How Much Does A Horse Cost?

Horses are one of the animals that are very useful to us humans. Many of years ago, horses were used in warfare because of their amazing speed and long-lasting endurance. Different variety of riding and driving techniques were discovered during wars. Because of their usefulness, a lot of people developed many styles and invented many equipments for fully controlling horses. As years passed by, people realized that horses are not just for wars. So they did what they can do to develop more of the uses of an equine.

Today, in our modern world, horses can be used in a lot of things. Humans and horses now interact in a variety of competitive sports like dressage, endurance riding, tent pegging, vaulting, polo, rodeo, and of course the most popular of all, the horse racing. Not just for sports, horses and humans also interact in a non-competitive recreational pursuit.

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Because of our human intelligence, we developed horses to help us in our daily working activities such as agriculture, police work, entertainment, and sometimes therapy. Products like meat, milk, hair, hide, and bone can be given by the horse.

With all these benefits a horse can give, you might be thinking of having or owning a horse. But before you buy one, how much does a horse cost?

If you are planning on buying a horse, you must be ready for all the expenses. The horse price is just the first part of the expense when you buy a horse. The price also depends on the breed and the age of the horse, while on owning the horse, the cost would depend on where you live, the area where you will put your horse, and the type of work you want for your horse.

Average Horse Cost

The first thing that will cost you is the purchasing of the animal. As what have mentioned above, the average cost of a horse varies on the age, breed, and the pedigree of the horse.

  • A small pony that is still young could cost you for a few hundred dollars.
  • If you want a pedigree horse, it would cost you an average starting from $1241.

If you are buying an expensive horse, it would be wise to hire a solicitor. The solicitor will be the one to draw up a legal agreement. The agreement shall set out the terms and conditions regarding the sale and shall act as evidence whenever there is a dispute over the ownership of the horse. Hiring a solicitor might cost you around $120.

You will also have to prepare extra money for the transportation since you will need to travel across the country to find an appropriate horse.

Vetting the horse

After finding the suitable horse for your desire, you should immediately visit a vet, for you to ensure that the horse you bought is healthy and fit.

  • Typically, a vet would cost you around $90 up to $200. Some vets will require you a five-stage process. This process cost higher than the two-stage vetting. But with the five-stage process, you will be sure that your horse will be examined thoroughly to give you more information about your animal.

Extra Costs

Buying the horse is just the first part of your journey. The real cost will be on the extras. These extra costs will have a great effect on how much does a horse costs.


If you are lucky, you can find horse sellers that include a saddle and a bridle on the horse. If not, then you might have to buy yourself one.

  • If you are planning to save money on the equipment, there are second-hand saddles available that has a price range starting around $240 and a bridle starting around $20.
  • If you don’t want to buy second-hand equipment, buying a brand new would cost you triple the price of the second-hand. You can also buy online at Amazon.
  • Your horse also needs turnout rugs if it is not stabled all year round. Turnout rugs typically cost $60 each. There are also cheaper stable rugs that would cost you around $30 each.
  • You will also need to buy other miscellaneous items like feed buckets, grooming kits and other more. You should prepare at least $240.

Your Horse’s Place

One of the easiest ways to keep the average cost of a horse low is to let it leave on your property. But if you live in a metropolitan area or a place where there are facilities to properly preserve and pasture your horse, you will have to find or even rent an area just to keep it.

  • Modest pasture living can cost you around $100 per month.
  • If you want a stable boarding, then prepare an amount of around $500 or more.
  • The cheapest option you can have is a do-it-your-livery. Normally, it would only cost you around $80 up to $100 per month. But the disadvantage is that you will be responsible for doing all the care your horse needs every day.
  • Another cheap way is to find a local farmer that is willing to let you rent a field. But renting fields of another owner means you will be the one to maintain the land and also your horse.

Feeding your horse

  • There won’t be grass all year. During winter, grasses often grow slow. For your horse to eat during that time, you will need to buy hay. Hay usually cost you around $45 per bale.
  • Some horses also need extra hard feed. Depending on the type, size, and the weight of the horse, you will have to prepare around $40 a month.

Medical care

White Horse Image

  • In owning a horse, you will need to spend on its medical expenses. If you have a very healthy one, medical expenses would cost you around $300 a year.
  • If your horse does get injured or sick, the cost will run from hundreds of dollars up to thousands for a one-time treatment. These kinds of expenses are unpredictable, but it is wise to prepare.
  • There are also vaccinations required for your horse. One of these vaccinations is annual flu vaccination. A cost of around $35 plus a $30 fee for a call-out, with a total of $70 per year.
  • The teeth of your beloved horse should also be maintained every six months. A qualified equine dentist would typically cost around $50 per visit.
  • Another cost to be added is the worming treatment. A cost of around $50 will be needed for the most effective treatment.


  • The shoes of your horse should be replaced every four up to six weeks. A full set of horseshoes can cost you around $60 up to $90.
  • If your horse doesn’t have shoes, then their hooves should regularly be trimmed. Make sure that the one who trims is a professional farrier. They will charge you around $30 per trim.
  • If you want your horse to have a shoe, then it would cost you around $80 up to $100.


There are times when you will need to transport your beloved horse across the country. When this time comes, you will need to rent a trailer. Make sure that the car you have is capable of towing the trailer you rented. Make sure you have money prepared when this time comes.

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