How Much Does Land Grading Cost?

Land grading is the reshaping of the ground’s surface to a preferred shape, level, design or slope. This is usually done by employing the use of heavy machinery. It is largely typical in construction, landscaping, and projects that require drainage correction.

If by any reason you are in need of such services, you are likely here to know the recurring fees and rates in acquiring such services. Apparently, the average cost to level land largely depends on several factors. Accordingly, land grading is useful for various reasons.

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Primarily, it is done to control and regulate runoff on the surface as well as soil erosion. Another reason possibly is to create a more convenient site or area for buildings, facilities, landscaping, and other exterior structures. And lastly, it is very useful in rerouting any runoff during storms and other excess moisture away from a house or building that may reduce its foundation and stability.

Several landscaping companies or constructions facilities offer this type of service which actually is a factor as well affecting the costs and rates. Fortunately, this article will guide you through the different cost to grade yard while also emphasizing additional costs that you may come across in case you really want to have your land reshaped as soon as possible.

The Average Cost of Land Grading

In the recent times, land grading costs will vary depending on the respective tasks and site. A wide array of heavy equipment can be used to do the job such as skid steer loader which is a small machine with lifts arms that accepts a variety of different attachments, a tractor equipped with a scraper or attachment to a planer and a bulldozer.

These equipment are the most common machineries used in land grading but there are also several other equipment which range different sizes from small to large. Different types of tasks will elicit different costs from growing grass, placing a pond or even building a house. The land grading price will most definitely increase as the task becomes more difficult or is planned at a larger scale.

Renting a scraper attachment for a small tractor or a machine similar to it for accomplishing a project like leveling a gravel driveway will cost you about $50 to $70 a day. If you want to rent a small backhoe for a half day worth project, it will cost you around $100 to $200. But this would depend on the location and model of the equipment.

Hourly rates of hiring an operator of a bulldozer and a skid steer loader or similar machinery will cost around $50 to $150 including the overall rent of the machines. This also depends on the local rates and the type and size of equipment that is being used. Reputable heavy equipment companies will charge $200 to $1,200. This includes the charge for the expenses of travel, set ups, and other required expenses. The mentioned rate is for a two to eight hour project excluding the travel time.

Land Grading Companies and Services of Today

Today, there are a lot of companies and land grading services which offer different land grading assistances and help to the mass. The prices and rates of each company is actually affected by different factors set in their own locations and conditions.

For instance, Dustin Curtis Bobcat Land Grading which is situated in Florida will charge a land grading price of $200 for a patio or a pool site. Moreover, they offer promos and coupons for $250 for up to six consecutive hours of project time using a Bobcat skid steer loader including an operator.

Another reputable company is Chuck’s Backhoe Service which is based in Florida as well that charges a minimum of $54 per hour for the labor of an operator and the renting of a Bobcat skid steer and a minimum of $71 per hour for the rental of a bulldozer including the labor of an operator. These rates include two hours of travel time and require a minimum of four hours for every project.

On the other hand, KP Kauffman Company in Colorado and New Mexico will charge you $75 to $80 per hour for rental of a bulldozer and the labor of a grader and operator. This excludes the 15% fuel surcharge.

Addison Equipment Rental in California will charge a more expensive price of $143 to $181 per hour for the rental of a bulldozer, grader, and finish scraper including the charge for the labor of an operator.

Apparently, the rates and fees of land grading in general really lies and vary on the company and services that offer these kinds of assistances in the market. In addition, note that the locational condition is as well a factor to look at and consider. The lengths of the existence of the companies in the market as well as the credentials of each are also factors affecting the variations of prices.

What to Expect When Choosing to Grade a Land

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What happens first is a company representative or an operator of a backhoe will basically visit and survey the site subjected for land grading and then reviews the planning documents such as a building plans, landscape plans, and other necessary documents before charging you with an estimate of the overall average cost to level land.

Note that the land should be void of any vegetation and other obstacles that may impede land grading. Topsoil is essential – so usually this layer is first stripped away and stockpiled in a separate area. The duration of time to finish the project will vary depending on site circumstances, conditions, and the types of equipment to be used.

For smaller scale projects such as small residential areas, residents can perform do it yourself projects with good results by using only a lever, duct tape, shovel, wheel barrow, and other similar tools or equipment. However, grading a land on your own may require you a lot of time, effort, patience, and certainly fees and payments too on a much lower scale. Nevertheless and either ways of choosing who to grade your land will require you to pay certain amounts.

Other Expenses and Possible Discounts

Before starting the project, a grading permit must be first settled and accomplished. Fees may differ depending on the amount of soil to be removed or a percentage of the cost of the grading project. This will usually amount to $25 to $100 for small projects and may reach $200 to $1,000 for larger scales.

In some states such as Texas, land grading can be tax deductible. With this, confer with an accountant or tax attorney to establish if the project is deductible.

In addition, when you are choosing which land grading company to get and hire, always ask for referrals from local contractors or from nearby hardwares and home improvement stores that are knowledgeable enough concerning the companies that are reputable in land grading. Inquire about reviews and always check for references. Make sure that the company is adequately insured, bonded, and licensed.

If there are any negative comments or reviews for a certain company, you can confirm it with the Better Business Bureau. Request a written contract or agreement that will specify the project to be done and the average cost to grade yard, as well as the additional expenses that may be charged during the completion of the project.

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