How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

On a day to day basis, it is very much normal for everyone to accumulate trashes, junks, and wastes. Whether from simply living on a simple and basic lifestyle or the lavish and luxurious kind, trashes and the like are inevitable. What you can avoid is the summing up of these garbages inside your homes and residential areas through the means of hiring junk or waste removal services.

These services actually require certain prices to fulfill the cleaning and removing of garbages. However, to understand fully how much does junk removal cost, you have to learn primarily the differences between trash, junk, and waste.

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For starters, trashes in general are apparently free of charges since the removal of trashes is most of the time included in every city’s utilities and services. On a regular basis, removal and pick up of these trashes around the city happen once or twice a week. Now, junk removal is only a one-time removal of trashes and garbages that a trash company or a trash service from your city utility won’t accept due to its volumes and sizes. Usually junks include home appliances, furniture, and the like.

On the other hand, waste removal is far more complicated than the two types given above. Waste is comprised usually of hazardous and harmful chemicals which clearly need a more strict and meticulous ways of removal.

Learning and understanding clearly the differences between the three enables you more to understand the recurring price and cost to remove garbage in the recent times.

The Average Cost of Junk Removal

Generally, there are a lot of junk removal services being made available in every region nowadays. The prices actually vary on these locations and regions. Aside from the location variables, another factor to consider in knowing exactly how much you have to pay for a junk removal service is the type of junk you intend to get rid of.

On an average basis, any residential or home owner tends to pay amounts between $138 and $373 for the removal of different junks.

Note that prices of junk removal services are very much inclined to the load and volume of the junk to dispose. However, there are certain companies and / or removal services that based their cost to remove garbage or junk on the specific items to take away.

Junk Removal Prices Basing On Volume and Load

Normally, any junk removal service depend their prices on the truck loads. For instance, a minimum load which has a maximum capacity of 60 cubic feet may cost you around $100. The sizes and the type of the junk won’t matter as long as they will not exceed the maximum volume of the truck load.

These are the comprehensive lists of prices according to the loads and volumes being covered:

  • Minimum Load (1 to 60 cubic feet) – $100
  • One-Sixth Load (61 to 80 cubic feet) – $130
  • One-Fourth Load (81 to 120 cubic feet) – $200
  • Three-Eighth Load (121 to 180 cubic feet) – $260
  • One-Half Load (181 to 240 cubic feet) – $300
  • Five-Eighth Load (241 to 300 cubic feet) – $360
  • Three-Fourth Load (301 to 360 cubic feet) – $400
  • Seven-Eighth Load (361 to 420 cubic feet) – $450
  • Full Load (421 to 480 cubic feet) – $500

Note that junk items must not contain any harmful or hazardous chemicals. If cases that there are found prohibited chemicals and items being included in the load, there will be additional charges which may fall around $50 to $100 since this will serve already as a fine.

Junk Removal Basing On the Type of Items

As specified above, there are junk removal services that base their pricing and costing of service on the specific types of items. This is very much essential to know as well since this will be a helpful guide for you to know how much does junk removal cost in general.

These are the basic and most common items being disposed as a junk:

  • Tires – usually, junk removal services may charge you per four tires. But on a one by one basis, it may require you to pay $5 to $10 per tire without rim and $10 to $15 per tire if tires have rims.
  • Paints – as a common knowledge for everyone, paint is combustible and flammable. It is either being dried up first before throwing away or sometimes a professional is needed to remove the paints. It may cost you around $10 per gallon.
  • Freezer and Refrigerators – since these items contain Freon, these specific items need a professional removals service to remove them without posing a danger to the ozone layer. It would naturally require you to pay amounts from $30 to $50 per unit.
  • Pianos – there are several people who eliminate their piano sets due to old age and damage concerns. Services may require you to pay $50 to $100 depending on the type of piano and size since there will be difficulties in getting it out from your house.
  • Couches and Sofa beds – for these specific items, it may cost you around $90 to $160.
  • Tables, Chairs, Matresses, Dishwashers, and Computers – all of these items have the same costs due to some reasons. The prices to remove and throw these things away from your home range from $70 to $90 depending on the removal service you intend to hire.
  • Lighting Fixtures – bulbs and flourescent lights are of this kind which apparently contain mercury. This element is considered as hazardous waste and may require you to pay $0.10 to $0.50 per foot if you ever plan to replace your lighting system with either LED or CFL lights.

Trash Removal

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The scenario and case is different for throwing away trashes since trash removal fees are actually from free to only a few ones or tens of dollars for tips due to the fact that each city and locality has its own trash removal services. On a daily basis, you accumulate trashes from your lifestyle. These garbages are usually the so called trashes which can be easily removed by your local trash services.

Although such services may be obtained freely from your locations, there are still some junk and waste removal companies who offer this kind of service. More often than not, these kinds of services are more convenient and efficient than the weekly or daily trash service from your specific location. However, there are recurring trash removal fees in investing to such services.

Usually, it may require you to pay amounts from $10 to $40 for a monthly trash and garbage removal and a normal range of $140 to $250 for a yearly basis.

Waste Removal

When it comes to waste removal, the case is very much more strict and meticulous since the items and things being handled in this case are the hazardous and harmful ones. Clearly, there is a need for a more strict compliance to waste removal policies for safety and security purposes.

In addition, items under the waste category are either recyclable or non recyclable. Moreover, these items are classified under solid waste and hazardous waste since each waste has its own existing laws and regulations for proper disposal. Consequently, these significant regulations and implementations cause for the prices of waste removal to be much more expensive than the given two above.

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