How Much Does Garage Extension Cost

Usually, when you buy a new home it often comes with a garage. But there are times that the garage may be too small for you or often times the garage can only occupy one car which will be a hassle if you have more than one vehicle so the thought of extending your garage will come in mind. Adding onto existing garage may accumulate cost that is why it is crucial that you are prepared in terms of budget because any home renovation will cost a lot of money no matter what.

Cost of A Garage Extension

No matter what your reason could be for extending your garage; it could be because you just need an extra space to fill with other items from your home or you need to house a second car or you want to remodel it into a living space, there is a definite cost to every remodeling works. A garage extension cost will vary depending on the size of the lot as well as the extension work that you would need to do.

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Some garages have an electrical mechanism to automatically open and close the garage while others do not. This function will also matter in the total cost of the garage extension. Let us say that you are extending your garage to 380 square feet. The total cost of the materials and labor will range from $3,474 to $4,053. The cost will differ upon the number of hours the project is done as well as the materials used in the project. A typical cost of material will be around    $1,935 to $2,258.

As a breakdown of the cost, if you plan to include an interior design to your garage so that you can make it into a living space, you would have to pay around $204 – $341. You would also need to install additional ceiling lightings which will cost you $178 to $306. You would also have to add an electrical baseboard heater which cost $235 to $407. The cost of insulating the garage would approximately be $2.00 per square foot.

If you want your floors to look presentable, you may want to add vinyl tiles on the flooring which will likely cost you $5.15 to $9.33 per square foot. You also have other options for your flooring but the price will vary. If you opt to choose a ceramic tile, the cost of this type of flooring will be $1,640. A laminate floor will likely cost you $2,748, while a linoleum floor will cost $1,185. If you opt to use natural stone tile, the cost of this type of flooring is $1,826 but if you want to make it look sophisticated then choose a wood flooring for $4,396.

There are a lot of others things that you need to think of for adding onto existing garage. You would also have to think of the cost of permits and plans in case your local state requires it. There are some state that does not need permits while others require them.

Cost That Factors On A Garage Extension

When you have decided to finally extend your garage, you would have to think of a realistic budget to complete the project. Adding onto existing garage could mean that you have to consider the architectural services with a professional fee of around 10% to 15% of the total cost of the project. If you feel like your project is fairly simple then you can opt out from hiring one.

You would also have to consider paying for a person to remove an existing wall if you want the garage to be extended. The cost can range from $300–$500 depending on the size of the wall and it’s built. If there are any excavation needed, you would have to shell out a large amount ranging from $1500 to $2500 just for the excavation alone. This could be needed to prep the area for flooring or concrete slabbing.

Since we are already talking about concrete slabbing, it would be a great knowledge for you to know that the average cost of this procedure is $75.00 per cubic yard while the support beams and trusses may cost you $15 to $30.00 per square foot which includes the labor charge and the cost of the lumber.

Since this is an extension of an existing garage, you would also have to consider the garage extension cost of the roofing and the materials that you would use for the roof. An average cost of a roofing will be $80–$100 per square foot if you are using asphalt shingles and galvanized metal flashing. If you want to use Metal roofing and slate then you would have to expect to pay a higher price.

If you plan to use dry walling to finish your interior, the cost of this procedure will be $9.80 for each 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of drywall. You can also add windows for proper ventilation and additional lighting but you would have to prepare $300–$700 for the cost of each window though.

How To Save Cost On Your Garage Extension

How To Save Cost On Your Garage Extension

You might be overwhelmed by the garage extension cost that you are reading but know that you can still save on the cost of your next renovation project. One way that you can save on renovation cost is by thinking whether to extend your garage or just to remodel it.

Remodeling is cheaper compared to adding or extending the unit. This is because you do not need to break down a wall or add new walls, flooring, beams or roof that is why you can save on the cost. If you think about it, if you extend your garage and add an additional 200 square foot, the extension cost can start from $48,000 to $95,000. It cost a lot because it requires a lot of work.

Another way that you can save on the cost of your garage extension is by choosing a simple design instead of a complicated and complex structure. A square type structure will work well for a garage extension, it is simple and easy to build.

You can also save on the labor cost if you DIY the project. You can save thousands of dollars if you do the extension yourself but just make sure that you have the right skills to do it. Do not just jump into a project that you are not sure that you can finish. You can also seek the help of your friends if you want to get the work done faster. You really do not need to pay them. A bottle of beer and barbecue will do, right after you finish the project. It’s a good way to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones.

You should also try to project-manage your garage extension. Be your own foreman and liaison. Buy the materials yourself and buy them in bulks. Many shops offer discounts if you buy in bulks. You can save as much as 10% of the total price buying at one store. You can also check for sale items that you would need. These markdown items will greatly help you save on the cost of your project. If you DIY your garage extension or micro-manage it, it will be very rewarding and will become a nice home renovation experience.

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