How Much Does Gravel Cost?

Starting a project using gravel is relatively practical in comparison to other aggregates. More often than not, gravel is the most basic element needed in completing a driveway project, a garden project, or even the larger scope ones such as buildings, warehouses, and the likes. Now, estimation of how much gravel is needed is very crucial to these circumstances. And same applies to estimating and computing how much does gravel cost today.

Gravel in general has three types and classifications. Moreover, gravel may also be purchased in three ways. These types and ways of purchasing are only two of the main factors affecting the prices of gravel. In addition, there are other aspects as well that are needed to ponder on in estimating and knowing the costs.

The Average Cost of Gravel By Means of Volume / Amount Purchasing

Generally, your way of purchasing gravels depends largely on the scope of the project to be done.

  • Gravel in Pounds

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For a smaller scale and scope of project such as DIY gardens and residential driveways, you only need small volumes and amounts of gravel. Usually, small volumes of gravels are placed and may be purchased in bags. The average cost for a bag is typically within the range of $2 to $8. Specific bags may normally weigh initially at 50 lbs.

  • Gravel in Tons or Almost

There are projects and activities as well that may require gravel in tons of volume. These types of projects are more often than not the larger scales such as normal grounds for buildings, residential homes, commercial driveways, and the like. The normal gravel prices range is from $15 up to $100 per ton depending on the type and classification of the gravel.

  • Gravel in Cubic Yards

If gravels are now measured in cubic yards, it only means that the aimed project is huge enough. Types of these projects are usually handled by contractors such as construction, engineering, and landscaping companies.

The amounts are relatively high as well because the volume is much higher in comparison to the pound and ton bases. The average price range starts at $15 up to $120 per cubic yard which is actually estimated to 1.2 up to 1.7 tons. Basically, it is somewhat relative to the ton basis but since clients are from established companies with bigger scopes of projects, the volume of the gravel being ordered is more than a cubic yard.

The Price Range of Gravel By Means of Classifications

As mentioned above, estimating how much does gravel cost is also dependent on the types and classifications of the gravel.

  • .1” to .5” in Diameter Gravels

These types of gravels are usually and normally the smaller stones. More often than not, these are the water-worn river gravels that have the smoothest edges. The normal price for this type is $2 to $4 in bags or per 50 pounds (lbs). Consequently, the price range varies proportionally to the means of purchasing in volumes.

  • 6” to 1.5” in Diameter Gravels

The bigger-sized gravels are normally the sharped-edged crush rocks. On a normal circumstance, these gravels are being mechanically crushed into small pieces for certain applications in different projects.

The price for this type of gravel falls averagely between $5-$8 per bag or per 50 pounds (lbs). By large and whole, these gravels are the most usual ones being used on commercial projects. In addition, these are being purchased mostly by the people in the landscaping and construction industries.

  • Decorative Gravels

Decorative gravels are only used if times, clients, and owners ask to. As the name states, this specific type of gravel is only used for decorations. Frequently, decorative gravels may differ in its colors, appearances, and sizes; thus, they are the most expensive type. Decorative gravel prices may start at $9 per bag or per 50 pounds.

Other Cost Factors to Be Considered

Certainly, in purchasing gravels, there are definitely other essential cost factors that must be considered.

  • Deliveries and Pick Up

Since gravels are relatively heavy especially when bought in heavier or larger volumes and amounts, there is a need for a good and adequate mode of transportations.

Purchase and Pick Up

There are stores that offer the selling and distributing alone. Meaning, as the buyer, you will be the one to shoulder the burden of bringing your orders from the store location to the site or the area of project. There will be no costs added on the seller’s or supplier’s end, and on the items or the gravels you purchased. However, costs will be added on your budget because you need to have these gravels picked up.

For small amounts or bags, there will be no problem at all since these may be all carried by your normal autos or cars. But for the bigger volumes and amounts, there is now a need for you to hire trucking services.

The prices of renting such trucks or also known as the dump trucks are largely dependent on the size and capacity of the truck and the distance of the travel. Average price of rentals usually starts at $150 including the drivers, gas, and all related services to pick ups and deliveries. Prices may increase with additional $20 to $50 per miles depending on the company or rental service.

Purchase and Deliver

On the other hand, most gravel suppliers have their own trucks for the purpose of order deliveries. It is much practical apparently to choose suppliers with services of such kind. Normally, you will just add $10 to $20 to the overall cost of gravel being purchased for the delivery charges.

  • Minimum Orders

Now, there are suppliers and gravel companies as well that offer different terms of purchasing. Usually, they have to require minimum orders before allowing a client to establish a tie with them. Minimum orders normally range from 50 bags and above.

Additionally, there are companies who offer free delivery charges when certain buyer or client reaches the minimum quantity required.

  • Discounts

Gravelled country Road

In the recent times, discounts and terms of concessions are being put forward as well by different gravel suppliers since it caters a lot more clients and buyers. Some would say it is one of the prominent marketing strategies to attract more prospects today. True enough – suppliers would only give discounts to loyal buyers and clients. Also, they give lesser amounts to people who buy huge amounts of products.

Discounts may actually differ from each client or buyer to another depending on their specific terms with the supplier. You may actually obtain 10% up to 50% worth of discounts on the overall cost of gravel you intend to purchase. Note that discounts and terms given are dependent on the marked ties you have established with them.

  • Installers

If you are to do some small project on your own, you will likely need to have skilled persons to install the gravel you purchased. The hiring of gravel installers is apparently dependent on your preferences. On a normal basis, intaller’s rate ranges from $50 to $75 per hour. Even so, you may also try to work it out on your own if the project is basic and may be done even without the help of skilled laborers.

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