How Much Does Flushing a Transmission Cost?

If you are a car person then maintaining your beloved car’s performance at its best is your number one priority for your car. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when maintaining the finest performance of your cherished automobile. One of the ways to maintain your cars performance is Transmission Flushing. It is a maintenance procedure where all of the oil in a car’s transmission is removed and using a special machine, all the filth and muck is pushed out, and then the empty transmission is filled with the new oil. This procedure is done to replace the used oil with fresh one and remove dirt and sludge inside your transmission.

If you have certain problems with your car, like having odd noises or gear shifting issues, then it might be better to check and maintain your car. Replacing a transmission could cost you a thousand of dollars. So maintaining it would be the best way to save money. But the question is how much does a transmission flush cost?

There are a lot of factors to mind that may affect the cost of a transmission flush. Listed below is the average transmission flush price.

Average Transmission Flush Cost

For a transmission flush, you might have to pay somewhere in between the range of $75 up to $380. However, if you have high-end luxury cars then you should expect to pay more than $200 for the full service.

Factors like the car’s model, the location where you are, the kind of shop you are going to, the machine that the shop will use, and extra services like changing the pan and replacing the filter will add up in the total cost you will pay for this procedure.

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  • For a luxury, exotic or high-end cars, prices could be significantly higher. Whether the work is done at a typical automobile repair shops or a car dealership. The typical cost would run around $200 up to $378 for just a normal transmission flush.
  • For a standard transmission flush price, expect to pay the cost of around $75 up to $150. The cost usually covers changing the filter, and normally uses about six up to 8 quarts of oil. This type of flushing does not replace the five up to 8 quarts of oil stuck in the transmission’s torque converter so that the new oil will combine with the new one. Car experts recommend draining and replenishing three times so that the oil is completely changed.
  • How much does a transmission flush cost when using a pressurized machine in flushing a transmission? Well, it can cost you around $125 up to $300 or more. This process may comprise pushing a special cleaning compound through the whole system. This type of process called the power flush usually replaces all of the transmission fluid and may require you 12 up to 22 quarts.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Transmission Flush

The cost of how much does transmission flush depends on several factors compromising your car’s model, where you live, what kind of shop you are going to, machine the shops are using, and many additional services.

  • The car’s year, make, and model of the car and also the model of transmission affects the cost. Automatic transmission and manual transmission charges differently since manual transmission does not contain the filter, which means that as the parts of the equipment wear, the oil your transmission have will pick fragments of metals and will not be able to filter them.
  • The area where you live also affects transmission flush price. It is because a lot of cities have a higher cost of labor.
  • Type of shop you are going to also affects. An oil and lube or auto repair shop has an average cost around $75 up to $150. At dealerships repair shops, it would cost you around $77 up to $295 with an average of around $205. Also, an independent mechanic charges differently.
  • Type of flushing machine that the shop is using can also affect the price. There are two types of flushing machine that can be used, first is the cooler line and the second one is the pump inlet.
  • The type of fluid used also affects. Usually, the synthetic fluid is the more expensive one.
  • The amount of fluid required affects the cost. Normally a transmission flush would require six up to 8 quarts of fluid only. Letting the other old five up to 8 quarts of fluid to mix with the new one. But some shops require you to replace all the fluid inside your transmission by draining and replacing the oil three times so that it would completely be replaced. So a lot of transmission flush cost will be going to the extra fluid needed. Not to mention the shops professional flushing equipment used.
  • Additional services the shop has will add up to your total cost. A normal transmission flush would consist of draining the fluid, cleaning the pan, replacing the filter and adding new fluid. Services like filter replacement and pan removal, both of these services are required to make the life of your transmission extend.
  • The brand of the fluid to be used. Popular brands that are recommended by experts are much more expensive than those of other brands. Make sure to use the brand that has a good quality and reputation.

Extra Costs

A company called A Team Transmission in Columbus, Ohio says that it is better to consult a trained transmission technician before having any service done. Usually, some of these technicians charge you in their consultation, but they will give you good advice on what to do with your car to make it at its best performance.

Normally, extra costs are unavoidable in this type of situation, especially if your car has a lot of mechanical condition.

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  • Most of the shops expect that your car is still in good shape. If they found some problems with your car, they will repair the damage and will ask you an extra.
  • Debris dislodged by the power flush occasionally clogs the transmission and the pressure damages the seals. Repairing those damage seals will also cost you an extra.
  • Some good shops are too far away from your area. You might travel a long way just to make your car avail a transmission flush. Extra mile costs you an extra gas.

How to save money in transmission flushing

  • Do it yourself would cost you much less than going to the shops. Around $40 up to $90 will only cost you if you try to do it on your own. A site called com has a video that provides general how to instructions. You can always visit their websites to know the Do’s and Don’ts in doing this kind of service. They also have some good advice for your car on their website.
  • But having a service provider is a good thing since they can determine if you need some repairs for your car. They will also know how to do the job professionally. They also have machines which they know how to use properly and the method of usage.

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