How Much Does a Golden Retriever Cost?

Dogs are the number one domestic pets in the world. They are the most loyal, joyful, and obedient pet you could have. That is why they are called “Man’s Best Friend.” They are also very intelligent and can learn many things from you and their surroundings. Because of their amazing characteristics, people are now cross-breeding dogs to get the best result of a dog they could ever have.

There are many dog breeds in the world that you can choose, from a giant and furry Tibetan Mastiff down to cute and adorable pugs. Depending on what type of dog you want. You can either have a dog which will help you guard your house or choose a cute furball to give you love that you are longing for. But there is a certain breed of dogs that is very popular and widely known in America, and that is the Golden Retriever.

Image of Golden Retriever

There are many shades of gold you can choose in a golden retriever; either you choose cream or dark gold. There is also light golden retriever available. This certain breed of dog is loved due to their amazing gentle nature, loyalty, and you can take care of them easily. Many people owning this kind of dog have not regretted every single day of their lives. If you are planning on having a pet dog, why not get a golden retriever?

But please bear in mind that owning a puppy is like having your child, and it needs 8-12 years of full commitment.

Average Cost

First of all, how much does a golden retriever cost? Well, the cost depends on where you will get one. You could either get them through an adoption or buy them from a pet store or a professional breeder.

Before you purchase a lovable golden retriever, make sure that the puppy you are buying is in good health and is in good condition without any defects. To ensure the puppy’s health, you can go and visit the animal shelter in your area. Typically, they keep the creatures’ health records with them. They also have staffs that are knowledgeable about the animal’s medication and treatment.

  • Usually, when you get one in an adoption store, golden retriever cost is nonexistent. Depending on the animal rescue shelter you are adopting in. There are also adoption centers that ask adoption fees that are affordable for you. Golden retriever puppies cost in animal shelter usually runs around $300 up to $600. It is already guaranteed at that price that the puppy is in a very good condition. But this type of dog is unusual in that place, which is why it is recommended that you instead buy from a pet store or a breeder.
  • Professional breeders often sell their pups at pet stores and the pet stores then will sell the puppy to a customer. Usually, the price of a golden retriever puppy runs around $300 up to $1000 when you buy them at a pet store. But there is sometimes a disadvantage when you buy them there. Some pet stores lie and won’t tell the real status of the pup’s condition. The most important thing to most pet stores is that their puppies will be sold no matter what. That is why it is wise that whenever you buy a puppy from a pet store, you should immediately visit a vet to check the pup’s health.
  • Another way of purchasing is through a professional breeder. How much does a golden retriever cost when you buy it from them? Well, the price would be high and can go from $2,000 up to $3,000. Wondering why it is expensive? The reason is that professional breeders make sure that the puppy they are selling is in a very good condition and good shape and quality. The price also includes the methods of breeding one and training given by them.

Extra Costs

Buying a pet makes extra cost unavoidable. Their food and maintenance is one thing to mind. There are also emergency cases where you will have to spend money. So whenever you are planning to have one, make sure to have a lot of extra budgets.

  • The total golden retriever puppies cost may increase since you will have to pay for the license you need. The license should give you the authorization to own the dog. You’ll spend around $50 when you get your license. Enrolling your dog in clubs could also help you with the membership benefits they have. The fees in a dog club would range from $100 up to $200.
  • Of course, your pet won’t survive if you don’t feed them. Also, they need foods that are best for them and could give them the proper amount of vitamins and minerals they need. The cost of golden retriever food depends on the dog’s size and feeding. Some dogs eat a lot, so expect to have a bigger budget on food. For a medium-sized golden retriever, a price of around $50 up to $70 per month would be needed (around $600 up to $800 per year). Pedigree is one of the popular brands of dog food.
  • As your puppy grows, it will be more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. That is why as time goes by, medical expenses for your dog also increases. Healthcare is another extra factor for the golden retriever cost.
    • Unfortunately, golden retrievers have a high risk of cancer. It is a hereditary trait to them. If your dog, unfortunately, suffers from one, then the cost for a cancer treatment ranges from $8000 up to $15000.
      • Another genetic illness for most golden retrievers is Epilepsy. The cost of a seizure treatment can cost you around $20 up to $100.
      • A condition that is uncommon to these kinds of dogs is Hypothyroid. But it can be treated easily with proper medication (around $50 per month) and a regular checkup to monitor the level of their thyroid (around $80 up to $200 per year).
      • Another disorder common to golden retrievers is Dysplasia. If your dog has this, then it might need surgery. A dysplasia surgery is not cheap. The operation should be performed by a professional orthopedic surgeon. The cost would run around $3000 up to $5000.

To avoid these illnesses and other more, it is wise to have a yearly visit to your vet. A cost of around $350 per year would be needed. The price already includes basic care, yearly immunization for your dog and deworming.

Paiting dog imge

  • Golden retriever’s hair is one of the most beautiful among all dogs. For your dog to maintain its beauty, a proper grooming maintenance should be given to them. It is up to you if you want to go to a dog parlor to groom your dog. If you want to save money, you can always do the grooming in your home. The grooming only includes your dog’s bathing and frequent brushing.

Golden retriever’s hair also grows long, so whenever you feel that the length of your dog’s hair is already long,  you could always trim their hair on their legs (particularly at the back), ears, and tail using simple scissors. Their nails should also be trimmed regularly.

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