How Much Does HardiePlank Siding Cost?

When someone says fiber-cement siding, you’d probably think about James Hardie. After all, the company is inarguably a well-known name in the business. To be more precise, they started the business.

James Hardie pioneered the development of fiber-cement technology in the 1980s. Since then, they have poured all their resources into manufacturing a variety of building products using the said composite material.

One of their best-known products is the HardiePlank. The company claims that aside from being best-selling, HardiePlank is also the most popular siding brand in America. Furthermore, all of the said sidings are engineered for climate, ensuring homeowners of their house’s protection.

With the promise of quality HardiePlank offers, it sure does not come cheap, right? Let’s find out.

HardiePlank Siding Cost

One board of HardiePlank costs around US$6 to less than US$15 depending on the type and board exposure. The plank has two types available for order: primed (unpainted) and painted. On the other hand, the board exposure, which pertains to the height of the plank where it is not overlapped by adjacent planks, may range from 4” to 7”.

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Citing prices listed by Remodeling Calculator, the prices for a 12’, unpainted HardiePlank board is as follows:

  • With 4” exposure: US$6.62
  • With 5” exposure: US$7.98
  • With 6” exposure: US$9.24
  • With 7” exposure: US$10.51

Sourced from the same website, the cost for a 12’, Light Mist HardiePlank is as follows:

  • With 4” exposure: US$8.11
  • With 5” exposure: US$9.64
  • With 6” exposure: US$11.20
  • With 7” exposure: US$13.20

Aside from type and exposure, the HardiePlank siding cost varies depending on the supplier of the fiber-cement planks.

To further help you rank how pricey HardiePlank is, the company stated on its FAQ page that the lap siding is more expensive than vinyl, less expensive than brick and synthetic stucco, and equally or less costly than composite siding.

HardiePlank Siding Cost from Lowe’s

As mentioned earlier, the price of a HardiePlank board varies based on the supplier. To give you an idea, let’s take a look at the board prices of Lowe’s in Chelsea, New York.

But before that, take note that James Hardie offers four textures for the HardiePlank including cedar mill, smooth, beaded cedar mill, and beaded smooth.

Now on to the prices.

The cheapest HardiePlank board in Lowe’s is the Primed Cedar Mill which costs about US$8.05 to US$14.79 per board. Primed Cedar Mill planks that cost US$10.56 are available in timber bark, sail cloth, woodland cream, and evening blue. A Primed Beaded Smooth plank, on the other hand, is available in timber bark for US$12.66 to US$14.34.

Another company selling HardiePlank boards is Siding Direct. They price their planks from US$13.95 to US$18.11 apiece. The exact cost varies depending on your choice of width, texture, and Hardie color.

As for the colors, you can choose from 26 shades including Arctic White, Autumn Tan, Cobble Stone, Mountain Sage, Navajo Beige, Woodstock Brown, Tuscan Gold, and Aged Pewter, to name a few.

You could also check with your local supplier regarding their HardiePlank siding prices. Chances are, dealers within your area have less expensive materials than those that top the search websites.

Cost to Install HardiePlank Siding

So, how much will it cost to install HardiePlank siding? Based on the price of materials mentioned earlier, primed planks will cost you US$160 per square (or 100 sqft.), while painted planks will cost US$190 per square. Thus, if your house has 22.5 squares (equivalent to 2,250 sqft.), the siding installation alone will cost you about US$3,600 to US$4,725.

Home Advisor, on the other hand, places the average cost of installing HardiePlank siding at US$9,595, with the low cost averaging to US$1,500 and the high cost averaging to US$25,000. The price is based on actual project costs reported by the website’s members.

Furthermore, some contractors may charge depending on the quality of siding. For example, the cost for a basic installation for a 22.5-square house in Massachusetts will run around US$4,252 to US$6,480. As for “better” quality, it costs US$6,075 to US$6,682.50. If you opt for the best quality, it will cost you US$7,087.50 to US$8,100.

As for the overall price, including the materials, the total cost of installation in Massachusetts for the basic one is US$7,290 to US$10,023.75, while the better quality costs US$10, 125 to US$11,238.75, and the best quality costs US$11,745 to US$13,770.

Things to Consider

The most important factor to consider before starting your HardiePlank siding project is your choice of contractor. It is wise to get at least three estimates from different siding companies so that you can compare prices. Expect that prices may fluctuate depending on the company, as each one has different operation expenses and overhead.

Aside from that, you should also consider allocating an additional 7% to 15% budget outside of the total cost as this will prepare you for unexpected expenses that may possibly arise. Additional costs may be caused by the complexity of your house, difficult configurations, and patterns.

Why Choose HardiePlank?

The cost to install HardiePlank siding may be expensive, so why do homeowners still choose to install the material for their houses?

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For one, the close resemblance of HardiePlank to wood is favored by those who wanted an elegant look for their homes. Also, investing in the said siding project will be profitable in time. That is because if you sell your house, the siding retains about 78% of its monetary value!

HardiePlank is also 100% fire resistant, meaning it is not highly combustible as opposed to vinyl and wood. It is more like neutral against fire. That is, it’s not a flame feeder, but it’s not completely fire-proof.

Furthermore, the material is completely resistant to insects and vermin, so it will not require much maintenance when it comes to ant and termite problems.

Lastly, HardiePlank is a green building material. The cellulose fibers inside a plank made by James Hardie do not come from endangered species of wood, which means manufacturing it will not cause any damage to the environment. Also, no toxic materials are used to produce a HardiePlank board.

If you are convinced with all these qualities and you have the budget, go for the best siding option that is HardiePlank!

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