How Much Does Ignition Switch Replacement Cost?

The ignition switch is one of the most important parts of your car. The ignition, charging, and starting system of your automobile is all part of it. These systems will automatically turn on when you start up the ignition switch, making your car start and run. Another purpose of the ignition switch is that it panels your automobile’s other components. Ignition switch also acts as the main power switch for your automobile’s components.

But unfortunately, ignition switch can also suffer from problems, just like the other parts of your car. If these problems are neglected, it could lead to the total replacement of your ignition switch. If your car’s ignition switch already needs replacement, the first thing you want to know is how much does ignition switch cost?

Average Ignition Switch Replacement Cost

If you don’t know yet, the ignition switch in your car is in two parts. The first one is called ignition lock cylinder. This is the part where you insert your key to power up the car. The second part is called electronic ignition switch. You can find it at the back of the lock cylinder. Although, there are still car models where its lock cylinder is separated from its ignition switch.

Most car owners replace their ignition switch when the car fails to start. There are also still a lot of reasons why people replace their ignition switch.

The price to replace ignition switch may run around $12 up to $550. People have estimated an average of around $50 up to $250. The number one factor that affects the price is your car’s brand and model The second factor you need to consider is if the two main components of the ignition switch is a single-unit or if they are two different components. The third factor you need to consider is whether the ignition switch is made by another company, and not of the original car manufacturer.

If you have no knowledge on ignition switch replacement, better let the professionals do the work. With the help of a professional, the ignition switch replacement cost would run around $50 up to $120 per hour. Normally, ignition switch replacement would take 1 hour up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Of course, the rate of the professional auto mechanic depends on your area and the type of shop you are availing. But if you avail at a dealership, the price to replace ignition switch is very high. Summing up all the total cost, around $100 up to $400 will be spent if you replace your car’s ignition switch with the help of a professional.

If you are lucky to find second hand parts and an inexpensive labor, the price of replacing your ignition switch would be $75 up to $100 less. Sadly, for those people who have high-end cars, the cost to replace your ignition switch is around $400 up to $600.

If you are too lazy to get up and find an ignition switch, you can visit eBay. You can shop online and even find affordable ignition switch. Just be sure that the item you are going to buy is well-matched to the brand and year model of your car.


Interior part of Audi

Knowing how much does ignition switch cost is not enough. You will have to know more about other information like the factors and processes.

Today in our modern world, cars now have an anti-theft device installed. If you want to replace the ignition switch by yourself without using proper tools, it may result to an unworkable automobile.

Different makes and models of cars have a different process of replacing the ignition switch. There are times where you will need to remove the column covers of your car’s steering wheel just to replace the ignition switch.

The complexity of replacing the ignition switch depends on how it failed. The process could also be easy and could also be very difficult. It will be very difficult if the ignition switch of your car and its lock cylinder is a single-unit.

If your car’s ignition switch is separate from your lock cylinde, then replacing it alone will not require you to also replace the lock cylinder too. The reason for this is for you to use the same key as before. But if the lock cylinder also needs replacement, your car key also needs to be replaced.

If you take good care of your car, it might take you more than several years to replace an ignition switch. But there is a few type of cars where ignition switch replacement is required for every several years.

Extra Costs

There are times where the reason of ignition switch replacement is that the switch shorted out. If that happens, melting or burning of the surrounding wires is unavoidable. If you ever come across a condition like this, an extra amount for the replacement of the wirings should be prepared.

Reasons for Ignition Switch Replacement

  • Manufacturer Defect. This is the number one reason why people replace their ignition switch. A defective part is a common reason for an ignition failure. Most of the times, car manufacturers have a warranty on the part that is broken or defective. If you have a car manufacturer that does not have a warranty on the ignition switch, you can always find reputable professionals that can help you solve your ignition switch problem.
  • Car Theft Attempt. When thieves try to steal your car, often it would result in a broken ignition switch. Thefts usually have no knowledge on your car’s ignition switch. Broken ignition switch and steering column would usually be the result in this situation. Replacing the entire assembly of the ignition switch in your car is the best solution if this ever happens.

Image of commercial Ignition Lock

  • Incorrect Key Insertion. A car key is different from any other keys. There are times where people insert the wrong key to the car’s ignition switch. Sometimes, when this happens, the key will be stuck inside. It is not recommended that you forcefully remove the key because it will only cause further damage to the ignition switch of your car. It is better to call a professional locksmith to help you.
  • Wafers are Worn Out. In every key ignition, you can find a different set of wafers. This is the key’s guide to its corresponding cuts. As you always use it, these wafers will be worn out with dirt. And of course, the result would be a failure of the switch. Most of the times, the solution to this problem is simply cleaning the wafer.
  • Keys are Worn Out. Keys, just like another thing, also wear out as time goes by. But the solution to this problem is simple; you can visit a factory near you and tell them to remake the key of your car with the proper cutting codes of your key.

Ways to Save Money

If you want to save money, you can do the replacement of the ignition switch by yourself. Many of us know that this job is not typically a DIY. But if you want to, you can visit Do It Yourself website to know more about the instructions on how to replace the ignition switch.

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