How Much Does Gravel Driveway Cost?

For a home owner that has a car, having their driveway is vital since you could suitably park your car there. But if your house does not have its driveway then it is up to you to make one. There are different types of the driveway that you can build, whether you use asphalt, concrete, pavers, or other options. However, most of these types have expensive costs. There is another type of driveway that costs much less than the others, the Gravel Driveway. Unlike the other types mentioned above, the gravel driveway can be completed without having to rent heavy machinery or equipment.

The materials needed are also much cheaper than the others. This type of driveway is also inexpensive to maintain. If you are planning to have a Gravel Driveway at your home, one thing will surely be in your mind, how much does gravel driveway cost?

It could be a do it yourself development if you plan on setting up your gravel driveway to lessen the gravel driveway price, but we recommend to have a professional driveway installer to take care of it, especially if you don’t have experience in heavy masonry. These professionals will install your driveway with a drainage that has a proper depth. These people also have good knowledge on what materials to use that will best suit your planned project.

There are also a lot of factors that may affect the total price of your planned projects. It is wise to prepare extra money for your budget to make sure that your gravel driveway will be finished in no time.

Average Gravel Driveway Cost

If you want to hire a contractor, Driveway Guide will help you find a reliable one near your location.

Beautiful Gravel Driveway

  • Crush gravel would typically cost you around $10 up to $60 or even more for a cubic yard of a driveway. The price depends if you are the one who will get the gravel or you if want it to be delivered to you instead.
  • The type of gravel used also affects the price.
  • The length you are planning for your gravel driveway is also an important factor to consider, as this will also affect the price.
  • If you plan to put up a complete driveway that has a base and a surface that is made from compacted gravel, then the cost of a driveway stone will run from $0.75 up to $3 or even more.
  • It will require you around ten up to 14 tons of gravel for 12 feet by 25 feet single car driveway with a thickness of 9 inches. This would cost you around $100 up to $850.
  • 26 tons of gravel will be needed if you want a 14 feet by 100 feet driveway with a thickness of 6 inches. This would cost you around $260 up to $1560 just for the stones alone.
  • For a complete 12 feet by 25 feet single car driveway that have a thickness of 4 inches up to 8 inches, the price would run from $300 up to $1000.
  • And if you want to spend a lot of money, a 12 feet wide and a quarter-mile long with slopes and curves will cost you around $11,000 up to $60,000.

Factors affecting the price of Gravel Driveway

  • If you are living in huge city areas, then you should prepare a huge amount of money. It is because higher prices will be charged in metropolitan areas while in small towns, they will only charge you lower gravel driveway price.
  • Land Clearing. When the area of which your proposed plan is going to built in has trees, bushes, and sometimes boulders, you should consider removing them first.
    • Light trees to be cut will cost you $48 per hour, per worker in a single acre.
    • Stump removal will cost you around $68.
    • For trees that are around 18 inches diameter big, chipping them would cost you around $20 up to $40.
    • A complete tree removal will cost you $13 up to $20 per hour.
    • Complete site clearing will cost you around $150 up to $400 per hour. If it is necessary to use heavy machinery, the cost will also increase.
  • The amount of material used will increase the cost. Contractors will give you an estimate on the expenses. The thickness of your desired driveway will increase the amount needed, thus also increasing the cost. The gravel driveway standard thickness is normally around 4 inches.
  • Type of Gravel. There are many types of gravel that depend on your desired color or strength of the driveway. This will affect the cost of a driveway stone.
    • Self-Binding Gravel is the most generally used gravel in larger driveways. It has many sizes to choose from. It is called self-binding since it will bind together overtime if the driveway is repeatedly used, which makes the driveway stronger.
    • Pea Gravel is the type of gravel that has a lot of colors to choose from. The size of this type of gravel is consistent, and its texture is not as sharp as the normal ones. This type of gravel is a bit expensive than the others.
    • River Stone are like pea gravel but has more colors to choose from. This type of gravel is rounded, which makes them the least-used type because the stones usually separate in the long run.
  • Geotextile Fabric. To increase the life of your planned driveway, it is required to have a geotextile fabric. This is to prevent the occurrence of potholes in your driveway.

Extra Costs

Image of a home driveway

  • If you live in a subdivision or a compound, there will be local regulations that you need to consider. Because of these regulations, a permit will be required to you. Typically the price of these permits will depend on the location of your driveway.
  • One disadvantage of having a gravel driveway is that weeds and small plants will grow on it. One thing to prevent this situation is to apply herbicide on it every year. Buying herbicide will be added to the extra cost.
  • As years goes by, your gravel driveway will somehow degrade. Re-grading it means you need to level the driveway again or to spread gravels again. The cost of it will vary on the size of your driveway or the amount and type of gravel for the replacement required.

Saving Money in Gravel Driveway

One biggest way to save money is to do it on your own. It will remove the expenses needed for the workers in your project. If you have a lot of time and you only have little experience with heavy masonry, then doing this yourself can help you with your budget. has a complete guide on how to do this.

  • For the base of your gravel driveway, you will need an amount from $1 up to $3 per square foot. After the base, the second layer should be put. The type of gravel should be different, and it would cost you around $3 up to $4 per square foot. The finishing of the driveway will cost you more. An inch of gravel stone runs around $4 up to $6 per square foot. It is also up to you if you want to decorate your driveway. Rocks that are used for decoration costs around $7 or more.
  • Another cost, of course, will be the equipment to be used. If you need to use a heavy machinery like a compactor, then you can rent one for about $65 per day. A roller can also cost you around $100 per day.

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