How Much Does A Trip To Ladakh Cost

On for another adventure? Excited for another travel goals? How does Ladakh sound to you? Ladakh is a region located in a remote area in India, and often, this is the reason why many travelers are skeptic of traveling to Ladakh. But it is also because of its geographical location that keeps people excited and enticed to travel and see the sweeping scenic beauty of Ladakh. Aside from that, Ladakh offers delicious native foods, vibrant and indigenous festivals and historical sites that will surely take your breath away. If you enjoy a nomadic and simple living without the internet and social media, Ladakh is the place for you.

If you are convinced that Ladakh is a place for you, it is important that you know how much does a trip to Ladakh cost. Of course, you should not go to battles unprepared, therefore, better prepare yourself for the Ladakh trip’s cost.

Average Ladakh Trip Cost

Ladakh Trip Cost

  • There are so many factors that affect a Ladakh trip’s cost. But do not worry, Ladakh is one of the many places that offer low-cost accommodation.
  • So, how much does a trip to Ladakh cost? It will depend on your budget. If you are on a tight budget, a trip to Ladakh can go as low as 1220 Indian rupees or up to 3000 Indian rupees (from $19 to $45) or more for every person, per day. This price range would include a dorm bed, cheap transportation, and eat-all-you-can plate meals.
  • If you are a midrange traveler, a typical everyday cost for every persona is around 4000 Indian rupees to 9000 Indian rupees (from $60 to $135) or more. This price range should include a hotel room fitted for two people, meals at an average restaurant, visit historical sights and museums, and local taxis transportation.
  • If you wish to spend your days in Ladakh comfortably and lavishly, you can spend around 9500 Indian rupees ($143) or more. This price range typically includes a luxurious hotel room, meals at high-end restaurants, first-class train travels, and car rent.

Ladakh Vacation Package Price

  • Ladakh’s vacation package price differs from one travel agency to another depending mostly on the inclusions of the vacation package. Usually, travel packages are cheapest when purchased along with other passengers.
  • LehLadakhIndia offers a package trip in Ladakh. The cheapest Ladakh travel package you can find on their website cost 9300 Indian rupees (equivalent to $139.45) per person and should be purchased by six persons. This is an economy package which includes complimentary breakfast and dinner for four days and three night at an average hotel room of your choice but subject to availability, airport transfer, welcome drinks upon arrivals paired with cookies and biscuits, exclusive sightseeing and all applicable taxes. You can check out the itinerary of this package on their website.
  • Another travel package offered by LehLadakhIndia cost 50500 Indian rupees (equivalent to $757) per person, and this is most expensive travel package you can find on their webpage. The trip lasts for ten days and nine nights, and it highlights an enjoyable bike ride experience on the difficult roads of LehLadakh, a sumptuous, delicious Ladakh cuisines, and much more. The package includes accommodation, tour guides and leaders, biking equipment, first aid kits, complimentary breakfast and dinner and much more. If you want to find out more about this trip, visit their website.
  • You can also get a free quote for your trip to Ladakh at Holidify’s website.

Extra Costs

  • Most of the travel packages do not include medical and travel insurance, tour guides and leaders, additional meals and beverages and your international and domestic airfare. These are important factors you should consider preparing for additional money.
  • If you are not satisfied with the tour that comes with the package, you can request for an additional tour to scenic destinations. However, this comes with a price and might as well prepare more money for the entrance fees, environmental fees, and other fees if you eagerly want to see more of Ladakh.
  • If you feel that your stay is too short, you can extend your vacation at Ladakh. Extra costs for an extended vacation include transport services, hotel accommodation, tour guide, meals, rebooking fee for air transportation (if ever you already booked a ride home) and others.
  • Souvenirs!!!! Yes, souvenirs. Of course, as proof you can show to everyone back home (except for photos, of course) that you went to Ladakh and saw the magnificent spots there, you might want to buy some shirts, mugs or key chains that say “I love Ladakh”or what have you. You can also buy some exotic foods native to Ladakh for your family and friends.

Ways to Save Money

  • If you are planning to travel to Ladakh, book your trip on a less touristy season such as in April to May or mid-August to September. When there are fewer tourists, most hotels would most likely be empty, and so, you can easily make an upfront reservation which is cheaper than booking a hotel room in advance. Hotel owners would most probably give discounts.

Ladakh Trip mountain

  • Traveling in a group of three people or above can save you more money. Taxi fares, room price, and other expenses would be divided among the group. And if you noticed, packages are cheaper if purchased by three or more people. So, for your trip to Ladakh, be sure to travel with your family or friends. Aside from that, you get to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Choose where you stay for the next few days in Ladakh. In Ladakh, there are rooms which are affordable and offer quality services. You just have to scout for hotel prices and compare them.
  • Choose where you eat for the next few days. Since not all meals are covered if you availed for a package, you have to eat outside and spend more money. You do not need to go to a fancy and five-star restaurant to enjoy the sumptuous food and delicacies that Ladakh offers; you just need to look for a cheap and nice place to eat. You get the best of both worlds- delicious food and more money savings.
  • Plan your travel in advance, and book your air tickets in advance. This gives you the opportunity to set the date of your travel ahead of time which gives you more time to prepare for the trip. Air tickets booked months away from the date of travel usually cost cheaper than air tickets booked just days away.

There is nothing wrong in getting the cheapest Ladakh trip. Book the cheapest flight to Ladakh, get the cheapest hotel, eat the cheapest food and ride the cheapest transportation. Although there are advantages in getting the most expensive deals since it gives you a more comfortable experience, you should always remember that the most important thing is not about how inexpensive or expensive your trip will be but rather the memories and experience you make out of your life in Ladakh. Aside from that, you also save more money which you can use for your next trip.

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