separate brushes. Face paint brushes are also available in stores to replace the broken brush. With different sizes available, these replacement brushes can be yours only for $3 to $5.To add an extra oomph to your face paint designs, you can always add glitters. Facial glitters give that extra sparkle in your designs at a price of only $7 to $10.

High quality paints such as those sold by Snazaroo are highly suggested for parties. They offer several face paint materials including glitters, palettes, brushes, kits, and paints. Prices of these materials would cost you around $7 to $80. This might be a little hefty for an average face painting price but along with this is the assurance of quality face paints. Another highly recommended brand is Tulip which offers a more affordable option. Materials for face painting abound several online stores including Amazon and Ebay.

Another essential face painting material is the character kits. These kits include characters ranging from cartoons to shapes that will help the painter in imitating a certain character with ease. Characters range from superheroes, villains, clowns, fairies and several more. Depending on the brand and the intricacy of the character, the price would range from $6 to $30. More commonly, children ask for animal designs. With this, animal kits are also available with instructional manual. These kits would range at about $5 to $10 only.

Hiring Professional Face Painters

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with artistic hands. You wouldn’t want to hear kids crying and throwing a tantrum in your party because of unpleasant face paints. With this, you can always hire the artistic skills of a professional face painter.

Face paint artists can be hired through companies or through freelance methods. They offer quality work with flexible face painting prices. Most of the time, they bring their own face painting materials so you need not to scour the mall or the internet to buy them. Depending on the artists, payment schemes can be done on a one time basis or by the hour. So if choosing to hire an artist, always negotiate and sort out their preffered payment scheme.

Image of painted face

Professional face painters would sometimes come with an expensive price tag. Because of this, some would argue that hiring a professional face painter is very impractical since face paints don’t last long and that the designs would amount to nothing after they are washed away. However, professional face painters would mean that designs are of high quality. With this, you are assured that the children will have the utmost fun and satisfaction during the party.

So now the question is, how much does face paint cost when hiring a face painter?

Professional face painters usually charge $85 per hour. This might seem expensive but this rate is actually reasonable considering the amount of time and patience needed to paint several children’s cheeks. In most children’s parties, 3-hour duration would amount to $200 in totality for a face painting session with professional face painters. This rate does not only apply to the artistic talent fee but also the amount of energy used up by calming down naughty kids.

Notes To Take When Hiring a Freelance Artist

When contacting a face painter you should always check his or her credentials. Look for a reputable face painting company or freelance artists.  It is always advisable to check first the artist’s portfolio and previous projects before actually considering them for the job. In addition, knowing how much does face paint cost when hiring a professional to do the job means you must also get to know them professionally.

To make things a little bit easier, you can always seek help from your friends and ask for recommendations for competent face painters. Through and by this way you can negotiate easily with the prior knowledge of him doing his job excellently.

Face painting is definitely a fun activity during birthday parties or for any occasion for that matter. So the next time you are looking for a nice thing to add to your party why not consider face painting. It gives the children the opportunity to become freely creative while also unleashing the inner kid in any adult.

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