How Much Does Fiber Optic Cable Installation Cost?

Are you considering installing a much more advanced type of cable in your building or property? If that is the case, then you would likely to have your building installed with fiber optic cables. It is a much better type of cable in comparison to copper wires generally.

Having these in mind, you have to consider very well the fiber optic cable installation costs and the factors affecting these since it is not a simple thing to have your cables changed from the current ones you have to the fiber types.

Primarily, there are a lot of factors to consider in installing these types of cables in your desired area or property which are to be explained in full details on the latter parts. For now, just expect for the prices to be costly but considering all of the benefits and advantages of having your building or property installed with fiber optic cables, you will know certainly that your expenses in doing so will all be worth it in the long run.

Note that the factors to be considered and well taken care of in installing the fiber cables largely affect the overall and real cost of fiber optic cable. These variables can very much dramatically either decrease or increase your expenses in the process so make sure you are to regard very well and mull over these things.

The Average Cost of Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Image of fibre optic cable

In the recent times, fiber optic cabling is very much expensive in comparison to other cabling installations. The average range of price of such cables including the overall installation costs may actually start from $1 and may reach up to $6 per foot. The specific price varies apparently on the fiber count.

Take into grave considerations that these prices may significantly increase if the recurring factors and surrounding are in difficult terms. The average fiber optic cable installation cost given are based on a very stable condition and on the location where this kind of cabling is very much favored.

In general, it is very difficult to state the exact prices you need to pay upfront in having your building or property be installed with fiber cablings since (again) there are a lot of factors and variables to take into account. However, just to give you clear idea and notion about the prices for you to prepare beforehand, it may actually require you to pay $150 and above per drop that your property has. The drops in your property can be actually measured with devices and software.

Although the recurring costs and prices may appear somewhat eye-widening and surprising for some reasons, you have to know that having a fiber cabling in your building or property is an advantage most especially if you are to install such kind of cables in your business locations. It provides more capability, reliability, and efficiency in all aspects which generally may reduce your costs and expenses in the long run.

Fiber Optic Cables vs Other Cables

In identifying the real cost of fiber optic cable, you have to be familiar with the real features and fa├žade of this kind of cable. Moreover, since costs and expenses are the subject of the matter as of the time being, you have to know the real benefits and the things that you are really paying for.

Traditionally speaking, the cables that are well seen being installed today are the copper cables. These cables are usually the traditional types that transmit electronic signals. On the other hand, what makes the fiber optic cable a more reliable and efficient choice is that this type of cable transmits light.

Now, the real advantages of the light transmissions are:

  • It can actually carry signals and data hundred percent more than cables that transmit electronic signals such as copper wires.
  • It has a greater reliability and efficiency in comparison to the traditional cables since there is a great percentage of electromagnetic interference resistance in each fiber optic cable.
  • The bandwidth is enormously high making it more an efficient and effective cable which is apparently great for commercial establishment and business systems.
  • It is much more durable due to its features of non-flammability and its light weight in general.

Fiber Lines

One great factor affecting the fiber optic cable installation cost is the fiber lines. In installing and cabling a fiber in your desired property, make sure that there is an active fiber line nearby. In addition, if this active fiber line is very much close to your property and works efficiently all throughout the vicinity, the tendency is you are likely to spend a bit cheaper since it will be much easier to install the said cable.

On the other hand, if there is no fiber line active in your location or nearby areas, expect for the overall installation job to be difficult, and accordingly, the prices are to increase significantly. Similarly, if there is an active fiber line nearby but does not work well with your area of concern.

The scenario is the same if there are obstacles along the way going to the active fiber line since these kinds of hindrances will result to further extension fiber optic cables which obviously will add to the overall expenses.

Existing Conduits

Every building and property has its own existing conduits. Now, the kind of conduit that your building has will actually determine as well the cost of fiber optic cable and its installation costs. It will be much easier and cheaper if your building or property has the very adequate type of conduit which you can take advantage in installing the said cables.

Moreover, if these existing conduits have enough spaces in it, then certainly the installation and lying up of the fiber optic cables will be much easier and simpler resulting for a cheap and upfront cost.

Permits and Necessary Documents

Image of fibre cables

Note that in some states and localities, there are instances that installing a fiber optic cable to certain buildings and properties must be accompanied by necessary and required documents or permits. Although there are cases that permits and documents are easily obtained especially if all of the requirements and necessary specifications are presented and passed properly.

However, if your state or county jurisdictions have a very strict and strenuous process of getting the necessary permits then expect for paying additional expenses and fees to accomplish such essential and required tasks.

Other Factors To Consider

Generally, there are a lot more factors to consider especially that these factors may increase your overall expenses in installing fiber optic cables. One great example to this is the size or area of your property where you intend to install the said cables since consequently if your area is much larger than the usual, expect for more rigorous procedures in finishing the installation job which obviously will result to a much higher cost.

In totality, opting for a fiber optic cable in your property is a good choice since it caters a lot more benefits and advantages on your own ventures and projects. However, just be sure to prepare for the recurring costs and expenses. It may surprise you at first but in the long run, you will see that all your payments and expenses are really worth it.

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