How Much Does A Hedgehog Cost?

Owning and petting a hedgehog is easier said than done. In fact, in some cities and locations around the globe, it is illegal to own one. So, if you are planning to buy hedgehogs soon, better to know if your city or your location has no specific restrictions with regard to petting them. Alongside the question of “May I pet one at home?” is one of the most crucial things to ponder on, how much do hedgehogs cost?

Hedgehogs are considered to be exotic animals since, as mentioned above, they are most of the times illegal to be kept at homes and the like. Consequently, domesticating a hedgehog may seem to be demanding at times especially when your main concern is your budget. It is because there are a lot of factors to be considered when you decide to buy and take good care of them.

The Average Cost of Hedgehogs

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Apparently, hedgehogs in general are adorable and meek. Those are only some of the reasons why they are very much adored by several pet lovers. A baby hedgehog alone is actually cheap in terms of its price but considering all the needs and necessities of taking care and petting them, there are more to specify concerning hedgehog prices.

Only in the recent years that hedgehogs are being bought and kept as pets. You may actually have yours (if your location allows it) at a price range of $75 to $250. The specific amount is largely dependent on the age, color or type, and characteristics.

These type of animals may usually be bought in different pet shops and distinct breeders. Note that It is much more recommended to purchase hedgehogs from breeders and make transactions with them because they are much more knowledgeable with the specifics and characteristics of the hedgehog you are looking for.

The Obligatory Expenses When You Buy a Hedgehog

There are a lot of things you must consider buying as well once you have already purchased your new pet. These things go side by side in calculating how much do hedgehogs cost. Meaning these are necessities for your newly bought hedgehog. Same as any pet and/or human, they need to have a comfortable and safe shelter, nutritious food and supplements, things for entertainments, and a lot more.

  • Shelter

Every animal that you wish to pet, of course, do need a safe and secured home. They need to have their own shelter or place to wander around that is somewhat close to their natural habitats. In actuality, it is not advisable and recommended for hedgehogs to be placed in an aquarium because such container is difficult to clean once your hedgehog starts to live there. In addition, your hedgehog won’t be receiving enough oxygen since it is very much enclosed.

Cages are your best choice of shelter. Usually, cages used for pet hamsters and mice are the most preferable. You can purchase this kind of cage in different pet shops and convenience stores with amounts ranging from $35 to $80 for both wire and plastic.

Beddings and heating pads are normally separated from the cages, but there are those who offer cages with beddings already. Nevertheless, your hedgehog cage must have its own beddings and pads which prices usually play between $15 to $30 depending on the material.

  • Carrier

What makes it more attracting to pet hedgehogs is that they are so handy and may be carried anytime and anywhere especially when you love to travel or go to places. Moreover, these carriers are very helpful when time comes that you need to bring your newly bought pet to its vets.

The usual and common carrier for hedgehog prices start at $8. There are stores and shops as well that sell a more personalized type of carriers but note that the price varies on the designs.

  • Wheel

One unique thing about hedgehog is that they love to exercise and wheels are their usual tool in doing this. Small wheels are the most recommendable since hedgehogs are small and they love wheels where they can fit their selves.

Flying Saucer wheels are the usual ones being used by hedgehog enthusiasts for their pets and may be purchased starting at $5 to $8.

  • Cage Accessories

Water bottle and food bowl are the most usual cage accessories you and your hedgehog will need. Bowls are recommended to be the shallow ones for convenience. There are stores and pet shops who offer prices for the inclusion of both accessories but you may opt to purchase them separately.

Usual costs for such accessories range from $5 to $10 each.

Additionally, hedgehogs must have their own huts and cover inside the cage. This is their safe haven apparently. These huts and covers are their very place for resting and sleeping. Such huts may also be purchased in different pet shops and stores with an amount starting from $6.

  • Food and Supplements

Hedgehogs are omnivores in nature. They eat different kinds of food openly and especially if these are in small pieces ready for them to consume. For most hedgehog lovers and enthusiasts, they prefer to give cat feeds for these are more nutritious and applicable to them. But you may still give them food you manually prepare.

Cat feeds such as dry kibbles may cost you around $5 to $8 a month.

Additional Costs

Dwarf HedgehogsPicture

Considering the initial hedgehog prices you are expecting including all of the inevitable expenses, it may seem that petting a hedgehog is not that too expensive. However, aside from all of the main expenses given, you must also consider the additional costs that may come right in front of you sooner or later.

  • Vet or Clinic Visits

Consultations for veterinaries and pet clinics are very much recommendable especially when you see certain and unusual changes from the behavior of your hedgehog. Normally, it would require you to prepare amounts between $20 to $100 per visit depending on the clinic and doctor. Consultation prices may also vary from the condition of your pet.

  • Vitamins

Although vitamins and the like are very much preferable, still, it will be dependent on your preferences. It is not actually a need for you to buy different kinds of vitamins not unless when your vet requires you to do so.

Just to be prepared for such incidents, the price of vitamins for hedgehogs usually starts at $10 depending on the type and classification.

  • Treats

Since you will be a good owner of your hedgehog, of course, there is a huge chance of you buying treats for your beloved pet. Treats are very usual for pet lovers especially when they get play more around with their pets and the like.

Hedgehog treats may be purchased at different stores and pet shops as well alongside the feeds and supplements. The costs for such treats range from $10 to $15.

  • Additional Toys

There are also other toys especially made for hedgehogs aside from the small wheels. It can be exercise balls, or other types of wheels applicable to their likings and interests. More often than not, pet shops offer these toys which amounts normally range from $3 to $10.

Ultimately, these are the things you must consider in seeking for the answers to the question How much do hedgehogs cost. Remember that in taking care of such animals require as well the purchasing of their necessities to live a normal life.

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